John Salvi III

March 2, 1972 AD November 29, 1996 AD
John Salvi III

John Salvi III after his arrest.
John Salvi Anti-Abortionist
Aborted baby

John Salvi actions resulted in the death of babykilling abortion mill workers Shannon Lowney and Leanne Nichols, plus the wounding of five others.

These evil people were part of the hit team that murder helpless unborn children in Massachusetts. They reaped what they sowed.
Why were their lives worth more then the lives of the babies they helped murder?

On December 30, 1994 AD, John Salvi III walked into two Brookline abortion mills to stop the murders by using a 22 caliber rifle. First he fired shots into the Planned Parenthood Clinic of Greater Boston, located at 1031 Beacon St., killing Shannon Lowney and wounding three other abortion mill workers.

Salvi  then went down the street to Pre-term Health Services located at 1842 Beacon St.,  killing Lee Ann Nichols and wounding two other abortion mill workers. John Salvi III stop the killing the only way he possible could. Thinking about the babies being murdered in these two death camps was too much for John to bear without doing what he could to save their lives. He did the right thing and stopped the killing of the children.

After a six week sham trial, the 24-year-old ex-altar boy was convicted of murder and given two consecutive life terms in prison.

November 1996 AD, eight months into his sentence, John Salvi was "found dead" in his maximum security prison cell.

Announced cause of death: by the authorities suicide by asphyxiation.

The government claims John Salvi III committed suicide in jail.

Studying the facts this is apparently is how John Salvi III committed suicide.
1. Between 5 am and 6:05 am John Salvi III ties his hands together.
2. He then ties his feet together.
3  He then stuffs cotton in his mouth
4  He then puts a plastic bag over his head
5  He then ties the bag tightly on with a shoe lace
6  He then gets under his bed and commits suicide.
His lawyers are quoted as saying that his body showed marks of having been beaten before his death.
Yes, if pro-aborts can justify a woman paying a man to murder her own unborn child then they can call this suicide.

In the end, John Salvi III was found innocent of all the crimes charged against him.

From the NY Times February 2, 1997 AD

Conviction in Killings at Clinics Is Overturned

John C. Salvi 3d, who was convicted of killing two abortion-clinic receptionists and then apparently committed suicide in prison, has had his convictions overturned on a legal technicality.
Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara, who sentenced Mr. Salvi to life in prison for the slayings, voided the convictions on Jan. 21 because Mr. Salvi died before his appeal could be heard. Mr. Salvi, 24, apparently committed suicide in his prison cell Nov. 29.

The judge's recent decision delivered new pain to the families of his victims.
''I have to tell you the truth, it's as if John Salvi is coming from the grave to bring me some hurt,'' Ruth Nichols, the mother of Lee Ann Nichols, told WBZ-TV.

Lee Ann Nichols, 38, and Shannon Lowney, 25, were killed and five other people were wounded by Mr. Salvi in a shooting rampage at two Boston-area abortion clinics on Dec. 30, 1994.

Mr. Salvi was sentenced to life in prison without parole last year after a jury rejected his lawyers' arguments that he was insane. Defense lawyers never disputed the facts of the shooting.
James Sultan, who brought the appeal that led to Judge Dortch-Okara's decision, said he invoked a little-known legal principle after Mr. Salvi's death. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has held for at least 25 years that if a defendant dies before a conviction is reviewed, the charges are dismissed.

Baby Saved From Being Murdered by Abortion by John Salvi's actions.

Clinic killings kept mother from aborting, lawsuit says (story Life Advocate-November/December, 1998 AD Volume XIII Number 3)
at Preterrm Health Services

Dedham, MA - Deborah Gaines had just stepped inside the Preterm Health Services clinic after a cigarette break when she heard the gunshots.


It was December. 30, 1994, and John Salvi III had opened fire in the Brookline clinic's waiting area.

Gaines said she backed away as Salvi came toward her and others, firing. Then she leaped from the stairs, scrambled to her feet and ran. She had an appointment for an abortion that day, but never rescheduled.

Seven months later, she gave birth to a daughter, Vivian (Life Advocate, March 1996).

"I could not see myself going back into another clinic again after what I went through,'' Gaines said from her home in Onset. "Emotionally, I was messed up, and I still am today.''

Now, Gaines is suing Preterm and the owner of the building, 1842 Beacon Street Associates, for costs associated with giving birth to Vivian and raising the child.

In Norfolk Superior Court, Judge Patrick F. Brady rejected the defendants' request to dismiss Gaines's lawsuit. Though Brady said he was"very, very, very, very skeptical'' of Gaines's case, he allowed it to go forward. A trial date has not been set.

Chris A. Milne, Gaines's lawyer, acknowledged that many people are skeptical when they hear of the case. But he insisted that Gaines is just trying to provide for her children. "She's not looking for megabucks for herself,'' Milne said. "She's looking to make the best life she can for her daughter.''

If Gaines prevails, any money she is awarded would go into a trust fund to pay for some of Vivian's medical and educational costs, Milne said.

The suit is the latest action taken against Preterm and the other clinic Salvi attacked, the Planned Parenthood Clinic on Beacon Street.
Richard Seron and Albert Walton, the two guards on duty at the time of the shooting, have sued the clinic, stating they are emotionally traumatized.

"Where does it stop?'' asked James S. Franchek, an attorney for 1842 Beacon Street Associates. "Everybody's jumping on the bandwagon.''
Gaines gave birth to Vivian on Aug. 7, 1995. Though she says she does not regret bearing her daughter, she believes the clinic should pay for the cost of raising her. In her lawsuit, Gaines states that the shooting was partly the result of lax security at the clinic.

Rev.  told he is unwelcomed in Massachusetts because of support for John Salvi III


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Aborted Baby

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