Dennis Malvasi's prison letter to:
The White Rose Banquet.

Dennis Malvasi

Written for the White Rose Banquet from the Buffalo jail, soon after federal agents imprisoned Dennis and his wife Loretta  for aiding and abetting Anti-Abortionist James Kopp.

At Dennis' request, the letter was held pending resolution of their court case. Even though their case is not resolved, Dennis asked for his letter to be put on line.

This is the first publication of his letter.
Greetings to all Baby Defenders and fellow supporters:

It is with great sorrow that I can not be with all of you tonight to honor and support all those who have championed the unborn. As you may know, my wife and I are presently in custody. The Vampires refuse to even give us bail; so much for the pretense of the Constitution.  My 5 year old does not understand why they are holding both of us. " Papa, why can't they just hold you and let Mama come home?" I quickly replied to him, " Son, it's the American way." And that if he and his brother were of age they would be in jail too. This is to be expected from a government (the Justice Department) that has whored itself under the Clinton and Reno administration to become the personal enforcers and private police force of the baby killing industry. 

Only a few years ago, the most powerful man in the world was not deemed by the Justice Department to have the cunning, the ability nor the power to impede, corrupt or influence a Federal grand Jury. Yet I, an 8th grade drop out, a "brokester" and slum dweller all my life, am deemed by the same Justice Department to have the cunning, the ability and power to impede, corrupt and influence a Grand Jury. Where I had told "legal truism" I am now being charged with perjury. When the world's most powerful man was caught in perjury the same Justice Department called it "legal truism" and refused to prosecute him. 

We are being charged with conspiracy. Conspiracy of what I haven't figured out just yet. It's one their favorite charges because if they can't prove you did something perhaps they can convince a jury that you may have had desires of doing something. No matter how minuscule the act, the government can give you 5 - 10 years. This is a charge that the state would not give you a traffic ticket or a day in jail for. Yet the government manages to talk a jury into sending people away every day for this one.  As far as being charged with Harboring, Aiding and Abetting a Fugitive goes, (one James Kopp; who I might add, I have never had the honor or privilege to meet),  this charge has "guidelines" which could result in my good wife and I doing over 10 years a piece.

This would happen should the government bully a Buffalo jury into thinking, that as a jury, they have no real power or that they are not the citizen's first and last line of defense against abusive laws by the government.  I thought about this charge, and in the eyes of God, it is not even a venial sin; but in the eyes of the government, it is a 10 year offense. Would Jesus help a criminal" you betcha... Would the government lock Him up? You betcha.  A Government paid informer pretended to commit the wonderful act of gluing a lock at an abortion clinic; even though the so called crime never happened; the government decided to charge my wife and I for that very  crime that they knew never took place.

This could mean a long term jail sentence under F.A.C.E. To make matters worse, the head sleuth (a very noble person indeed) upon his investigation of the pretended crime, found that most of the cleaning supplies and killing utensils were from out of state... Hence, we are also being charged for interfering with interstate commerce. Yes, the old "Interfering with Interstate Commerce" trick. This one can be used the the government anytime, anywhere to anybody. It's  their catch all and one of their favorites because it is so vague, so confusing, and so all encompassing. The government likes this charge because they simply tell the jury: "You may not understand it, or may not agree with it, but it's the law,  and whether you agree with it or not, you have to find them guilty." 

Most juries simply scratch their heads, give up on this one and convict. But one of the nicest things about being dragged up before a Buffalo jury is that folks up here are mostly people of farming heritage and practicing Christians. These people have something city folks don't, and that's called commonsense. If any of these charges seem unjust, not understandable,, abusive, vague, unclear, or ridiculous (not to mention us being innocent) these folks have the commonsense to see through it and the courage to tell the government "Not guilty". Folks up here still believe in the Constitution and just laws.

Unlike those in the government, who think they are an elite or ruling class, who are answerable to no one and the laws be damned when it suites them.  My good wife is facing 10 years and I'm facing 12 according to their "guide lines", this is not justice... this is evil ...  and what's even more insidious is that they are holding us both for the same charges. Only in America and the former Soviet Union is it practice where children can lose both parents held without bail for the same charges.

Only in America (and recently Canada) do they have conspiracy charges ... in the rest of the civilized world either you did it or you didn't.  Since September 11, all I've been hearing is "God Bless America"... "God Bless America". Mr. President, if you want to get rid of terrorism in the world - please, I beseech you, start right here. Rid our country of the terrorist who slaughter over 4,500 innocent babies every day. Abortionists who, just like the terrorists at the World Trade Center, butchered and shredded thousands of innocent people into tiny pieces in a matter of minutes.  And, Mr. President, let's not forget to go after those who support, aid and harbor these terrorists, they should be easy to find, as they often wear blue wind breakers with big bright yellow letters saying; FBI, US MARSHAL, and JUSTICE DEPT.

Mr. President, please, I beseech you, if there was ever a Just War that cries out to heaven to be fought, it is the war against the unjust killing of thousands of babies every day in this country.  Mr. President, if you want to "rid the world of evil", please, I implore you, start here with these ungodly evil laws of our nation that enable and support the baby killing industries in our country. Until we get rid of the state sponsored terrorists in this country, GOD WILL NOT BLESS THIS COUNTRY. GOD WILL FLUSH THIS COUNTRY.

Once again, I regret not being here tonight. Please keep my family in your prayers and keep up your good works.

  Long Live Christ The King.

Your brother in Our Lord Jesus Christ

Dennis Malvasi.

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