Brockhoeft Report - Volume1 - Issue X

Vol. 1 Issue X ........ Federal Prison, Ashland ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

"Why be politically correct, when you can be right?"
Joe Bartlett


Of course, anyone my age or older (or perhaps, even, slightly
younger) already knows the truth. We were taught it in school as
children. Here are the facts.

The United States of America was founded by Christians, as a
Christian nation. Back in those days, England had an "established"
religion (actually, an established denomination of Christianity).
That word right there "established" is very, very important.

It carries very serious religious/political/legal implications, because
it appears in the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments to the U.S.
Constitution"). The word's great importance lies not only in what it
means, but also in what it does not mean; because the tyrants
presently in power have twisted the meaning from its original
context. Momentarily, we'll take a look at the exact meaning of
"establishment of religion" within its context in the 1st Amendment.
We'll offer documentation as to its original intent.

But first let's backtrack a little. As we noted above, before this
nation was founded on Christianity, England had an official,
national denomination, the Church of England. The government
supported this denomination with tax monies. But that wasn't the
problem. The problem was that with England having an officially
recognized brand of Protestantism, other denominations were
illegal; and their members were persecuted.

So these dissident Protestants left their European homeland behind
forever and sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in little, wooden ships,
among the earliest of which was the Mayflower, which landed at
Plymouth in 1620. English-speaking Roman Catholics soon followed
to set up permanent colonies. Of course, Catholic explorers and
missionaries reached these shores more than a hundred years before
any regular colonists. I haven't heard it or seen it written anywhere,
but I assume the state of Maryland was named after Mary, the mother
of Jesus; because it is a known fact that Maryland, as a colony, was
founded as a religious haven for Roman Catholicism. We'll offer
documentation of that fact shortly.

So there you have it, folks. The United States of America was
originally settled and founded solely on the right of religious freedom.
But wait a minute! Bear in mind, now, it wasn't just any old religious
freedom. No, no, no! It was only the right to worship Jesus Christ
according to the dictates of a man's denominational conscience.
Well, of course it was so! Everybody was a Christian, unashamed
of the gospel. They believed Jesus, who said:
"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh
unto the Father but by me." John 14:6

thus establishing that Christianity is the one and only true religion.
They all believed it, mutual exclusivity being a basic tenet of all
Christian denominations at that time (and even today among devout,
true believers). So when they spoke of freedom of worship in those
days, they were only concerned with keeping one Christian
denomination from persecuting other Christian denominations.
But it was taken for granted that you were one or another kind
of believer in Jesus Christ.

That's how it was in the beginning, and that's the way it was all
along in America for hundreds of years (even until within a relatively
few years ago ) even within my short lifetime. Oh, sure, I grew up
in a good neighborhood, in the suburbs, but I can remember when,
as a lad, if a new kid moved into the neighborhood, one of the first
questions we asked him was: "Are you Protestant or Catholic?" I
assumed he was one or the other.

Even as a young adult in U.S. Navy boot camp, in 1969, when I met
other young men from all walks of life and all parts of the country,
we asked each other: "Are you Catholic or Protestant?" In those days,
in boot camp, the U.S. Navy required that every recruit attend either
one or the other of the two Christian divine services (or mass) every

Every Sunday morning our Company Commander, Mr. Edwards,
came into our barracks yelling. He was a nice guy, though. Once
he asked for a volunteer to stow a locker for a sailor who had gone
to the hospital, and I did it for him. He was always nice to me after
that, but privately said: "Don't ever volunteer for anything. You
might die."

"Sir, yes sir! But what if the thing is worth dying for, sir?"
Afterwards, if I made a mistake, he acted like he didn't notice. One
night, after he'd gone home, I pulled a stunt in the barracks he didn't
particularly appreciate. The next morning, at muster, he brought it up.
I raised my hand to confess, but he acted like he didn't see. So when
I started openly waving my hand he spun around with his back to
us and said: "Don't do it again." And that was the end of it.

I didn't mean to get off the subject. But when Mr. Edwards came
in on Sunday mornings he yelled: "ALL RIGHT, PROTESTANTS
ON THIS SIDE (pointing to the other side of the barracks).

Then the two factions were marched off to their respective service
or mass.

Where did I learn all this American History, and that the founding
of this nation was based on the right to practice Christianity? In
grade school and high school, that's where. You may want to ask:
"But you must have gone to a Catholic school or some other
parochial school, right?" Wrong! I attended only public schools
supported by tax dollars! I'm not making this up; I have documented
proof right here! Not just proof of these historical facts, but proof I
learned them in the public school system!

Shortly after the U.S. Marshals transferred me here to Ashland,
I had a weird sensation with time passage perception. Examining
the library here for the first time, I saw a big, thick book lying on
the counter. It had a gold, blue, and black cover with an eagle on
the front. The title: History of a Free People. It was published by
the MacMillan Company in 1967. The authors were Henry W.
Bragdon and Samuel P. McCutchen. It looked so familiar. Surely
I'd seen it before. It was so familiar it seemed I should be the owner!
Picking it up and leafing through it, I found myself so familiar with
all the details in the maps, charts, graphs, illustrations, and photos,
that I felt as if I must have studied that book fairly recently. Surely,
I'd seen it within the previous five years. Where? Struggling to
remember, suddenly it dawned on me. No wonder it was so familiar
I'd carried that book back and forth to school and studied it every
night...twenty-three years earlier, in my junior year of high
school! It was my American history textbook.

At the time I was kicking around an idea about writing a historical
novel about the American Revolution of the 1770's. So, needing
to do some research, I tried to check it out, but there was no card
affixed inside the cover. I asked the inmate librarian how I could
check it out, and he just told me to take it with me and bring it
back when I was finished. ( I've had it ever since ) three and a
half years. (I'd been in custody two and a half by the time they
transferred me here).

As I began re-reading the text, I was astonished, as I'm sure you
will be, to be reminded of where we came from and how far we
have fallen in such a short period...less than a quarter of a century.
Let me share just a few excerpts. I couldn't list all the references
my high school textbook made to Christ, Christianity, Protestantism,
Catholicism, and their roles in founding this country and defining
what our nation stood for. But here are a few brief passages.

Pg. 6 (under a section on the Spanish colonies:)

Although the Indians were subdued and put to work for their
conquerors, their interests were guarded by the Roman Catholic
Church. As worthy of remembrance as any conquistador was
the Spanish priest Bartolome de Las Casas, who devoted most
of his ninety-two years to defending Indians from his own
countrymen. Las Casas was only one among thousands of
missionaries who regarded the Indians primarily as souls to be
saved. The missionaries influenced the kings of Spain to issue
orders defending Indians from oppression.

Page 10, under a section on the French colonies:

French missionaries, like those of Spain, devoted their lives
to the conversion of Indians to Christianity. Undaunted by
starvation and torture, Jesuit priests made heroic journeys
far into the middle of the continent.

Page 13:
Rivalry with Spain was only one of several reasons for English
colonization in America. Clergymen hoped to bring "savages from
the Devil to Christ."

Page 14:
Avoiding the mistake of the French in excluding the Huguenots,
the English government allowed men to worship in the colonies
in ways forbidden at home. Most of the settlements made before
1640 were led by men who came to America to worship as
they pleased.

Page 14:
A generation after the first settlement of Massachusetts, a
Salem clergyman could exult about the success of the young
colony as follows; "Look on your habitations, shops, and ships
and behold your numerous posterity and great increase of blessings
of land and sea... Lord, thou has been a gracious God, and
exceedingly good to thy servants...We live in...more comfort...
and plent[y] than ever we did expect."

Page 21:
Protestant ministers regarded the Indians principally as souls
to be brought to knowledge of Christ. ...The variety of religious
beliefs in the English colonies was almost as great as in western
Europe. In the south the planter aristocracy usually belonged to
the Church of England, but there were also Roman Catholics,
Methodists, Baptists, and Presbyterians. In New England the
great majority of the people were Congregationalists, but there
were small groups of other Protestant sects. The middle colonies
had the greatest variety. Dutch and German Lutherans, Mennonites,
Quakers, Presbyterians, and members of the Church of England.
In most colonies a single official church was "established" that is,
supported by taxes.

Page 22 Maryland the Toleration Act of 1649 granted liberty of
worship to (all) Christians, and later Pennsylvania welcomed
people of all Christian sects.

In the back of the book there is an appendix listing the original
thirteen colonies and the purposes of their founders. For several,
the purpose is listed as being a haven for this or that branch of

It says the purpose for founding Maryland was:
To found a feudal state and a haven for Roman Catholics.
In the same appendix, under a column headed Important Events
or Developments:

1649: A Toleration Act gave freedom of worship to all who
believed in the Trinity.

[TBR note: emphasis added. Their concept of freedom of worship
only included Christians! It had nothing to do with whether false
(non-Christian) religions could be followed.]
Page 59 (in a section explaining the Declaration of

"Equal" does not mean "equal in abilities" nor "equal in
circumstances, "but simply "equal in rights." As all men
are equal before God, so they are equal in God-given rights.
[TBR note: emphasis theirs! Yes, that's right - that's what my
class's textbook in a tax-financed, public school said. You may
be wanting to ask: "How did they get away with it?" To which
I would ask you: "Get away with what" It wasn't unconstitutional,
that's how they got away with it. It wasn't unconstitutional then
and isn't now, not really. It only means that now we are ruled
by tyrants who are openly hostile to our faith and to the faith
and ideals of those great men who founded this nation.]

Page 23:
The New England Puritans believed that citizens should learn
enough English to read the Bible and understand the laws of the
country. The famous Massachusetts General School Act of 1647
stated: "It being one chiefe project of the oulde deluder Satan, to
keep men from the knowledge of the is therefore
ordered, that evry township...after the Lord hath increased them
in number to 50 householdrs shall appoint one to teach all such
children as shall resort to him to write and to reade."

Aside from spiritual matters, it is told on page 47 how, while the
American colonies were still under the sovereign rule of Great Britain,
the British Parliament passed several acts which were oppressive
toward the colonies. The Americans called these new laws )) can you
believe it? Intolerable Acts! Hey, Bill, hey Hillary, hey you left-wingers,
that's where my people and I got the idea of being intolerant. We're just
following a proud American tradition.

Ethan Allen of Vermont was the local commander of a band of armed
American patriot guerrillas known as "The Green Mountain Boys."
There is a profile of him on page 51. It begins thus:

On May 10, 1775, Ethan Allen surprised Fort Ticonderoga
and told the sleepy British commander he must surrender.
Asked by what authority he made such a demand, he replied,

"In the name of the Great Jehovah and the Continental Congress."
Yes, that's right; I learned all these things in the public education system
only 23 years ago. At that time it was important to remember where this
nation had come from 200 years earlier. But now it is important also for
us to remember where we were only 23 years ago. See, gentlemen, this
generation, i.e., you and I, can still remember, easily remember, when the
United States of America was still a great Christian nation. But if we remain
idle until this generation is passed, the next one will have no recollection of
the U.S. except as a wicked nation. Either that, or the Great Tribulation will
come, and God will pour His wrath out on the world.

The horrible, Great Tribulation will come when it does because of a
cowardly, lukewarm "Christian" generation.

Righteousness exalteth a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.
Proverbs 14:34

These are dangerous words that I write; but I write them anyway,
because I know it would be even more dangerous not to write them.
I was listening to a Christian radio talk show many months ago
(I can't bear to listen to them anymore, due to their cowardice,
compromise, and their focus on irrelevant issues.) The guest was
telling of a discussion he had had with a U.S. Congressman. The
Congressman was an attorney who, in law school, had specialized
in Constitutional law. They were talking about government oppression,
or some such thing, when the Congressman had asked: "What about
'separation of church and state?'"

The preacher told the congressman that the U.S. Constitution doesn't
say anything about "separation of church and state" )) that those words
do not appear anywhere in the Constitution. I don't remember the
Congressman's exact words, but he said something like: "Look you're
a preacher, and I'm a Constitutional attorney; and you're going to try to
tell me the 'separation of church and state' isn't in the U.S. Constitution?"
The preacher stood his ground and suggested they look it up, to which
the Congressman agreed. Here's what it says:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
speech, or of the press...

So the Congressman said: "I'm embarrassed..." and went on to explain
that, in law school, the law professors never required the students to
actually read the Constitution for themselves, but simply lectured them
on what they wanted the students to believe the Constitution meant.
So there you have it, folks. You don't have to go to law school to
understand the meaning of the 1st Amendment. All you need is basic
reading comprehension of the English language to see that it was
enacted as a safeguard to prevent the "government" from persecuting
us. But, more and more, they're using it as an excuse to persecute us
and hound belief in God and the Bible.

In the back of my high school textbook, the glossary of terms offers
this definition:

Established Church: A church supported by the civil government."
And so, in summary, as TBR is convinced it has thoroughly proven:
since our founding fathers in 1791 were virtually all Christians
(of various denominations) believing, rightly, that Christianity is the
one, and only, true religion; and since, at the time they wrote the
Constitution with its Bill of Rights, they were remembering how
the earlier pilgrims had come to America fleeing persecution at the
hands of a different denomination of Christianity; therefore, when
they wrote into law:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion,
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof," they meant only that
government must not officially endorse oneparticular denomination
of christianity and exalt it over others! The only reason they didn't
specify it that way was because they felt that that much was already understood, for Christ's sake. At that time the American public was
almost entirely Christian and always had been.

The founding fathers were so devout they couldn't have imagined it
would later become what we see today. So they were obviously expecting
that it would always be understood that their 1st amendment
was meant to forbid )) above all else )) rulers from ever suppressing
any general (nondenominational) Christian expression and/or practice
anywhere at any time...even in a tax-financed public school!

Yes, I was taught these things right out of the textbook in just such
a school. But that's not all. In my public school, during the home
room period before we reported to our first class in the morning,
the teacher had us stand up, face the American flag which stood to
the side of the chalkboard, put our right hands over our hearts,
and recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag, including the words
" nation, under God, indivisible..."
TBR note: did you know
that the original version did not have "under God" in it, and that the
U.S. Congress passed a law adding those two words in 1953? Within
my lifetime!]

Do they still do that in public schools today?

I'm asking that question seriously, not rhetorically, because I really
don't know. It's hard for me to imagine they still do.

That's not all that happened during home room. In my public school
the principal came on the intercom and read a few verses of Scripture
right out of the Bible to the whole school. He didn't stop there. Then
he said a little prayer out loud IN THE NAME OF JESUS! Yes, you
read me right )) in a public school )) and, so help me, I have several
hundred witnesses (my classmates) that I'm telling the truth.

These things happened in the mid-to-late 1960's; and yes, I do know
that the "Supreme" (ugh! gag!) Court ruled such conduct to be
"unconstitutional in 1963 several years earlier! I have told you the truth
nevertheless. Of course, some of you are my age or older, so you know
it's true, because you saw it with your own eyes and heard it with your
own ears.

The fact that my high school principal would conduct himself like that
as a public educator what did it mean? Did it mean he was a hard-core,
militantly defiant, right-wing, Christian zealot? No, not at all. By today's
standards, yes. But by the standards of those days it just meant he was
an ordinary, everyday kind of guy. That's the way things had always been,
so we just considered it routine. How quickly and how far our nation has

Let me share just one more piece of Americana with you before
sharing some U.S. historical archives with you. This'll give you an
idea of how far we have fallen, and how prevalent Christianity was
in this country even as recently as the mid-1960's. By and large,
managers of rock and roll radio stations are liberals, right? Thank you.
Do you also agree with TBR's position that moral truth never changes
and that people, attitudes, conduct, and issues should be appraised by
eternal, unchanging standards? Thank you. You'll be asked that question
again in a future issue of this journal.

Those who scoff at God, though, don't believe in eternal standards.
So, measured by today's left-wing (false) standards, those who operated
rock stations in the mid-60's were a bunch of hard-core, radically ultra-
conservative, Christian fanatics. Don't laugh, I'm about to prove it's true.
You can look it up. You might already remember it.

When I was a thirteen year old growing up in a Northern Kentucky
suburb of Cincinnati in 1964, WSAI-AM was the rock station in
town. If you were a cool dude you listened to WSAI. In those days,
of course, rock music wasn't anything like the satanic stuff they call
"rock" nowadays. In that year the Beetles were the most popular
band. But one of their members, John Lennon, committed a faux
pas taken very seriously by the American public. He said: "We're
more popular than Jesus."

That was all we needed to hear. Immediately, WSAI and rock stations
all across America imposed a total ban on the Beetles' music. It was
grudgingly lifted only after the Beetles apologized and tried to explain
that the comment had been taken out of context.

Following this section will be reprints of some of our national
archives, historical documents hundreds of years old. These things
are extremely important! You can be sure they will appear in the
book which will be compiled from these reports.

You may have read the Declaration of Independence at some point
earlier in your life. We urge you, we beg you: please read it again,
because its self-evident truths are more applicable to you today than
at any earlier time in your life. Please! Don't just read it, study it
carefully, because this document more urgently needs to be understood
today than at any other time in our nation's history, including, even,
that time when it was first written and then signed on the 4th of
July, 1776.

The Declaration of Independence was written by the heroically
narrow-minded, heroically intolerant, heroically manly (left-wing
translation: sexist) Thomas Jefferson, who later became the third
President of the United States. Can you believe that such a shameful,
communist, cowardly sissy as Bill Clinton claims to be ideologically
aligned with Thomas Jefferson?! Clinton doesn't believe in one single
thing Jefferson believed in!

Thomas Jefferson believed:

"The protection of human life, and not its destruction, is the
foremost and only object of good government."

The very centerpiece of the Clinton "administration" has been the
slaughter of his own people, American babies. They, of course,
were too young to vote for him.

Thomas Jefferson believed in American independence and was a
brave enough man to risk his life to bring it about. Bill Clinton is a
cowardly puppet (and a female puppet, at that) who is in collaboration
with his bosses of the New World Order to surrender us to these, our
enemies. He's doing everything within his power to strip away our
national sovereignty, bit by bit, and to take away our independence
as a free nation.

Thomas Jefferson believed that: "The strongest reason for the
people to maintain their right to keep and bear arms is as a last
resort against tyranny in government."

Whereas Bill Clinton believes in disarming us for that very reason, so
that American men will not have the means to resist the tyranny of his
New World Order!

Thomas Jefferson believed that people "...are endowed by their
creator with (the) inalienable right (to) life."

In so many words, Jefferson believed that, since the right to life is
given by God Himself, no human ruler can take it away. They can't
legally "put a lien" on innocent people's lives. So if they slay innocent
people it only means they took these people's lives, not their right to
their lives. It means they violated the dead victims' intact rights. Bill
Clinton believes just the opposite. He believes he is doing more than
just merely killing these babies. He believes it is within his and/or the
"Supreme "Court's power to assume the "authority" to strip the babies
of their right to life in the first place and then he kills them!

When a tyrant acts in such a way, Thomas Jefferson believed
in..."...opposing with manly firmness his invasion on the
rights of the people."

And how does Bill Clinton feel about that? Well, for the moment,
let's forget about the concept as a whole and just look at two of
the words in the statement:"...manly firmness..." In your wildest
imagination, can you imagine turning on the TV, seeing a Bill
Clinton press conference, and hearing such a feminist sissy uttering
the words "manly firmness" in any context? You'd be thoroughly
shocked, wouldn't you? You'd think you wee in the twilight zone,
wouldn't you? Well, gentlemen, you'll never hear such "sexist" words
as "manly firmness" come from the mouth of Willy Clinton, but you're
in the twilight zone anyway. We're mired in a horrible tragedy, and it's
up to you to reverse this nightmare. If you don't do it, the job won't
get done.

But, no, you'll never hear Clinton mention "manly firmness", it would
be impossible for such a feminist to get the words out, he'd choke on
them. You couldn't bribe him with two million dollars to utter those two
words on TV, he'd be scared to death that even one member of his
anti-God, leftist friends of the National Organization of (some) Women
might be watching.

As our friend Joe Bartlett would say: "If Clinton is the answer, it
must be a stupid question."

Folks, I didn't mean to ramble on and on about Clinton, so, without
further ado, there's the Declaration of Independence which gave birth
to our beloved Republic. Two summers ago I set aside five days; and,
working eight hours a day, memorized it word-for-word from beginning
to end. By the time I'd memorized the complete text, I was so stirred
up and so proud of the courage of the 56 heroes who signed it on the
4th of July, 1776, that I memorized all their names, too. To make it
easier to memorize their names I wrote them in alphabetical order on
a separate piece of paper, putting a little mark by each name on the
document as I put it in order. So if my publisher photocopies it just
as I'm sending it to him, that's why those little marks are there, in case
you're wondering. Sure, I have a lot of time on my hands, here in prison,
to memorize long documents like this, so I don't expect you to memorize
it, verbatim. But please take your time to study it slowly and carefully,
to absorb and understand the vital truths set forth in it. It's your duty to
God and country. Do it.

That's it for this issue, folks. Thanks for reading.



Genesis 9:6
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

Numbers 35:33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.


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