Stephanie Arnold - Ex abortion clinic worker now with the hate group - Coochwatch.

Stephanie Arnold abortion clinic worker is a sexually lewd and vulgar website recently uploaded by pro-abortion EVMS medical student Stephanie Arnold. It is a crude hate site directed towards Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

Stephanie Arnold is an ex-abortion clinic worker from a Richmond Virginia abortion mill, now a student at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS).

Stephanie Arnold's stated purpose in putting up is to try to force Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli not to upgrade Virginia's abortion clinics, making them safe to butcher babies.
(Safe for the women having their children murdered, not safe for the children being murdered)

I'm sure the only place Stephanie Arnold will be doing any doctoring is in some back alley babykilling abortion mill.

Stephanie Arnold hate group


AP story about Coochwatch below

Abortion rights website targets Cuccinelli

The Associated Press


Abortion rights supporters unveiled a website Tuesday to call attention to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s refusal to certify new abortion clinic regulations.

Stephanie Arnold, founder of, said Tuesday that in addition to using the website to focus on the Republican attorney general, abortion rights supporters plan to attend his public appearances and press him on the clinic regulations issue.

“This is going to be an evolving process,” said Arnold, a former abortion clinic worker now attending Eastern Virginia Medical School. “He’s just shown a reckless abuse of power, and it’s something people need to be paying attention to.”

Cuccinelli spokesman Brian Gottstein noted that as of midday Tuesday, Arnold’s website had just six followers on Twitter.

Cuccinelli declined to certify the clinic regulations Monday, saying the state Board of Health exceeded its legal authority when it amended the regulations to exempt existing clinics from the strict architectural standards required of new hospital construction. Gottstein said at the time that the attorney general’s decision was based solely on the law.

Legislation passed by the General Assembly requiring the regulations mandates the new hospital standards, which cover things like doorway widths and room sizes. Critics say that would require expensive renovations that would put most clinics out of business. The board ignored an assistant attorney general’s advice and voted 7-4 last month to exempt existing facilities from the requirement.

The regulations, already in place on an emergency basis while the regulatory process unfolds, await review by Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Comment off the Virginian Pilot story comment section per article above:


Titled: fake story
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No such student at EVMS. The domain name owned by Capitol Womans Health Clinic in Richmond VA. There is a Stephanie Arnold on staff at the Va Pilot. How EVMS got brought into this I am sure they are not happy. Notice no photos of person who put this story together? I notice the Va Pilot was the one who put this out on the news wire.

I don't know if all of the details in the Virginian Pilot AP story are true or not, but I personally have seen Stephanie Arnold and the Coochwatch people doing their vile actions. They have videos on YouTube of their actions if one is in doubt.
The Virginian Pilot is very liberal and very pro-abortion, so of course they want to promote this evil by running the AP story. ds

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