AOG Festivities at Christmas
Abortuary Conflagration in Albuquerque
                                                                               By Michael Bray
     "2 men arrested in Albuquerque abortion clinic arson," reported The Albuquerque, Tribune (December 28, 2007). “A small gasoline can was thrown through the clinic window and the fumes ignited, said Jake Gonzales, the Albuquerque ATF resident agent in charge. The clinic was ruined and shut down.” Let us rejoice.1
   Maggie Shepard reports that “the Dec. 6 firebombing of an Albuquerque abortion clinic was not orchestrated” by citizen rescuers trying to save innocent children from the hands of bloody abortionists.   Rather, “a man whose ex-girlfriend planned to have an abortion at the clinic set the place on fire before her appointment, according to court documents.”  No report was given on the well being of the child or the mother who had planned to kill him or even whether the reality check has led to a change of mind concerning her premeditated murder plans.
     Indeed, lamentation follows hard on jubilation.   “Sergio T. Baca, 22, along with friend Chad D. Altman, 25, have been arrested on federal charges of arson and could face additional charges of violations against the federal Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances act,” reported the Tribune.  Sadly, “Investigators with the Albuquerque Fire Department and the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives” had been pursuing those who performed this good deed for the citizens of Albuquerque! "Tips came in, and they've been pounding the pavement for the last two weeks," Fire Department spokesman Capt. Mike Paiz said.
     Altman was released into the custody of his parents after both men appeared in court on Friday (28 December) and pleaded not guilty.  Indeed, there is no guilt in the action taken to rescue one’s child from death.  Court papers indicated that father Baca was described by his girl friend as “extremely upset" in reaction to her decision to abort their child.  Investigators believe that Baca recruited Altman to help burn the clinic and thus save his child.
     The good news following the sad news of the arrest of these men is the fact that “Authorities have said the clinic was considered a total loss[!] [emphasis ours] after gasoline was thrown into the building through a broken window and lit on fire”2
     But let us review some bad citizenship, even treacherous behavior. Shepherd reported that “witnesses in a hotel overlooking the clinic, Abortion Acceptance of Albuquerque, told investigators they saw two hooded figures near the clinic who then drove away in a van.” Even less patriotic behavior was to be found in the actions of another.  “A co-worker of Baca's roommate called detectives” according to the Tribune, “with information about a possible suspect, according to a federal criminal complaint.” Little confidence ought to be placed in any federal investigative report that “a hair was found on a broken window, and DNA was found in a glove left in the parking lot, according to the complaint.”3   But that is beside the point.  These fellows had good reason to burn the abortuary.  Sergio Baca’s child was to be taken there to be sliced to death and suctioned out of his mother.  To their everlasting shame, friends and fellow citizens have failed to see the truth, the holocaust in their very neighborhood.  They have protected the wicked and harmed the innocent.
     But hope springs.  To the greater glory of God two Planned Barrenhood sites in Albuquerque were damaged 20 days after the conflagration of the Abortion Acceptance of Albuquerque abortuary!  Yes, it was a real Christmas Day at “two separate Albuquerque Planned Parenthood locations,” according to AP reports on 25 and 26 December.
    No connection has been drawn to the Messrs. Baca and Altman, leaving open the possibility the deed being performed by general baby rescuers, relatives of the threatened womb child, angelic beings, vengeful dads, et al.
     Dan Frosch, writing for the New York Times, lightens our hearts leading off his report as follows: “A rash of attacks on abortion and family planning clinics has struck Albuquerque this month, the first such violence there in nearly a decade.” (“Albuquerque Has Renewal of Attacks on Abortion,” Dec. 28, 2007)
  It is has been a long time coming.  The last such action was wrought by Ricky Lee McDonald when he burned the same abortuary about a decade ago.  Mr. McDonald was due to be released from prison on 20 December, 2007.  (Ed. note: Hopefully someone else took up the privilege this time.  It surely may be taken as a kind gesture in honor of this merciful ex-con.)
     (Back to the Times) Frosch reports on how the nest of Albuquerque abortionists are handling the situation:  “The small, tightknit group of abortion providers here reacted with a mix of shock and fear over the attacks.”
     Indeed, when a person “provides” dead babies for their mothers one would expect some “shock and fear” to factor into the situation at some point.
  “It makes me really angry,” Martha Edmands of Planned Parenthood said. “It’s really upsetting.”
     (Ed. note: Indeed.  It makes us angry, too, Martha.  Why does our government allow murderers to live and continue to practice their trade?)
     The abortuary administrator, Abortionist Curtis Boyd, is a National Abortion Federation founder and an abortionistin se. He mourned his loss accordingly:
                    “After working on the abortion reform movement for 40 years, I wake up and I still can’t believe we’re still where we are. When will it stop?” . . .
                   “I’m going to have to accept the fact that I’m going to die before the rights of women are secured, and the violence against providers and staff comes to an end,” Dr. Boyd said (New York Times).
     Boyd is the husband of Glenna Halvorson-Boyd, who served on NAF's Board of directors and twenty years ago was the president for two years.  He “performs” surgical abortions and distributes the dangerous abortion drug RU 486 (mifepristone) which has killed numerous women and injured more than 1,100 in the United States alone (, Dec. 26, 2007).  He shares the facility with fellow veteran abortionist Bruce Ferguson.  The Boyds vowed to rebuild their operation. But they said it had been difficult to find a new location because landlords were “wary of renting to an abortion provider.”
     The Feminist Majority Foundation reports that “18 percent of clinics experienced severe violence in 2005, compared with 52 percent in 1994.” The wind has been weak for a long time.   Perhaps new gusts will blow.
     Thankfully, we have concluded anno domini 2007 with a pleasant breeze.  Let us pray that the New Year brings more of the same: life to children and the closing of many death camps.
     Finally, with Tiny Tim, let us say: “God bless us all, every one.”
   1Readers are invited enjoy two video clips of the burning abortuary filmed by a passerby and featured on Channel 7 at
2 “Suspects In Abortion Clinic Fire Plead Not Guilty,” Channel 7 at, retrieved on December 31, 2007
  3 Hair and other DNA evidence are spurious grounds for charging and holding a suspect.  That is the testimony of this author who was similar prosecuted in 1985.
Also see YouTube vid: Abortion Acceptance abortion clinic burned pro-lifers charge
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AOG Festivities at Christmas  Abortuary Conflagration in Albuquerque
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Sergio Baca did the right thing. What choice did Sergio Baca have to protect his child from being murdered? None, Sergio Baca did what he had to do
(If in fact Sergio Baca did it, Sergio says he is innocent and I have no reason not to believe him.)
Youtube response to the arrest of Sergio Baca and Chad Altman for torching the babykilling abortion mill, Abortion Acceptance, allegedly owned and operated by babykilling abortionist Curtis Boyd.
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