Father David Trosch -
Anti-Abortionist Extraordinaire
Father David Trosh
'Father David Trosch passed into eternity October 12, 2012 AD. 

Father Trosch, Rev. Michael Bray and I attended Paul Hill’s trial together. Father Trosch was the first one to put me in the "ring around the collar." Since he and Rev. Bray were banned from attending Paul Hill's trial by the apostate Justice Department, I was the only minister left in attendance, and wearing a clerical collar would make this support for Paul obvious. David supplied the collar, and Mike put it on me.

Shortly afterwards, when his views became public, the Roman Catholic church sent Father Trosch to some remote, out of the way parish to shut him up about Justifiable Homicide of babykilling abortionists.

All this occurred years before it became popular to be strongly against abortion, even in born again churches. Father Trosch caused an uproar with his cartoon entitled, Justifiable Homicide.
David Trosch Justifiiable homicide

Below is a Wikipedia article that explains some details.

David Trosch From Wikipedia

Rev. David Charles Trosch (November 29, 1935 – October 12, 2012) was a Roman Catholic priest from Mobile, Alabama, who was the subject of controversy due to his promotion of the concept of justifiable homicide in the case of killing abortion providers. 


He first attained notoriety when he tried to place ad in The Mobile Register news paper with a drawing titled "Justifiable Homicide", depicting a man holding a gun to the back of an abortion doctor performing an abortion. The Catholic Church directed him to "recant his stand or give up his job."  Although the purported ad was never published, Trosch was relieved of his parish duties and suspended by his bishop due to his ongoing public statements in defense of his views of "justifiable homicide" of abortion providers.

Retired Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb of the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama clarified at the time of Trosch's death that he had never officially censured Rev. Trosch, but that Trosch had been restricted from acting in a pastoral capacity in August, 1993 and had "no public persona in the Church."  However, Monsignor Lipscomb said that Rev. Trosch "was not a bad person" and "died in God's grace".

Trosch was a noted supporter of anti-abortion activist Paul Hill who was executed on September 4, 2003 for murdering Dr. John Britton and his bodyguard James Barrett.  Despite his immediate defense of Hill, Trosch denied having ever met Hill; however, it later was revealed that the two had dined and prayed together, and even signed the same document justifying lethal force against abortion providers. 

Trosch died on October 12, 2012 in an Alabama Nursing home from an extended illness. Approximately 30 to 40 people attended his funeral.

He maintained a website under the name of a non-profit organization called "Life Enterprises Unlimited" based in Mobile, Alabama until the time of his death, in which he criticized many people whom he characterized as "hell-bound sinners", including the Archbishop who disciplined him.

David Trosch Catholic priest
David Trosch with Paul Hill and Andrew Cabot

Any coward who supports abortion has the blood of babies on their hands.

Genesis 9:6
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

Numbers 35:33
So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.

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