Babykilling Abortionists and their supporters

Fanatical Pro-abortionist 
Holly Puritz Norfolk ob/gyn

Dr. Holly Puritz, ob/gyn

Pro-Abortionist  Group For Women

It sickening to see Dr. Holly Puritz make a fanatical abortion advertisement supporting the murder 0f unborn children. Besides leaving me sick to my stomach, it leaves me with the distinct feeling that Holly Puritz is surely an abortionist when she says

Cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal, even in cases of rape and incest, even to protect a woman’s health. I want a governor who’s focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job.

Wants to do her job? Holly Puritz statement, in her own words and her own voice, by makes it sound as if her job is babykilling abortionist.

Who cares what you want, you crazed abortion fanatic and what gives you the right to kill unborn children in their mother's womb.   
You call yourself a doctor.
A Doctor of dead aborted babies is more like it.

Who is this pro-abortion fanatic?

Dr. Holly Puritz Pro-abortionist is President of The Group for Women Norfolk

Located at Three Locations:

BRAMBLETON OFFICE - Brambleton Medical Center
250 W. Brambleton Avenue, Suite 202 Norfolk, VA 23502

CHESAPEAKE OFFICE 300 Medical Parkway Suite 308
Chesapeake, VA 23320

KEMPSVILLE OFFICE 880 Kempsville Road, Suite 2200 Norfolk, VA 23502

Some Holly Puritz's other claims to fame include:

ACOG - Chair Virginia Section & Government Affairs Committee

Verinata Health, Inc. - Clinical Advisory Board

MidAtlantic Women's Care - chairman contracting committee

Babies Murdered by Babykilling Abortionists and their supporters

Holly Puritz
Holly Puritz
Holly Puritz