Rick Ellis Anti-abortionist Extraordinaire.

I have a good ole hound that helps keep my place safe from intruders. He has a healthy bark, and at 70 plus pounds is somewhat of an imposing sight to those who walk by. I don't know if he would bite, but he has the teeth to get the job done if need be.    

Prolife is supposed to be the watch dog for the womb child. It is supposed to be the "defender" of life. But just like an ole dog with no teeth, it poses no real threat to those who would steal life from the ones it claims to protect. Once an intruder finds out that the barking dog has no bite, they know full well they can cause harm with totally disregard for consequence of being bit.   

The sad thing is that the pro-life watch dog didn't lose it's teeth in a fight, nor because it grew old. It lost it's teeth because false leaders pulled them by taking the bite of lethal force off of the table. The abortion industry knows full well that the "pro-life bark" has no bite, and they can continue to kill the womb child because the child's guardian has no teeth to protect them with. Any prolife hound who refuses to have their teeth pulled, have traitors like Pavone willing to pay a $50,000 bounty to not only have their teeth pulled, but have them put to sleep with lethal injection by a pro-abort government.  

There needs to be a new dog in the yard, with good strong teeth willing to bite the intruder of abortion. True watch dogs are willing to lay down their lives for the ones they protect. Paul Hill was a true pro-life watch dog with a 12 gage bite, who laid down his life for those he protected.   

We can keep barking our meaningless toothless debate, that pro-deathers mock and laugh at, Or we can say the dog has teeth, and if you come after our womb child charges expect to get bit. Then, and only then, will bortheads take us

Servant of the CHILD [Acts 4:23-31] Rick Ellis

It is justified to use force to stop evil aggression. It is the only justified use of force as a matter of fact.

For almost 40 years Tiller the Killer committed evil aggression against womb children. He showed absolutely no sign of quitting. This kind of behavior drives men of conscience to action. Whether you like it or not, those are the facts.

I am not going to wipe main stream pro-life bowel movement crap on Scott Roeder. Yes, I fully intend to honor him; because I intend to do all I can to protect abortionists from men like him.

There are many more like Scott Roeder in this country. Men of conscience. Men who raised their right hand, and swore an oath to the constitution itself, not to those who have high jacked it's institutions. Men who realize that evil aggression must be met with enough force to stop it.

That's right Martha, I intend to dedicate my life and treasure to protect low life baby killing scum bag abortionists, from the men of conscience. Just retire abortionist. Simply retire, and you will not have to worry about one of the many thousands of Scott Roeders popping up in your review mirror.

That is the silver linning in the Wichita storm. Regardless of whether the PLMSBM has the courage to honesty look at it. Abortions in Kansas are at a 20 year low. No abortion in Wichita. The propaganda arm of the abortion mafia [other wise known as the media] Are out bemoaning all over the place, that it is getting harder to recrute new abortionists. The main reason is, they don't want a career path that involves flack jackets, and bullet proof glass.

I don't have to recrute men of conscience. I don't have to start an organization. Men of conscience have a spine of steal. They have the courage of conviction to uphold the principal of the use of force to stop evil aggression.

Whether you believe the way they do matters not. The blather on pro-life forums matters not. What matters is the fact that tiny persons are being slaughtered and they took an oath to secure the Constitutional blessing of life to preborn Posterity.

They do not care about the $50,000 bounty the freedom hating papist Pavone has offered up to rat men of Conscience out. Nor are they afraid of hot air wind bags like flip "the switch" Benham, who is willing to execute them.

The issue is life. The issue is evil aggression must be met with enough force to make it stop. Despotism must never be indulged. And it won't be.

So the thing is this. I want to save abortionists from men of conscience. Please retire. It isn't about "vengeance", it is about defense. This isn't about past deeds, it is about right now. Just stop killing children, and the "vast net work of nuts and kooks" no longer presents a threat to you. Just simply retire.

In defense of the child;

Rick Ellis

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