Stephen Jordi

(Stephen Jordi has been release from federal prison)

It was reported by Stephen Jordi that there was, beside the paid FBI informant, a FBI agent at Paul Hill's vigil. Stephen said the FBI agent was at the Paul Hill Vigil in connection to the Jordi's set up and  entrapment. Jordi stated he was aware of the FBI informant and FBI agent speaking to one another during the vigil.

Stephen Jordi to the left and paid informant on the right.


Our Columbus pro-life group was infiltrated by a black man named "Eric" who professed to be a pro-life clinic counselor like us, but whenever he was around, he was always trying to get us to "do more" about abortion.  He was very ambitious in trying to get us to do violent things.  Fortunately, some discernment of spirit exposed him and he fled, and before the end of the month we saw him ushering women into Columbus' High Street abortion clinic.

The two men in the accompanying picture were present at the Paul Hill execution.  The man on the left, Jordi, was talked into bombing an abortion clinic by the man on the right.  The man on the right is an FBI informant who turned on Jordi and resulted in his arrest.  Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing!  Not everyone holding a pro-life sign is on the side of the babies. 

Dr. Patrick Johnston

Babies need to be protected from babykilling abortionists

(Another example not tell ANYONE; before, during or after, if you are planning on taking action.Your family, pro-lifers and your church 'friends' will rat you out in a heartbeat, thinking they are doing God's will. Stephen Jordi' own brother and his church turned him in to the authorities.)