By dan holman
Director of Missionaries to the Pre-born Iowa
P.O Box 135
Keokuk Iowa 52632
(319) 524-5587
Biographical Background:
1983 -1988 served with Winnebago Co. RTL in Rockford, Illinois, on the Board of Directors, vice-president, and president. At the same time served on the Board of Directors of Illinois Federation of RTL a political action committee.
1st “rescue”: January 11, 1989 at Bread in Roses in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Directed “Operation Rescue Rockford” 1989 - 1992.
Married 22 years, 3 grown children, divorced in 1992 after some lengthy jail stints. March, 1991, joined Missionaries to the Pre-born Milwaukee as a full-time missionary.
Served with MTP Milwaukee until October, 2002.
Married Donna Benson in 2002. Donna had been fighting aborticide since 1972. Together we formed Missionaries to the Pre-born Iowa.
The purpose of this paper is to:
Examine problems and failures within the pro-life movement.
Disassociate with the “pro-life movement” and neo-cons reforming into anti-abortion groups
Suggest changes in our rhetoric and pre-suppositions in pursuit of  biblical norms
Suggest changes to our focus and strategy
Focus on the baby's humanity and worth
The Failure of the Pro-life movement
The 35 year old pro-life movement has failed to outlaw aborticide; there is no reason to hope that its present strategies will work to outlaw aborticide. The three major reasons for this failure are:
Right to Life decided to divorce itself from religious or godly principles substituting Humanism for the basis of its principles. This has allowed unbiblical presuppositions and rhetoric to be accepted by pro-lifers.
Right to Life focuses on what aborticide does to women, rather than what it does to babies. Their rationale for this is by caring for the mother, they are caring for her baby.
Right to Life openly compromises with life of the mother exceptions. Right to Life is silent to other exceptions voiced by politicians it supports. Exceptions such as rape, incest, and fetal deformity are tacitly accepted by Right to Life. Politicians who allow these and other exceptions are supported by Right to Life.
The strategy of incrementalism adopted in mid 1980 by Right to Life has led to legislative half measures such as informed consent, parental consent, 24 hour waiting periods, partial birth abortion, fetal pain awareness, etc. These legislative efforts make Right to Life a pro-choice organization. They do not work to outlaw aborticide; they merely attempt to sanitize it and regulate it to death.
Right to Life is a hindrance to those who work to outlaw abortion. Right to Life stands with Planned Parenthood and others condemning those who show the bloody photos of murdered children. They denounce those physically active in defending the babies either by non-violent or by violent means.
Biblical and non-biblical pre-suppositions
Theology, doctrines, pre-suppositions, and world views determine policies which lead to the ultimate response or lack of response to baby murder.
The pro-life movement was founded on Catholic and on secular presuppositions which are fundamentally flawed. From its beginnings, Right to Life has allowed for “life of the mother” exceptions. To allow any exceptions for aborticide is dehumanizing to the pre-born child. Regardless of the medical prognosis, we should always try to save both lives as both lives are of equal value.
Aborticidal moms are victims?
Another unbiblical pre-supposition portrays the aborting mother as a victim. Ridiculous statements like “she didn't know it was a baby!” are readily accepted excuses. Circumstances and culpability vary, but all are more or less aware of the humanity of the pre-born, all are guilty of murder. To give aborters a pass, to not hold them accountable is not only unjust, it denies them access to the cross of Jesus Christ. I meet many women in Christian churches who have never repented of their sin. They continue to make the same weak excuses for killing their child, never admitting to, or confessing their sin.. If we lie to aborters about their sinful state we deny them the very forgiveness many of them seek. They cannot repent if they do not admit and confess their sin!
All aborters are guilty of murder, even those dragged into the death camp by their boyfriends and relatives. They all have to cooperate with the baby-killers to murder their child.
Pro-lifers who view aborters as victims do not seek punishment to a mother who would commit illegal aborticide. They believe they are victims and should not be punished!
Sex education
In order to win on the aborticide front we must redraw the battle lines. Along with aborticide we must denounce sex education in the government schools. It is the parents’ responsibility to instruct their children about sex. Schools should focus on teaching the 3 “R’s.”
Chemical abortions
We must denounce the chemical barrage of human pesticides and anti-conception devices which plague our land. Often unbeknown to the user, birth control pills work as a chemical abortion. We must educate the public of these consequences, we must demand that birth control once again be outlawed on the grounds that it encourages fornication and corrupts public morals. Birth control is a non-issue to most pro-lifers. The same arguments used for abortion are made for birth control. Birth control laws had to be struck down (Griswold v. Connecticut 1965) before abortion could be legalized.
If Christians insisted that abortion, birth control, and sodomy be outlawed instead of trying to regulate these behaviors, we should not be fighting futile battles over same-sex marriages, and a host of other evils. When we try to regulate an immoral behavior we concede its “right” to exist.
Rhetoric: Abortion or aborticide?
An abortion is the removal of a dead baby from the womb; this is a legitimate surgical procedure. The practice of killing a baby before it is born is aborticide, feticide, or baby murder. The change of this word in our vocabulary helps distinguish what is acceptable and unacceptable. We should not be against abortion as long it does not kill a child.
Death camp vs. abortion clinic
We should never dignify death camps, or those who kill babies. We should never call a baby-killer “Doctor,” nor a death camp “a clinic.”
Speaking up for the babies
Rather than allowing the media to define our activities as “abortion protests” we should say “we are speaking up for the babies.”
Right and wrong motives
We easily become “issue” orientated. Aborticide as an issue does not have a face. An academic issue dehumanizes and depersonalizes the child slated for aborticide. Though our children may be an “issue” to some, they are certainly not an abstract issue to us. It is difficult for us to comprehend the individual enormity of the American holocaust. If we cannot distinguish one cross from another among 4000, how can we feel the personal loss of 50 million? Stalin said “To kill a man is a tragedy; to kill a million is a statistic.” It is easy for us to become desensitized to the images of abortion, and fall into an “issue mentality.”
Pro-lifers refuse to use the images of aborticide for fear of offending the sensibilities of post-born children and their parents. Pictures of aborticide are the most powerful tool in our arsenal. To not use the pictures of the aborted is for them to have died in vain. Pro-lifers are more concerned about public opinion than the 10 Commandments. Public opinion does not quibble over the slaughter of innocents but is outraged when the murders are publicly displayed.
There is a lack of urgency among armchair pro-lifers to end this holocaust. If we lend no urgency to his situation, how is the world to understand just how heinous this crime is? How is the world to sympathize and empathize with children slated for abortion when we act so carelessly? Most people actively involved in fighting aborticide do so for religious reasons. Few act out of compassion for the children.
Though Right to Life and Genocide Awareness Project portray themselves as secular, they have Catholic pre-suppositions and a Catholic world view. The purpose of these organizations avoiding a Catholic moniker is to appeal to a broader audience. Many Protestant organizations such as “Life Dynamics” and “Operation Rescue” try to blend or minimize their religious differences.
Regarding the death penalty, Catholic and Protestant world views should be distinctly different even though professing Catholics and Protestants often practice contrary to their professed faiths.
Some Protestants are publicly opposed to the death penalty. In a purely theoretical sense Protestants have a biblical world view advocating the death penalty while Catholic theology and doctrine opposes the biblical world view on the death penalty. This may seem unimportant regarding aborticide on demand, but it is in fact the watershed issue on how we and others view aborticide and the humanity and worth of the pre-born. It touches of the doctrine of the justification of the use of force.
The justification of the use of force
Non-biblical pre-suppositions rule out the possibility that force might be used to end aborticide. Some argue that imposing biblical values on a secular nation is like evangelizing by force. The use of force to evangelize is certainly unacceptable, and never should be used. The use of force to stop the murder of innocent people should be acceptable to Bible believers. Force, even deadly force, is acceptable for saving life. Is it not perfectly acceptable to use deadly force to protect helpless innocent students from a crazed campus killer? Many agree with this in principle but disagree when the innocent people are the pre-born. They are afraid of the implications of this statement. They are afraid to argue, or they do not know how to argue this position. They are afraid of being labeled “radical,” “extremist,” or “terrorist.” The question of killing homicidal doctors is a “tar-baby” to many pro-lifers. I find it is always best to take an unabashed approach: Is it possible to murder an abortionist? Can you murder someone who deserves to be executed? It is amazing how quickly the opposition shuts up. If you waver on this point, if you blink, the wolves feed deliciously on double minded thinkers.
Are pre-born children entitled to the same rights, privileges, and protection as everybody else? Most pro-lifers answer “Yes, but” then act like they answered “No!” It is a yes or no question.
If we answer “Yes” we must admit that force is justified in protecting the pre-born from aborticide. We must admit that Paul Hill was justified in shooting John Britton to protect 32 children from certain death.
If we answer “Yes, but” we begin to deny that the pre-born are entitled to the same rights, privileges, and protections as post-born people.
If we answer “No” we deny the humanity and worth of the pre-born. We have no moral basis for ending aborticide. Perhaps this is the reason Right to Life focuses on what is best for the woman rather than her baby.
Some take a position which admits to the humanity and worth of the pre-born but denies the justification of the use of force to protect them. This amounts to a position of pacifism.
Pacifism is a heresy. We have an inherent right and a duty to protect not only ourselves and our families; we also have a duty to protect the helpless. In most states, the right of self defense and the defense of others is considered the same right. A true pacifist would not use deadly force to defend himself or his family.
A type of pacifism advocated by some pro-life leaders sets a double standard for pre-born and post-born children. Some admit to using force to protect one group of people but deny it to the pre-born.
This argument is satisfying to those who do not want to wrestle with the implications of the justification of the use of force, but the argument is none the less disingenuous.
We can never convince the world of the humanity and worth of the pre-born child without being convinced of it ourselves. If it is right to use deadly force to protect students on campus from a shooter, it is right to use deadly force to protect the pre-born from a paid assassin.
This inconvenient truth is denied by most pro-lifers, they are afraid of the implications of what this means. They are afraid to identify with such people as Paul Hill, James Kopp, and Shelly Shannon, those who are the antithesis of the big names in the popular “culture of life.” It is repugnant to those who are trying to put a positive spin on baby murder, those who condemn the use of aborted baby pictures, and those who hold smiley faced signs which read “I'M PRO-LIFE!” No one wants to be labeled an extremist.
Pro-life rhetoric is weak; the sense of urgency to end aborticide is greatly diminished. We invest heavily in doubtful strategies to end it, strategies which span years to implement while 4000 babies die every day! We have plodded and planned for 35 years and there is still no end in sight! Like a compulsive gambler we continue to bet on the failed strategies of the past, strategies which depend on the U.S. Supreme Court overturning its decision, or electing politicians with more integrity than ourselves. We are stuck in the mud, spinning our wheels.
Unless we admit that the use of force is justified to ending aborticide nothing can change.
What are the implications of admitting this doctrine? We simply turn the pro-aborticide rhetoric back on the pro-aborts. If we were to use the same rhetoric on those who promote aborticide, the affect is almost comical. Consider these answers to those who object to the justification of the use of force doctrine:
When an abortionist is shot or hung he died of natural causes.
We cannot be sure if it is wrong to shoot an abortionist, because we do not know when life begins.
Is the abortionist not just a blob of tissue, a clump of cells?
The world is overpopulated anyway!
When they complain about us advocating the execution of abortionists we should reply: “Think of the Children! Is it good for the children?”
I don't think Paul Hill used too much force. He only shot the abortionist enough times to make sure he was dead.
When a person deserves to die it makes little difference how he is executed.
I personally would not shoot an abortionist, but who am I to impose my morality on someone else?
If you are against shooting an abortionists, than don't shoot one!
I am moderately in favor of executing abortionists.
Killing an abortionist should only be done in the extreme cases, like when a baby's life is in danger.
Less than 1% of our membership would actually kill an abortionist.
They think it's OK to kill babies, we think it is OK to kill baby-killers. Everybody has an opinion.
Every abortionist a wanted abortionist! I am “pro-choice” about killing abortionists. Who am I to impose my morality on those who kill them? Is it not a personal decision? His ammunition his choice!
Killing abortionists should be safe, legal, and rare!
Paul Hill had more love and courage in his trigger finger, than the entire Body of professing believers in America.
We are not advocating violence we advocate stopping the violence. Its open season on the babies 7 days/week. Why don't we have one day, let's call it Wacky Wednesday, when we kill 4000 abortionists. Baby murder would grind to a halt.
Experts agree, “Dead Doctors Can't Kill Children!”
We can stop the shooting of abortionist by legalizing their executions.
What sort of violence is encouraged not so much by disgruntled anti-aborticide patriots, as by passive citizens who claim to be “pro-life, yet do not act as if their precious lives were worth fighting for? Is our dear reputation worth more than the lives of these children?
I think its OK to shoot abortionists, don't you? Who's to say what is right or wrong?
Paul Hill sent John Britton to his reward. He is in a better place.
I do not claim to be above the law; baby-killing is so far beneath the law, that anything done to stop it is justifiable.
I have publicly used this approach for years. I have used it in court, legal briefs, and in letters to the editor. I have used it in debating students on campus. I can testify that it silences the critics of those who oppose the use of force. “What is good for the goose is good for the gander.” Whatever argument is used against the babies can easily be turned back on the baby-killers.
Pro-life vs. Anti-abortion
We must end our unhappy marriage to pro-lifers and “Conservatives” and sue them for child support. I deny that I am “pro-life” to those who question my advocacy of the death penalty, and the justification of the use of force. I am anti-abortion. Pro-lifers do not wish to identify with us nor should we wish to identify with them. They are increasingly pro-choice. A “pro-life” pregnancy center in Iowa City, “Concern for Women” has recently changed its name to “Iowa City Informed Choice.”
Personal agendas
Many who lead anti-aborticide ministries have personal agendas apart from Christ and the babies. Pro-life leaders often put themselves, their organizations, and their agendas above the best interests of the babies. These agendas might include promoting one's views apart from the Bible, or they may simply be promoting themselves or their organization. We cannot hope to succeed in outlawing aborticide unless we put Christ and the babies first and foremost in our thoughts and in our actions.
Christ and the babies
We can save babies with selfish impure motives, but we cannot hope to succeed in ending aborticide without purifying our motives. As I mentioned earlier, Right to Life puts the woman's interest first, and so does the aborticide industry. This conflict of interest often leads to the death of her baby. The mother may perceive her selfish interests as her best interest and kill her baby without a thought of his right to live.
Many Crisis Pregnancy Centers, in an attempt to appear secular, professional, and impartial, distance themselves from local anti-aborticide people by forbidding the use of their literature to be used at the death camps. I have heard many reports of CPC's providing ill treatment to aborticide appointments brought directly from the death camp by sidewalk counselors.
A partisan spirit occurs at death camps and pecking orders are established. It is plain to all that Christ and the babies are not their primary motive for being at the death camp. Unity can only be established upon Biblical norms.
The one thing Catholics and Protestants have in common is Christ. Christ should be preeminent in all our lives. I personally do not fight for the babies because my heart is 1st and foremost for the babies. I fight for the babies because of my love for Jesus Christ. Those most active and dedicated inside the pro-life movement are dedicated to Christ. We cannot hope to accomplish anything apart from Christ. It is Christ who strengthens us, and multiplies our weak and puny efforts. Therefore Christ must be preeminent in our work. He must be first and foremost in our thinking, in our planning, in the way we conduct ourselves on behalf of the pre-born. Not the aborting woman, not even the child slated for aborticide should take preeminence over Christ.
There are wrong ways to do a right thing. Karen Black, “Women to Women,” has a ministry which has saved thousands of babies from aborticide. Her approach is an appeal to the selfish motives of aborticide bound woman in an attempt to change her mind on aborticide. This approach is often used at Crisis Pregnancy Centers throughout the country. The aborticide bound woman seldom hears the true gospel message. She usually is not told that her selfishness is a grievous sin; she is usually not told to stop fornicating and get right with God. If Christ is not preeminent in our motivation we develop wrong motives and actions. The woman is preeminent to most pro-life organizations.
Failed strategies to provoke reform
The courts have consistently accommodated aborticide; it is useless to look to them for help. There can be no political reform without reform inside the church.
The strategy of finding a politician who will rise above the social mores of the church is also doomed to failure. There are no political messiahs nor can there ever be. None of the presidential candidates has a strategy to end abortion. A politician does what is popular or he would never be elected. There is no anti-abortion legislation which stands a chance of becoming law so long as it is unpopular.
The idea that we must convince the media that aborticide is evil is also backwards. The media and politics are influenced and moved by public opinion not the other way around.
It is the role of the church to declare the will of God. The American church is in a state of apostasy, looking to the church at this time to end aborticide is also futile.
The American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology favor aborticide as it is in the best interests of their members. Their members make money off of anti-conception pills and devices, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, and aborticide. Reform over aborticide will not come from the medical professionals.
Successful strategies
I do not believe a united pro-life movement is possible, nor is it necessarily desirable. It is better to be divided by truth than united in error. It is my belief that a large number of people in a single united front is not something we can manufacture, if it happens at all it would be an act of God.
Successful strategies used by Catholics and Protestants include the public display of aborted baby pictures. Everyone who uses these pictures knows they save lives and they change hearts. They also become aware that Americans are selfish and hard-hearted. The pictures have been displayed for years and aborticide is still legal, 4000, one out of every three children, are still being aborted. In Wisconsin, aborticide has decreased by 56%, yet thousands still die. Though it has a major affect on shaping public opinion, displaying aborted baby pictures is not the sole answer to ending aborticide.
Going on campus with aborted baby pictures, discussing aborticide with students should also be very fruitful. Admittedly, there has not been great change from displaying these pictures on campus. We have been doing this for 5 or more years with singular successes. There has been no mass indignation regarding baby murder, but rather a perverted desensitized reasoning resembling the “Hitler Youth.” Many of those who look at the pictures of the aborted babies make callous remarks about them. Hard preaching often breaks these hard hearted scoffers, leaving us with stiff-necked indifference toward the plight of murdered children and anger and hostility toward those displaying and speaking up for them. Yet the combination of display and preaching is the most powerful tools we have at this time.
The consequences
The tragic consequences of aborticide on demand should undoubtedly play in it once again being outlawed. The American people are only a generation away from being extinct. Its anti-child mentality leaves us without a future. We are helpless in stopping illegal immigrants from overrunning our borders. We have created a vacuum for over 100 million of them. There have been 50 million surgical aborticides, and many more chemical aborticides. Many men and women have chosen a Bohemian single life, many couples have chosen to be barren, and those with children have the recommended one or two. America is far from being repentant, everybody is still happy in their sin.
This perversion of the culture begins with public education, and is reinforced by the media. The church has done little to change it as public opinion strongly supports it. The rich mega-churches are not the true Church of Christ. The true Church of Christ should be defined as those individuals who follow Jesus Christ wholly as HE is revealed in the Scriptures. There are many false Christ's which are subjective in nature. A Christ of their own choosing, a Christ made in their image after their likeness. From such a “church” we cannot expect revival or change.
Unfortunately, even the true church, as described in the above paragraph, falls pathetically short in defending the pre-born. The best of us work feebly and timidly to end aborticide. We must admit that we do not love God with our whole heart; neither do we love our pre-born neighbor as ourselves. If we or our children were about to be killed should we not use force to protect them? Should we not lay down our lives and act as Paul Hill if it were our family being killed?
Do aborted babies go to heaven?
In stressing the humanity and worth of the pre-born, it is important to debunk doctrinal misconceptions. Many Christians believe that aborted babies are going to heaven giving them a false sense of comfort regarding their slaughter. The Bible is silent about the aborted baby's destiny. If I firmly believed they were going to heaven I should be killing them myself. The abortionist might be perceived as a hero. No greater love can be found than an abortionist willing to go to hell so that unborn babies may go to heaven. False teachings reach bizarre conclusions.
Some give David and Bathseba’s illegitimate child as an example of innocent children going to heaven:
But now that he is dead, why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I'll go to him, but he will never return to me. 2 Samuel 12:23
David did not go to heaven when he died, he went to Sheol. David wrote in Psalm 16:10
For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, Nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption.
We believe David was among those preached to in hell when Jesus Christ was in the grave. According to the Nicene Creed Jesus Christ descended into hell.
I have had Baptists insist that aborted babies go to heaven, yet they also insist that ye must be born again to see the kingdom of God. Do we not have to be born to be born again? Theology and doctrine must be consistent if it is true. Perhaps the biggest tragedy of aborticide is misunderstood. It may be that aborticide not only deprives the baby of his life here on earth, perhaps it deprives him of his eternal destiny and rewards. Perhaps his murder has implications far beyond our comprehension.
We do know that God is not willing that any should be aborted, and it is better for us to have a millstone tied around our necks and be tossed in the depths of the sea than to suffer one of these innocents to be aborted Matthew 18: 5-14
Focus on the baby's worth
We should always steer the abortion discussion away from the mother and on to the baby. Our focus should be on what is best for the baby.
The Bible tells us that we are made in the image and likeness of Almighty God; we are the crown of God's creation. God made the heavens and earth for our use and our pleasure. Many believe that the entire Universe was made to sustain life on earth. God made us on purpose for His purposes. He gave us dominion over the earth. All of God's creatures are subject to us. God has put it in the heart and the mind of all creatures to protect their young. He gives man maternal and paternal instincts.
For the poor wren, the most diminutive of birds, will fight, her young ones in her nest, against the owl. Shakespeare Mac Beth
It is a most egregious and unnatural act of treachery and betrayal for a mother or a father to pay a stranger money to murder their child.
We kill more than one life when we kill the pre-born; we also kill off his progeny.
And in a sense Levi himself, who receives tithes, has paid tithes through Abraham, for he was still within his forefather when Melchizedek met him. Hebrews 7:9-10
We deprive the pre-born of all that he has, or ever could have. We not only cut off our posterity when he is murdered, deprive him of his posterity. The protection of the U.S. Constitution is guaranteed “to us and to our posterity.” Aborticide is unconstitutional as well as a breech of the 6th Commandment.
We do not know what we do when we allow for the aborticide of a child. We know what he is but we do not who he is. We do not know what his offspring should become. When I pass children playing in a park or school yard I wonder what they will grow up to be.
Though a mother's situation may look bad, her situation will change. Many great men are born out of tragic circumstances.
God commands “Thou shall not kill.” The 6th Commandment has both positive and negative connotations. We are prohibited from murder; we also are to do what we can to stop murder. We can violate the 6th Commandment more by acts of omission then commission. When we place ourselves or our agenda before the cause of Christ and the babies we become a part of the baby-killing problem. How many babies die because of our neglect or selfishness? We shall know and groan when we stand before Him on the Great Day of Judgment. We shall fully understand the enormity of our sin and carelessness.
We cannot engender repentance in America without declaring how grievous the sin of aborticide is. We do that by declaring the humanity and worth of the pre-born and declaring God's righteous judgment upon it. I recently did a letter to the editor where I was asked what amount of jail time a woman should get for aborting her child. I gave the biblical answer that she did not deserve jail at all, she deserved to be executed; she deserves to spend eternity in hell!
Though many pro-life leaders agree with this assessment most of them are reluctant to publicly state it. They do not want to lose their support base. They do not want to appear extreme. They do not want to suffer persecution. They do not want to hear “take me off your list!” Some will make ridiculous arguments defending their unbiblical position.
I admit that my collective efforts fall painfully short of doing what we ought to do. We publicly admit that we do not love God with our whole heart, mind, and strength, nor do we love our neighbor as our self. We fall pathetically short of fulfilling God's command. Abortion probably will not in a blood-less coupe d'état.
We should publicly recognize and acknowledge men and women such as Paul Hill, Shelly Shannon, and James Kopp as people who loved God and their pre-born neighbor more than we; we should hold them up as heroes of the faith. We may never rise to their level, but we should acknowledge their sacrifice. We will then begin our journey in the right direction to end abortion.
July 26 – 29, 2007 was “Paul Hill Days” in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This event attracted media attention and presented an opportunity to get these points across. Other ways of doing this is with letters to the editor, and essays posted in Internet blogs. Unfortunately, too many cower in identifying with Paul Hill.
Street theater used in mocking abortionists is a powerful weapon. It can be used on the sidewalk outside of pro-abortion conventions or at Planned Parenthood events. Those who cannot be humiliated by reason are often embarrassed when ridiculed. Dressing in scrubs dabbed in red paint, a garbage can full of bloody baby dolls, an empty whisky bottle, a hangman's noose, and few other props can set the stage for “Dr Doom.” Dr. Doom uses pro-abortion rhetoric like “every child a wanted child,” “safe and legal,” “my body my choice,” “abortion prevents child abuse,” etc. Abusing a baby doll dramatizes the foolishness of pro-abortion arguments. It is astonishing how those who are careless about real babies are enflamed at the abuse of a plastic doll.
Vehicles with aborted baby pictures reach thousands of people. They can be temporarily parked on busy streets, or strategically parked at or near special events. They can be large vehicles or small vehicles. Vans work particularly well if a garage is available for storage of the vehicle and protection of the signs.
3’ x 5’ banners on an 11’ or 12’ pole are clearly visible over cars parked in the street. In Washington DC at George Bush's 2000 Inauguration, I easily spotted a friend in crowd of a million people as he held up a banner of an aborted baby.
Vertical banners work well on overpasses during rush-hour. A place should be selected where traffic is moving slow.
Stop lights by busy street corners are ideal for setting up aborted baby pictures. A truth horn may be used where sound ordinances are not prohibitive. Even if there is an ordinance, one can use it until he is warned to stop.
College campuses are great for showing abortion and distributing literature. Preaching often attracts crowds of students and enables discussion.
Political events are great for showing abortion and exposing a candidate's pro-abortion proclivities.
Rock concerts and parades are a good place to reach young people with the message of abortion with preaching, signs, and literature distribution. Lit dropping a parking lot or ramp used by the event should also be considered.
Distributing anti-abortion literature at churches near abortion mills is needful. Do the parking lot during the service. The best placement of literature is inside the drivers door handle or slipped in-between the weather strip and the driver's window.
A ten minute blitz on a mall parking lot will avoid detection and complaints.
Middle and High schools are also good opportunities for distributing literature. The literature can be left on cars to avoid confrontation. Distributing literature on a public sidewalk should be “safe and legal.”
Ministry at the local abortuary is a must. The picture of an aborted baby has often saved the lives of children.
Picketing churches with signs like “WHY IS THE CHURCH SILENT?”, or “APATHY AND INDIFFERENCE KILLS CHILDREN”, distributing “Sing a little louder” or “Jesus loves the little children” tracts are also needful. Leaving one anti-abortion packet at each of several churches around an abortion facility is better than nothing. An abortion clinic need not even be in the city where anti-abortion packets are left.
Lit dropping or picketing an abortionist's or abortion worker's neighborhood has caused some to quit. Picketing or lit dropping their “other” business or their son or daughters school is good.
Though these activities are not new, they are largely left undone. We must somehow encourage others to join us so they might be encouraged to do them. Because of this type of activism aborticide is shameful. Few are willing to publicly identify with baby-killers. The manager at the Holiday Inn is not excited about arranging the letters on his marquee “Welcome abortion providers.”
Aborticide will not end apart from street activism. We do not need large numbers of people to succeed. A family in Maryland ministers in heavily populated metropolitan areas at least one day a month. They put aborted baby pictures on their van. They have 3 girls under the age of 12 years old who go with them. It is good to remember these folks when we lack courage to speak up for the babies.
dan holman
Missionaries to the Pre-born Iowa
Box 135
Keokuk, Iowa 52632
(319) 524-5587
DISCLAIMER: Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa, and its associates does not advocate killing abortion doctors, nor do we condemn those who do it.
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