Anti-Christian Muslim zealot  Khizr Khan

Anti-Christian Muslim zealot  Khizr Khan attacks Donald Trump.
This Muslim bashes Donald Trump every chance he gets. I've personally heard Khan call Trump many evil names, but if Trump defends himself, this Muslim goes ballistic and he and the liberal media bash Trump even more.
This is typical of Democrats and other anti-Christian bigots.

Well Mr. Khan, there is an eternal lake of fire for all those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ and you certainly are headed there.

You and all your other Muslim comrades who murder and behead and burn Christians and Jews.

Bible Lake of Fire


There are many videos showing the anti-Christian anti-American Khizr Khan.

Why Mr. Khan hates Jesus Christ and America so much, I don't know; but it seems he would be happier in a Muslim country.

We certainly don't want him here.