Hampton Roads Abortion Clinics.

In Ramah was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning. Matthew 2:18

Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not. Jeremiah 31:15

If you are interested in helping save babies from being murdered at any of the Hampton Roads abortion mills by sidewalk counseling, praying, holding a sign, being an observer, etc. please contact us.
Legal activity only.

Unborn baby killed

Hillcrest abortion clinic 
Closed  for good.
Hillcrest Abortion Clinic
Hillcrest Being Torn Down

Hillcrest abortion clinic being torn down!
Hillcrest was located in The Atlas Building - 1600 E. Little Creek Road - Norfolk - Virginia.

Babies killed by babykilling abortionists

The Four Hampton Roads Abortion Clinics

A Tidewater Women's Health Clinic Inc.
  891 Norfolk Square, Norfolk, VA 23502

Virginia Women's Wellness
Virginia Women's Wellness
224 Groveland Road
2nd Floor
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Peninsula Medical Center for Women
10758 A Jefferson Ave. Newport News, VA 23601

Planned Parenthood
403 Yale Drive
Hampton, VA 23666
(abortion pill abortion)


Planned Parenthood
515 Newtown Road
Virginia Beach

This is one of the mega centers Planned Parenthood opened across the country.

This Planned Parenthood had at least two $25,000 grants from the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Baby killed by abortion

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To Report
confidential and or anonymous information about any Tidewater abortion clinic,
(including Planned Parenthood, Tidewater Women's Health Clinic, Virginia Women's Wellness, Peninsula Medical Center for Women)

1. Call or Text  757-685-1566
2. Email: Glory2Jesus@ArmyofGod.com
3. Mail:
Pro-Life Virginia

Baby died by abortion

Virginia abortion statistics
recorded by the Virginia Department of Health for 2017. (These are the latest numbers provided by the VDH)
Recorded Number of babies murdered by abortion in Virginia

The numbers are much higher because babykilling abortion mills want to downplay their bloody termination of innocent children and, of course, this does not include chemical and medical abortions. (IUDs, RU-486, etc.) These numbers are only reported surgical abortions.

Virginia abortion statistics Virginia Health Department
Another baby killed by abortion

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