DISCLAMER: Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa, and its associates does not advocate killing abortion doctors, nor do we condemn those who do it.
Birth Control Hazards
By Dan Holman
A recent report by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) lends credence to something I have long suspected; I believe birth control causes infertility in some women. I know of many women who have been unable to have children. Many of these women were on birth control for 5 or more years. The reason for their infertility is usually diagnosed as “unknown”. The AACE announced May 18, 2005:
“Despite the benefits of OC (oral contraceptives), their use has been associated with sexual dysfunction and androgen insufficiency). OC are known to decrease serum testosterone levels by decreasing ovarian production of testosterone and by increasing production of sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG) from the liver. It has been assumed that these changes are reversible after discontinuation of OC use.
In the study of 102 pre-menopausal women with female sexual dysfunction, SHBG values in the OC group were seven times higher than those in the never-user group. OC lowers the free androgen index, in part, by substantially increasing SHBG levels. Despite a decrease in SHBG values after discontinuation of OC use, SHBG levels remained continuously elevated for up to one year in comparison with those in the control group. The free androgen index may remain low for a prolonged period.” (News-Medical.Net)
I know of no independent, unbiased study of the long-term effects of birth control. It is unlikely that any such research will ever take place. I doubt that the detrimental, long-term affects of oral contraceptives will ever be fully known. Birth control is big business. There is big money behind the drug lobbies. The drug lobbies influence nearly every politician and government agency.
There is an underlying Margaret Sanger, Alfred Kinsey philosophy which directs government legislation and spending. Sex education is mandated in most government school curriculum. Birth control is easily obtainable at taxpayer expense. Through Title X, taxpayers contribute hundreds of millions every year to fund birth control and sex education.
The package inserts on birth control pills list a litany of side effects not usually mentioned by your friendly Planned Parenthood dispensary. The primary function of OC’s is to make the user infertile. Fertility is assumed to resume when the pill is no longer taken. The AACE study, though not directly aimed at fertility, states that the female body does not immediately return to normal when OC usage is stopped.
Some women are probably more affected by OC use than others. The AACE study leaves us with more questions than answers. How long is a “prolonged period”? How long did these women take OC? How old were they? What kind of OC did they take? How many of them are still infertile since they discontinued OC use?
Confidence in drug companies and in government should be shaken if the public learned that oral contraception might cause them permanent infertility. If the American people knew the politics behind OC approval, they might view drug companies with greater suspicion. Perhaps I am giving the American people too much credit!
Business is brisk for snake oil salesmen peddling OC. As long as men believe they they can circumvent God’s law, they will believe they can do it with impunity.
Sex education is devoid of morals; it scoffs at God’s prohibitions on sex outside of marriage. These failed government programs were implemented to curb teen pregnancy; they have had the opposite affect.
Birth control fails; abortion was legalized to compensate for its inadequacies. Sexual perversion, STD’s, barren men and women, and dysfunctional, blended families abound. Illegal immigrants pour over our borders to fill in the void of our self-destruction. The wages of sin is still death.
Dan Holman
Missionaries to the Pre-born Iowa
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DISCLAIMER: Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa, and its associates does not advocate killing abortion doctors, nor do we condemn those who do it.

Birth Control Info:  Infertility is not the only risk a woman runs when taking birth control pills. The birth control pill Yasmin side effects include high blood pressure, liver disruption, stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and more. DrugNews.net has more information regarding the complications of other forms of birth control, such as the IUD. How many hazards does a person have to read about concerning birth control before they realize that the risks can outweigh the "benefits".

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