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Recently, I have been accused of being a "white supremacist," and of espousing "Christian Identity."  It is an old accusation, and one that is without foundation.  But I have been asked to clarify my position on race, so here goes.

From my writings, you will notice that I am a constant critic of racism.  I am, for example, against organizations like the NAACP and its racist policies of Affirmative Action and race-based quotas. 

I am opposed to racist groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and its "hate crimes" agenda.  I am a critic of Barack Obama and his longtime association with the racist Reverend Wright.  And lately I question the racial motives of black "Christians" who voted overwhelmingly for Obama, the most anti-Christian politician in American history.

I know, I know my perception of racism is not taken from the approved paradigm; the paradigm that has a Klansman or a Nazi lurking around every corner, ready to pounce on an unsuspecting minority; the paradigm that believes that white racism is still pervasive in American society.  But institutional white racism went out of fashion fifty years ago. 

Today, the specter of white racism is a bogeyman, a political tool our Marxist masters use to frighten away opposition.  That the opposition continues to take fright every time that it is shown this bogeyman is truly pathetic.  Institutional racism today targets primarily whites, through discriminatory policies such as Affirmative Action, racial quotas, "hate crimes" laws, sensitivity training, and speech codes.

In my lifetime, I have rarely witnessed white racism.  I have, however, been stabbed, beaten, and robbed for being white.  My schoolteachers taught me to hate myself for being white.  They issued me a block of white guilt to carry around for things I did not do.  They told me to prostrate myself whenever anyone levels the charge of racism.  But these days I only prostrate myself before God.  I dropped that block of white guilt years ago, and instead, I picked up the truth.

The truth is I am a Christian.  As a Christian, I accept as my brother in Christ anyone who believes in the tenets of the faith.  I am also an American.  America is a Western European Christian nation.  It has a history rooted in the English tradition.  Anyone, regardless of their racial/cultural/religious background, who is willing to leave their native culture behind and to fully assimilate Western values, I call my countryman.

I am not a white supremacist, nor do I espouse Christian Identity.

As I wrote in my statement of August 2005

I briefly attended a Christian Identity church when I was seventeen years old.  Identity Christians believe that the peoples of Northern Europe are the direct descendents of the ten lost tribes of Israel.  As God's "chosen people," they believe their racial characteristics have made them superior to non-white races. 

I didn't believe that doctrine twenty-five years ago.  I don't believe that doctrine today.  And I defy anyone to show me where in my writings I have advocated Christian Identity or white supremacy.  Some will say that my brief association with Identity Christians suffices to prove me a "racist". 

Others will say that my criticizing Affirmative Action and other racist policies is tantamount to "racism".  Combating such beliefs is difficult because they are ultimately irrational and bigoted.  To convince me that I hold the opinions of everyone with whom I have ever associated, you must first prove that everyone holds the opinions of everyone with whom they have ever associated. 

Beliefs are indicated by current actions, not by past associations. 

To prove to me the legitimacy of Affirmative Action, "hate crimes" laws, and other racial policies that favor non-whites, you must first show me why discriminating against non-whites fifty years ago was wrong, but discriminating against whites today is right.

Religiously, I am a traditional Catholic.  Philosophically, I am an Idealist.  Thus, I do not accept Materialism; do not believe that biology is destiny; do not believe any one race is superior to any other.  But I do believe that some ideas are superior to others.  And as culture is a web of living ideas, I believe some cultures are superior to others. 

I believe that Western Christian culture is superior to all other cultures.  And I believe in cultural homogeneity -- the keeping of one set of cultural values at the helm of society's social and political life.  Here is wisdom: all history teaches that pursuing a policy of cultural diversity leads to division, oppression, violence, and eventually, to civil war.  Thus, I reject all notions of "multiculturalism".

But I am not a totalitarian.  I don't believe that any one human authority should rule the world.  I believe in Free Will, in individual and group integrity, in private property, and in national sovereignty.  I believe that there are limits to diversity in any society.  Those limits are reached when cultural diversity seriously threatens social order. 

Subject to the public good, I believe that you, as a property owner, have a right to exclude anyone from your property.  You have a right to set rules for those people you do allow onto your property.  And for those wanting a permanent home on your property, I believe you have a right to insist that they adopt your value system.  Very simple stuff.

A nation is a people's property.  To maintain social order and ensure cultural continuity, I believe that a nation has a right to make rules for assimilation, and it has a right to exclude those who refuse assimilation.  Take Israel for example: at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the so-called "right of return". 

During the 1948 war, hundreds of thousands of Arabs left Israel.  Some the Israelis drove out; the rest left voluntarily.  The descendents of those Arabs have increased dramatically since 1948.  Now they want the "right to return" to Israel.  They want to reclaim their lands and to become "Israeli citizens".  If Israel allows this, Jews will eventually become a minority in their own country, and Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state. 

So I believe that Israel has a right to refuse the "right of return," to restrict non-Jewish immigration, to ensure that Israel remains a Jewish state.  America should learn from Israel's experience in dealing with "multiculturalism".

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