Robert Ferguson

Below article written by Robert Ferguson who left this life March 24, 2007 AD to  be with his Lord Jesus Christ.

Bob holding sign quoting Paul Hill.

I really loved you man, see you in heaven,
your friend,

Robert Louis Ferguson aka Bob Ferguson aka Frog aka Frolicking Frog born January 9, 1956 AD Montebello, Calif. passed this earthly life March 24, 2007 AD
Robert 'Bob' Ferguson was a good friend of mine and of many other anti-abortionists.
He was a great and wonderful man of God.

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.
     Psalm 116:15

Bob's favorite picture.
An article Frolicking Frog wrote some time back.


"Learning from the Mistakes of Others"

by Robert Ferguson

Jeremy Dunahoe and Patricia  Hughes

Jeremy Lee Dunahoe and Patricia Dannielle Hughes

Robert's commentary follows local TV news story on abortion mill fire bombing.
Prosecutors say couple admits igniting firebomb outside abortion clinic

The couple accused of igniting a Molotov cocktail outside a local abortion clinic have admitted that she made and ignited the explosive device and that he drove her to the clinic, prosecutors said today.

Patricia Dannielle Hughes, 24 and her boyfriend, Jeremy Lee Dunahoe, 18, of the 100 block of Lister Street made their initial court appearances today. They said they could not afford to hire their own lawyers so the judge appointed lawyers to represent them.

Bond for Hughes was set at $40,000 and bond for Dunahoe was set at $35,000. Both are currently held in the parish jail. Caddo District Judge Ramona Emanuel specifically ordered them to stay away from Hope Medical Group for Women if they are able to make bond.

Local authorities would not say what they knew about motive but said the couple is not believed to be part of an organized group.
They have not disclosed how the couple, who were arrested Saturday, became suspects.

Fire Department investigators said Hughes told them she made a Molotov cocktail at their home on Dec. 12 and was driven to the Kings Highway clinic by Dunahoe. The explosive device was placed on a sidewalk about three feet from the building and ignited. The clinic was not damaged.

Authorities said Dunahoe admitted knowing what was going to happen and driving Hughes to the clinic.

Hughes was booked on charges of manufacture of an incendiary device. Dunahoe was charged as an accessory after the fact to the manufacture and possession of an incendiary device.

Surveillance video from the clinic shows a woman igniting the fire bomb and then running to a car.

Robert's commentary begins here:
I am encouraged to see they had different last names yet lived at the same residence and I have never heard of them. EVER!  Let me explain why this seemingly contrary fact to righteousness could be encouraging.

While I do not wish for a past tragedy to have happened on this couple..... It is my hope this indicates that they were damaged by the abortionist in some manner- perhaps came to their senses over the willful killing and struck out in rage. Perhaps sexually molested?

It would be better for natural consequences of an abortion to have this couple attack and get arrested instead of a REAL defender being taken off the streets.

Prayers for their change of heart to continue- right on through to their repentance of sin and salvation. May post abortive rage be their defense- (places blame back on the baby killers where it belongs) with no ties to abortion abolitionists may help as well toward their earthly salvation of no jail time-probation only- so that they may grow in Christ and learn from their mistakes- that Molotov cocktails will most likely bounce off buildings to break away from the structure.

I remember learning this in one of the John Brockhoeft's Prison Letters   sent out monthly through Shelley back in the early 90s. I forget which defender, Shelly or Johnny B mentioned this should be a lesson learned from their previous failed attempts.

It is my opinion that lessons are best learned when the cost of learning is at the expense of another's past mistakes- rather than any possible future events in a defender's own life.

Message from The Frog's wife Deborah Ferguson

Dear friends, family, & co-laborers of Christ,

On Saturday, March 24th, 2007 in the early afternoon, Robert Ferguson, a.k.a. Frog, passed from this earth to his eternal reward.

While enjoying a leisurely Saturday there came a sudden call to Deborah for help, Bob stated he was having trouble breathing.

I placed a called to 911 then went upstairs to be with Bob & assist him in any way that I could while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

When I entered the bedroom, I found Bob on his knees in front of his recliner, his breathing was very shallow & he was rapidly worsening, he stated that he could not get his breath, & that he believed he was going to pass.

I placed my hand on Bobís back & began to pray for the peace of the Lord to fill his spirit, & open his airways.

At that moment of prayer Bobís breathing stopped completely.

I tried to move Bob from the kneeling position over the chair to the floor to administer CPR, but was unable to.

The paramedics arrived & began using all their resources to revive Bobís mortal temple, but by then I am sure he had already seen the Glory of God.
His death, like his life, found him ready to meet God, on his knees in prayer & at peace.

Robert Ferguson was born Jan 9th, 1956 & passed on to his home with the Lord, on March 24th, 2007.

He is survived by his "bride", his 5 daughters & sons-in-laws, his 10 grandchildren, his sister & 3 nephews, and his father & mother in law, his brother & sister-in-law & nephew.

Robert was active in his faith & in his church. He was a champion for the cause of the unborn. He was an activist to reform American ideology regarding abortion.

He did volunteer work with Operation Rescue, Survivors, and the church. His family & friends knew Bob for his convictions, his kindness, & his compassion. His life was characterized by his life verse, Philippians 3:14, " I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

A memorial service will be held March 30th at 6 pm at Living Hope Fellowship, 2835 E Division, Ste I, Springfield MO.

In May 2007 an additional Memorial Service will be held in California, details pending. If you would like the information forwarded to you when finalized please respond with your name, address & phone number so I may be able to contact you.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions/donations may be made to Operation Rescue PO Box 782888 Wichita, KS 67278, & Survivors PO Box 52708 Riverside, CA 92517

May the Lord cause his face to shine upon you! God Bless.

Deborah Ferguson

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