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How to Destroy a Killing Center if You're Just an Old Grandma
Who Can't  Even Get the Fire Started in Her Fireplace
                                                                         by Shelley Shannon
* Please re-type or photocopy this and burn the copy you were given, with
the fingerprints thereof. Thanks.
Prayer is the key. Pray and obey. Once you know for sure it is the right thing to
do, and that you too must do what is right, just keep following God and let Him
be the Master Builder. Your work will probably not be exactly like anyone else's.
Let me tell you my story while I pray that the Holy Ghost will use some of the
information in it like He did with other testimonies to help me:
The biggest hurdle was being willing to even consider that God could indeed require this work
  of anyone. Christians don't do that kind of thing, do they? But prayer and God cleared that up.
  Then I realized that I needed to stop the killing too. I prayed, "God, if you really want me to
   do this, you're gonna have to show me how, because I can't even get the fire started in my
  fireplace." The ideas kept coming, including thoughts from people who had accomplished Big
  Rescue. My plan was to fill five plastic milk cartons (the kind with the pop off tops) with
  gasoline, throw them through the window, throw in a lit torch (a stick with oil-soaked rags tied
  on the end), and scram. I had to know for sure I had God's how, when and where before I
  would act. If I was going to spend what's left of my life in prison or die in an explosion, I was
  at least going to do so in the will of God!
As time went on the plans changed a little. I  practiced some things. The lids of those milk
cartons do not pop off when thrown, so I had to  take them off before throwing them.
The torch took too long to light, so the idea came to use those birthday candles
that re-light themselves when you blow them out. I also told God I
  needed a five gallon gas can. One day I got back from court in another city, and found in my
  garage a five gallon gas can! My husband said they were throwing it out at work, so he
  brought it home. God worked out every other detail as well. One thing seemed
  insurmountable. It was impossible. I didn't know if it was the devil trying to stop me, or God
   making sure I had the right timing, but there was one problem that made it impossible. I kept
  trusting that either way, God was able to take care of that also, in His time. Well that worked
  out too. I didn't have the candles or adjustable lighter (much faster than matches), but one night
  I just knew it was THE night. It was time. So I went to the store and got the candles and
I made two little torches by putting four candles with a rubber band on the end of each
  of two small sticks. All the while I was praying God would help me do it right. The goals in
  order of priority were: 1) Shut the place down good. 2) Nobody gets hurt, hopefully not even
  me. 3) Not get caught. I fully expected to get caught in the very act. I had been out there
   looking around, etc., at night before (good idea to), so I knew it was very well lit up, there
  were a lot of people around even at night, and the brightly lit front (the only) window had a
  sticker that said ALARM something. I thought as soon as I broke the window, a loud siren
   would go off (which I heard they sometimes do), so I would hurry and do my job and
   hopefully get at least a little ways away before the police pulled me over.
Well, it turned out I only had a little more than two gallons of gas left. Remember, I kept praying
the whole time. You would think it would be scary, but for me it was a very powerful religious
experience. I saw God work when I fumbled. I sensed Him so near, even powerfully in me. I
accomplished something so important--though, I admit, I feel God accomplished it, I just was willing.
I've run my race, finished my course. O.K., so I put pans on the floor of the car, took some lysol spray
  and a rag, put a rock in my coat pocket in case I needed it to break the window. I had a little
  more than two gallons of gas, so I filled COMPLETELY, no air, a quart jar and put the lid on
  tight. I was going to throw it through the window to break it. The two plastic milk cartons also
  couldn't have any air inside (important). I didn't know if gas expanded or not, and it was a
  ways away, so I scrunched the cartons up some so they could expand if need be, and because
   I didn't have that much gas. So I put the full, capped jugs, the jar, and my two little torches in a
  big pan on the floor of the car. The remaining two candles I put in my pocket with the lighter,
  put my hair up under a stocking cap, and took off! Listened to anointed music and kept
There were two cars in the parking lot at the mill! I knew that sometimes it seemed
  people stayed all night there; we would see them leave real early in the morning. I drove past
  and around the block, still praying. My car was so noisy! The next building was also very well
  lit up and I saw two guards or policemen inside of it. "Lord, please help your wanna-be
  determined rescuer. I don't want to haul this gas back home." Drove into the lot, grabbed
  everything (gas and torches), set them down, forgot to take off the lids, threw the jar in, and
  then the jugs, and stood there like an idiot saying, "The siren didn't go off." Realized I forgot to
  take off the lids. Fortunately one was just inside the window, so I reached in and grabbed it,
  praying, and I guess I threw it in right by the other after removing the lid. I lit both torches. The
  directions said the candles had to be lit 30 seconds before they would work, so I waited a little
  while and threw one torch in. It went out. Threw in the other. No luck. Checked my pocket
  and was glad I had the other two candles, but was beginning to wonder how I was going to
  get that fire going. It looked like the gas was moving through the carpet. I lit a candle and held
  it a good long time. Tossed it in, but it went out. Lit the last one, praying, "Lord, if you want
  that fire going, you're gonna have to light it." Tossed it in, and it seemed to go backwards and
  landed right on the puddle of gas, which caught fire. So I got out of there.
My driving was  noisy (reckless). Praised God all the way home. Later I found out the mill
was completely destroyed. He still isn't killing any babies so far. -- Shaggy West, A.O.G.
(bet you thought it was Mad Momma, didn't you?)
* Don't forget to re-type or photocopy this and burn the one you received. Let's not leave a
   trail of fingerprints.

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Genesis 9:6
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

Numbers 35:33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are:for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of theblood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.


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