Roy C. McMillan
Psalm 91:2

For those blessed to have known Roy McMillan, you know we have lost a soldier and a saint who loved the LORD and worked hard to serve HIM.

Roy C. McMillan & Laying Down One’s Life

Catherine Ramey

“Nancy” posted on Roy McMillan’s Facebook page following his death at the end of January. She knew Roy well as his sister-in-law and so felt comfortable making a direct comment some might have skirted around in some “respectful” matter. But Nancy’s words were straight to the point.

January 31. I will never be the same after C Roy McMillan memorial service. The Lord gave him a boldness, a passion for the unborn, that many misunderstood. It annoyed many of us because it was hard to have a conversation about anything else. But now I understand his passion, a passion for a godly cause, and now I wonder about being lukewarm. [Emphasis added]

People who really lay down their lives for the sake of others often seem to be a rarity, and yes, they can “annoy” us. In Christ they are fixated on matters of justice before God and demand we raise the bar on our own daily duties and expectations as Christians. Roy never ceased expecting better of the American people and his brothers and sisters in the faith. He was a consistent no-compromise man. If it weren’t for the fact that I had God’s grace in understanding Roy from the very start, I might have been tempted to be annoyed as well.

I think Roy would agree that what God has planted in our hearts to accomplish as service to Him is really never enough. Roy publicly called the nation to shame over “abortion”, the intentional murder of infants throughout the first nine-months of their lives. He was arrested, jailed, sued and threatened for the advocacy he persistently demonstrated on behalf of the Unborn.

Even when rescue leaders started fading faster than ink was drying on the pages of legislation intended to silence public outcry over abortion, Roy was still out there salting the community with his condemnation of killing the Unborn; he did it in a spicy southern drawl that failed to make anyone really feel threatened for anything accept their own eternity. Yet Roy was a designated “domestic terrorist” in an age when we are told that such words are bad because they “label” people.

Freaks who gun down theater attendees and blow up airplanes and trains full of ordinary people should not be called “terrorist,” but those hoisting protest signs and pictures of victims of real Domestic Terrorism favored by this nation can be stereotyped and labeled and taunted and told to get off a public sidewalk because… Well, Big Industry doesn't like them.

In fact, a lot of Goth and Zombie youth don't like them either. They don't know just why, but they have zombie brains that suck up whatever garbage of human flesh and blood they find. Planned Parenthood was always welcome at their schools; they don't know the difference between truth and a lie; between Light and darkness, but they've been taught to prefer the dark.

Big government doesn't like them either; they speak heresies to the governing agenda to “kill and destroy” on behalf of every small consortium inside their walls, like “the Gang of Eight” to those consortiums holding vast tracts of land and wealth; who want to reduce the global population to five billion, most of them “worker-bees” while the richest, most powerful of them live on with their Bionic Parts and their Transhuman Therapies and the illusion they will rule Forever.

It sends chills of pleasure down their serpentine spines that men like Roy C. McMillan are a dying breed. For them, he and most people on the earth are part of a lower evolutionary echelon.

Start Reading and Don't be Naive! If you think this is science-fiction, wake up and see these Nuts for what they are. These Nuts think they are gods, and gods carry the power of “life and death,” “creating and dispensing wealth or poverty” and owning and withholding the world’s water supply (ask Spain); defining the nature of your food (changing box labels like shoes to promote every holiday, season and food-fashionable non sequitur, but “Changing labels [adding 'Non-GMO'] Would Cost Billions!” Or so they claim.

These are also the ones placing lands off-limits for the use of the Elites. The land-grab effort in Southern Oregon is just one of hundreds of examples we see out there every single day. They “declare” and “decree” taking public recreational, grazing and marine properties under “Imminent Domain” and other thieving systems they’ve created. Then they poke their well-trained Zombies to say, “I wish those protesters in the forest would just go away.” And to Blog “I think ther stupd for thning they can take gopverment land for ther own uses.’”

Yep, the Intelligentsia has Spoken and the rest of us ought to get behind them…. Or just as far away from them as possible. These people are downright dangerous. Don’t they know anything about the Constitution; prohibitions against the government owning Private Property or Banks? These too are the ones who faithfully fall in line behind Progressives/Fascists to say in the genius of Bumper-Sticker Rhetoric “Guns are violent; We don’t need guns.”

Personally, I’m waiting for Barack and Michelle to take away those nasty violent pieces their Secret Service tote around; give them each a fancy Fly Swatter and live under that “protection” for the rest of his term. If they or their families survive using even custom-made stainless steel fly swatters while the rest of us settle for plastic, then I might…might, well…maybe… There is a remote possibility I will rethink my position on throwing out the Second Amendment.

Inflammatory, Annoying, Brash, Tactless, sometimes called Rude, Roy C. McMillan has finally been silenced. He was loud and unapologetic in pointing out our nation’s sins; he didn’t know how to be “tactful” because too much is at stake for the Unborn and for the unregenerate of this world, even those foolish enough to think the government cares to take care of them.

The Unborn are an entire class of people who are the object of theorists, elitists and worse than that, rejected by their own mothers throughout the season in life between zygote and newborn. Roy stood up for them. The voice of the prophet is fading away… little tolerated and then their demise is celebrated by the ungodly.

But Roy’s voice still speaks in conversation with God; he is robed in white and waiting because ordinary passionate people like Roy matter very much to God.

May the LORD be gracious and send a hundred more just like Roy.


From Obituary for Roy McMillan 

C. Roy McMillan (1943 - 2016)

"Dr. Beverly, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your..."
- Imogene Griffith 

Jackson, MS

Charles Roy McMillan, age 72, passed away peacefully on Thursday, January 21, 2016, in hospice care at the Gray-Lewis home in Jackson, MS, surrounded by his family.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Billy and Della McMillan of Kosciusko, MS and his half brother, Jerry Smith of Denver, CO. He is survived by his biologic mother, Eleanor Smith, wife, Beverly McMillan, his daughter, Amanda McMillan, adopted son, Andrew McMillan, stepsons, Arnold Smith (Kathleen), Tony Smith (Jessica), Emory Smith (Marci), and 9 grandchildren, Troy, Elaine, Caroline, Nicholas, Jacob, Grayson, Brandt, Kateri and Sylvia. He also leaves behind a sister, Joy McMillan of Huntsville, AL, a brother, Stokes McMillan (Teresa) of Houston, TX, a half sister, Nancy Florance (Rodney) of Tacoma, WA, a half brother, Myron Smith (Donde) of Tuscon, AZ, four nieces and nine nephews.

Roy was born in
Alexandria, Louisiana on February 25, 1943. Shortly afterward, he moved to Kosciusko, MS, where he spent his childhood, graduating from Kosciusko High School in 1961. He was greatly influenced by his grandfather, Lucien Sanders, former mayor of Kosciusko, state senator and editor of the Star Herald newspaper. Therefore, it seemed a natural calling for him to major in journalism at the University of Mississippi, where he graduated in 1966. He spent four years in the MS Army National Guard, moved to New York City to work at The Daily News for a year before returning to Jackson to work with his uncle, Khaki McMillan, on the Southwest Guide newspaper. In 1975 he joined Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company as their public relations and advertising executive.

In 1986 Roy left Southern Farm Bureau to pursue his true calling, full time pro-life advocacy. He spent hundreds of hours sidewalk counseling in front of Jackson's abortion clinics, spearheading peaceful Operation Rescue sit-ins from 1989 through 1994, enduring criticism, ridicule and arrest for his efforts. He opened his home and his heart to numerous mothers needing concrete help to bring their unborn children to birth, and inspired many timid folks to live out their pro-life beliefs, also.

Visitation will begin at noon on Thursday, January 28, at St. Richard Catholic Church in Jackson, followed by a funeral Mass at 2:00 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, the family suggests any charitable donations be directed to Pro-Life Mississippi, the St. Vincent dePaul Society of St. Richard Church or to the Salvation Army.


Telephone 1-757-685-1566