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Adolfo Martinez Gay Flag

Adolpho Martinez #6943188
Newton Correctional Facility
307 South 60th Avenue West
Newton, IA 50208

Adolpho was given 16 years in prison for burning a gay flag.
Adolpho Martinez gay flag burn

Romans 1

26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:

27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

John Burt

John Burt' History #209999  

John  Burt's
Art Work from Raiford State Prison in Florida
RMC Main Unit
Lake Butler FL 32054

Brother John has passed over to Our Father's House (March 26, 1938 ADľ April 19, 2013 AD)

Comment by Dan Holman
John Allen Burt and his wife managed a Florida home for pregnant mothers. We believe John was falsely accused of touching the breasts one of the teenage pregnant moms who later fled to Ireland. John was convicted on the hearsay testimony of this rebellious teen mother. His conviction caused great financial and emotional distress to him and his wife. He wrote me earlier this year that if he was not soon released he would soon die in prison. The details of his death are unavailable. Farewell honest soldier.

Pro-lifer Aaron Snyder shot dead by
State Trooper Jay Hemphill.

Aaron Snyder

Mentally Ill Pro-Lifer Aaron Snyder shot dead by State Trooper Jay Hemphill.

State Trooper Kills Mentally Ill Man Because He Had a Gun in His Pants Pocket

COLORADO -- State Trooper Jay Hemphill hustled the tuxedo clad man from the governor's office as the man claimed to be the emperor and vowed to save the "unborn children" from the governor's office. Hemphill grabbed a pen and a notepad to show Aaron Snyder he was listening to his concerns.

Minutes later, Snyder opened his tuxedo jacket to reveal a large gun in his right pants pocket, Hemphill told investigators. "No police are going to stop me," he said. Hemphill dropped the pen and pad. He drew his gun. He issued a loud command. "Stop or I'll kill you." Snyder did not stop, Hemphill told the investigators. He was about four feet away. The officer fired four shots. Snyder "fell backward to the marble floor of the Capitol just to the right of the door to the governor's office," according to the report of the shooting, issued Friday. "He was dead at the scene."

Seems like everyone but me thinks this was ok.

Where are the pro-lifers screaming every life is sacred? The only time pro-lifers scream about every life being sacred is when a babykilling abortionist gets what he/she deserves. If it was ok for State Trooper Jay Hemphill  to shoot 4 bullets into mentally ill pro-lifer Aaron Synder killing him, why is it not ok to shoot a babykilling abortionist?

Denver DA Mitch Morrissey's full letter concluding the Capitol shooting investigation.
It includes detailed graphics, a multi-page timeline of the shooting, evidence photos and more.
(PDF - 71 pages)

John Salvi III

John Salvi actions resulted in the death of babykilling abortion mill workers Shannon Lowney and Leanne Nichols, plus the wounding of five others.

These evil people were part of the hit team that murder helpless unborn children in Massachusetts. They reaped what they sowed. Were their lives worth more than the lives of the helpless babies they help murder? I don't think so.

Pro-Life Group in Massachusetts tells  he is Unwelcome in Massachusetts.

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