Our Brother Dennis Malvasi
Saint and Servant of the Most High God.

Dennis Malvasi

American Hero and protector of the Unborn Child
Dennis Malvasi

Dennis Malvasi's Speech

January 21, 2001 AD - The White Rose Banquet

I'm glad to be here today. This is the largest gathering of baby defenders (and baby defender supporters) I've ever had the pleasure of being with, and what a good feeling it is to see so many of you.

We've had around 30 years of abortion, and around 30 million mangled baby bodies.

There are a lot of people who hate this. A lot of ‘‘pro-lifers’’ and a much smaller number of baby defenders, and their supporters, which I gather is everyone here.

Year after year, pro-lifers get outraged, and the bodies pile up.
Year after year, pro-lifers chat with each other about how horrible it is, and the body count gets higher.

Year after year pro-lifers write angry letters to the editor, to their Congressman, to their Senator, and the bodies pile up even higher.

Year after year, pro-lifers help to elect pro-abortion politicians, saying "he's not quite as bad as the other guy", (which means there are a few abortions he'd rather not see happen), and the bodies pile up.

Year after year, prolifers hold out the carrot stick about political action, about peaceful legal means of redress- "If we can just get one more really good Supreme Court Justice... If we can just gain control of the House and the Senate... Just another few decent Senators... "

Well, with that kind of thinking we've gone from the horrors of abortion to the infanticide of partial birth abortion, and the bodies on the pile get bigger and bigger. And still the pro-life movement persists in its error.

It is the baby defender who dares to suggest that none of the movement's tactics has worked, that things have gotten much worse, that whole lives of well-meaning people have been wasted in useless efforts...

It is the baby defender who dares to suggest that the time for timidity and hand wringing, and playing by the rules of the enemy is long past... for these things play into the hands of the enemy, and in fact contribute to the size the body pile.

It is the baby defender who dares to suggest the use of direct action to interfere between a vicious assailant and a helpless infant.

When the baby defender dares to suggest any of these things to a pro-lifer, he very often finds himself attacked, not only by those who think nothing of the murder of children, but also by those who ought to be his allies. As in Matthew 10:36, he soon discovers that "A man's foes shall be they of his own household".

He is told that baby defense would hurt "The Movement" (as though the movement has any right to exist if it is ineffective at defending babies!)

He is told that direct action is immoral, prohibited by one or all branches of Christianity, which is either abysmal ignorance of moral theology or an outright lie.

Worst of all, he is attacked by the pro-lifers with the same slogans Planned Parenthood and the "personally opposed" crowd use to attack him. One favorite is ‘‘Violence never solves anything". (Of Course it does. It solves all kinds of problems, and just men have used it as a tool throughout history.) Or there's the Mario Cuomo-type cliché, "Two wrongs don't make a right." A textbook example of ‘‘begging the question", where you presume as true the very point to be proven, namely, that baby defense is wrong.... But you've heard them all before...

When a baby defender actually goes out and defends children, a storm or hatred descends on him. From the ‘borts, of course. The baby defender laughs. But then pro-life leaders trip over each other to be the first to denounce him publicly. The pro-life people in his church are horrified, and loudly condemn his actions to any news reporter who sticks a camera in their faces. His pro-life family, friends and colleagues express shock and horror at his deeds. His Pastor, his Bishop, issue statements about how Jesus was non-violent, about how real Christians would never dream of lifting a finger to defend an innocent human life. This disheartens the baby defender.

If the baby defender is caught and imprisoned, all of the aforementioned people breath a sigh of relief that the embarrassment is out of the way, and go back to their political action committee meetings. The baby defender is abandoned.

So the baby defender is usually very lonely, in or out of custody. It often seems to him (or, her, of course!) that the whole world is against him, and maybe he's not on the right track.

And then, there are people who lift the baby defender's spirits. A heroic sidewalk counselor, day after day, year after year has endured everything from physical misery in bad weather, to taunts and insults, to spits and slaps, to arrest. She tells the Feds that she would never dream of helping them find the guy who actually closed the mill down. The baby defender cheers up.

Then there's an invalid elderly man who tells the baby defender that there's not much he can do, but that he prays for him every day, and the baby defender is encouraged.

Then a father slips the baby defender some money, saying "I'm sure you could put this to good use", and the baby defender cheers up some more.

Or, parents of young children very discretely let it be known that baby defenders can just show up anytime for "three hots and a cot", and never have to worry about people coming around. This is like gold to a baby defender.

Of course, when a baby defender on the lam knows of a supporter who won't shut the door in his face because he made the 5 o'clock news....this is beyond gold.

When the imprisoned baby defender gets thank-you letters, "fan" mail, a bit of money for his commissary, he is greatly consoled and strengthened - there is somebody who thinks he did the right thing, after all.

When an imprisoned baby defender with a young family on the outside - and make no mistake, these suffer most of all, for they see at every moment the tormented faces of their fatherless or motherless children, and the staggering burden crushing their spouse - when such a man or woman learns that others have stepped forward to help his family it gives him the strength to endure.

Aside from this last bit, I myself have been on the receiving end of all the above scenarios, good and bad. I will always be grateful to the "quartermasters", the ones who gave me moral and material support, before and after my arrest. I encourage you all to continue the noble work of supporting your local baby defender, from lock gluers to bomber, the Avon crowd, monkey wrench crews, arsonists and snipers. Your help makes all the difference in the world - to the babies themselves.

Thank you and God Bless.

Dennis Malvasi

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