Trackin’ Leland
Rev. Michael Bray

    Leland Smart was released from prison eighteen months ago.  I came to know him (as far the public is concerned) after he was imprisoned for shooting holes in abortuary windows and I wrote of him as follows in the July 1997 Life Advocate magazine:
     Lucy Chatman is not Leland’s legal stepmother; he had had lots of legal ones, however.   Hailing from what in nineties nomenclature is  alled a “dysfunctional family,”  he and his brother were  bounced from one foster home to another,  including a five year stay in the Boys Town orphanage in Florida from which Leland was sent by his father to the Army at age 17.  While imprisoned for some form of thievery, he began to study the Scriptures at age 26.  He became a Christian; and when he left prison, he went to live temporarily with the family of a fellow inmate and convert, Jeff Chatman.  Jeff’s mother Lucy is the only woman Leland calls mom.
Leland Smart
    The last time I saw Leland Smart was June of 1999.  Arrangements were made with Chaplain Lewis to visit him (a.k.a. #07321-040) in Springfield, Missouri at the medical facility for the Federal Bureau of Prisons. I was out in Kansas on my way to Colorado and arranged for a few visits.  I saw prisoners Shelley Shannon in Kansas and David Lane in Colorado.  It was a busy summer at home - my eldest daughter was graduating from high school and heading off to college – and afar – the Pope was coming to Denver and plenty of anti-abortion activists were meeting there to conduct various anti-abortion meetings and interventions.
    It was also the first time I saw him.  He was thirty-nine years old, 6 feet one inch tall and weighed 250 pounds. He had been jailed since December 2, 1992 and would endure a total of 16 years and 27 days of incarceration distributed among several locations.   In prison, inmates speak of their time in terms of months.  Leland had been sentenced to do 235 months and was released on 29 December, 2008 in Michigan.   From that date he is to report to authorities and be under their “supervised probation” for another five years.
    I would visit him for a total of two or three hours.   I had faxed my social security number and pastoral credentials to the chaplain on June 4 so that I could arrange for a more humane clergy visit in the privacy of a small room to ourselves rather than in one full of other inmates along with their guests.  He did not look well, but his appearance came as no surprise.  Locked away in the federal prison system's singular medical facility, he was sleepy and spoke slowly and quietly.  “Drugged up,” he seemed to be a member of that unfortunate prison club which does the “Thorazine shuffle” - as we inmates commonly referenced those under the influence of a prison doctor's psychotropic drugs.  Now, this is was not an encouraging situation as the prison rulers place a high priority on peace and good order.  The temptation of officials to liberally administer drugs to the individual in order to bring peace to the general and closely quartered prison population by calming an unruly inmate is doubtlessly in play.
     Glad for the opportunity to see him, I tried to offer him some encouragement.  But his condition was such that I was uncertain of any good I had accomplished.  The years went by and my correspondence was irregular and infrequent as it has been with others imprisoned for the same kinds of actions taken in behalf of the innocent womb children.  After a long hiatus, he wrote enthusiastically from Coleman, Florida on April 8, 2006 announcing wedding plans to a woman who has protested against the practice of abortion in America and recalling my visit:
Maranatha!  Sincere greetings and salutations in Jesus’ name! [in place of exclamation points he inserted a cross symbol]  How are you?  Do you remember lil-ole me?  I'm sure you recall my only visit in years in Missouri several years back . . . I guess you could tell I was out of it, i.e. on forced psychotropic meds and isolation, solitary for a long time.  All you do is sleep and sleep like in a catatonic state, with so-called human beings usin-n-abusin’ you all the time.  It's hard to hang on to your dignity and humanity in here.  Since your visit, I've been all over – Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma, Florida . . .
        He continues in that letter to state his wedding plans and states the desire of the couple that I perform the ceremony and preside over their exchanging of vows.
    Since then, marriage plans have been canceled.  The probation office has prohibited Lee from associating with any anti-abortion activists.
    Leland sent the following to his fiancée to circulate “to whom it may concern”:
                               DATE OF CEASE and DESIST ORDER:  JULY 1ST, 2009
               I ( Leland Smart ) have been given a Direct Order to Cease and Desist any and all contacts, and/or associations with anyone involved within the christian pro-life community.
               FURTHERMORE; I have been given a Order to Cease and Desist any communications, written, and/or e-mail(S), letters, phone calls, etc., from anyone involved within the christian pro-life community.
              UPON penalty of further incarceration within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, I Declare that I  ( Leland Smart ) have been issued a Cease and Desist Order, and have been Ordered  not to have any associations and/or contacts with anyone within the christian pro-life community.  I will not associate and/or communicate with anyone within the christian pro-life community.
      ANY MAILINGS, e-mails, AND/OR communications will not be responded to.
                                                                          Leland Smart
                                                                           Dated e-mail of July 2, 2009
    That order essentially prohibits his attendance of any legitimate church service (where, in fact, such misfits of society ought to be found in abundance).  Such restrictions are typical for anti-abortion activists when they exit jail.  My own case is exceptional in that I had enough support in personal and church relationships so that even a by-the-book probation officer literalist following bizarre instructions from the Attorney General's office's U.S. Probation Office was replaced by a more humane and flexible officer who permitted me to associate with Christians (i.e. anti-abortionist).
     John Brockhoeft, for example, reported on the Notice of Action (NOA, dated February 1, 1995) in which he was ordered as follows:
As a condition of mandatory release you shall refrain from all associations, in any manner or form, with persons or groups protesting or campaigning against abortion.... You shall engage in no activity, writing, publication, membership or speech concerning the subject of abortion while you are under mandatory release supervision and you shall attend no meetings or communicate in any way with any persons who are themselves thus engaged. . .
     Marjorie Reed was similarly restricted and we may fairly assume by their lack of communication and general isolation that all others who have completed their jail time are likewise impounded.
     My report in Life Advocate also included the following disclosure which indicates the probable cause for the abuse of Smart in Leavenworth and his subsequent transfer and seclusion:
      Leland Smart was minding his own business in Leavenworth.  He had completed five of his 20-year sentence; lots of time to go.  One way to pass the time is to make a little hooch.  (No crime, Christian friends.  He wasn't making a fortune bootlegging like those plutocrat Kennedys who made theirs during prohibition.)  It isn't just the drinking of it that makes the heart merry, but the making of it.  It requires stealth and skill to produce it in jail.  Got to get some yeast from the mess hall, some sugar, a little fruit.  Got to hide the whole process.  The making of it is a balm for prison life.  It is the working with one's hands.  Something to do, something to make, to pass the time.
       But he got nailed and thrown in the hole (isolation) for five days.
       While in the hole, an issue of Dave Leach's Prayer and Action News came in the mail.   That is the publication which reproduced the AOG manual and features similar writings unpopular with the Clinton Administration.   Prison officials did not release him after the five days, but charged him with “attempted escape” for receiving the publication.  He remained in the hole for five months, has not been allowed to have visits, and was shipped to the medical prison for federal prisoners in Springfield, Missouri in April.  What happened to him is not clear.
        Leland Smart had been residing in the Leavenworth penitentiary since September of 1993.  He was jailed and charged in December of 1992 for shooting up the bullet-proof glass of the Grand Rapids Planned Barrenhood.  He testifies that his use of “45 caliber, 240 grain hollow points” had rendered the abortuary such that “softball-sized holes were punched through every window at 5 a.m. with no witnesses or evidence.”
     The federal government under the zealous abortion-rights-guaranteeing Clinton administration and by means of Attorney General Janet Waco Reno had established a task force known as VAAPCON (Violence Against Abortion Provider Conspiracy).   This mission of the federal government took the form of three grand juries - in Portland, Alexandria, and Norfolk - in which hundreds of subpoenas were issued.  Central to the probe were questions about the “Army of God Manual” and anyone who knew of its origins or its circulation.  And everyone subpoenaed to the grand jury was required to bring any copies of said manual and surrender them to their inquisitors.  This “witch hunt,” as the “targets” called it because it subpoenaed witnesses into virtual a star chamber on the basis of no evidence, proceeded to seek evidence to prosecute activists and destroy the anti-abortion movement.  It trampled over the rights of Christian opponents to childslaughter by focusing their attention upon anyone through whose hands a book had passed.   The contents of the book was taken by the anonymous author from various other “harassment” literature (easily accessible from publishing houses no more obscure or illegal than communist or anarchists publishing houses).  But the tenets of this material, hated by the pro-abortion Clinton administration, was alleged to provide inspiration and knowledge for effective destruction of abortuaries.  Therefore anyone who had handled such literature was fair game for subpoenas and interrogations.
    This mad pursuit of anyone who had possession or contact with this book and the   confiscation of it from its prompted musician prisoner sympathizer, and free speech lover David Leach, of  Des Moines, Iowa, to photocopy the book and reproduce it in his monthly PRAYER & ACTION News (January, 1996 A.D.)  As a service to all those jailed for the sake of womb children, Leach sent a free subscription of his newsletter to all such prisoners.
    Prisoners, already captive and available for interrogation, do not require the courtesy nor the juridical energy of the subpoena process.  So when Leland Smart’s prison guards in Leavenworth received a reprinted copy of notorious ‘the Army of God Manual,” they went to work on him.   As I reported in Life Advocate, they “charged him with ‘attempted escape’ for receiving the publication.  He remained in the hole for five months, has not been allowed to have visits, and was shipped to the medical prison for federal prisoners in Springfield, Missouri in April.”
    He is prisoner who received unsolicited reading material – not outlawed books or illegal and immoral publications and was charged with attempted escape!
    He was kept in isolation for five months!
    The reader is invited to do his own investigation into what psychologists say about what that kind of “therapy” and “correction” does to human beings.  Waterboarding doesn't come close as a measure of torture and abuse.
     At present, his step-mother and “aunt” (the only parents he has ever known as a child who grew up in foster homes) report that he has been before a judge with his parole officer appealing for a ruling that he be “fettered.”  She (the parole officer) reported in federal court in Grand Rapids on June 30  that she had received many calls from abortion rights fanatics regarding the presence of Leland in Grand Rapids and she recommended that a monitoring device might be attached which would signal authorities if Smart came within a 1000 feet of an abortuary.  The judge said that he would not require such a device but would allow it if Smart would agree.  Should he not agree, further proceeding would be required before he would be compelled to wear the device.
    It looks like the persecution of Leland Smart is long from over.
Michael Bray © July 2009
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