Pro-life activist Mary Wagner is facing a possible jail sentence of 18 months after an Ontario judge found her guilty on Tuesday of mischief and breach of probation.
Justice Rick Libman of the Ontario Court of Justice convicted Wagner on charges arising from her December 12, 2016, arrest at the Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic, where she had tried to persuade women to choose life for their unborn children.
After delivering his verdict, Libman deferred sentencing Wagner to September 12, so she can prepare.
He told the 43-year-old Wagner, who is representing herself, that she can submit evidence on her behalf at the sentencing hearing, such as character references.
“I intend to seek some reference letters, not just for my own character but in support of the unborn,” Wagner told LifeSiteNews.
She wants to “open it up to the larger community” to submit letters “that can speak to the fact that it’s not just one person in court, one person, so to speak, breaking the law, but many people who support justice for the unborn.”
Wagner’s trial began May 25 and proceeded intermittently until closing arguments on June 29. It was complicated and delayed because the Crown brought an extraordinary application for a media publication ban.
Trial judge Libman ruled on the ban June 9, but Superior Court Justice Ian Nordheimer subsequently granted an interim ban on June 12, on a purported emergency basis.
Nordheimer's ban prohibits the publication of the names of three abortion center personnel who testified against Wagner. LifeSiteNews is fighting the ban, which is expected to be argued on September 18.
In delivering his verdict on Tuesday, Libman said Wagner testified on her own behalf that she wanted to offer alternatives to abortion to women in the abortion centre.
"She wished to reach out in love, support them,” and let them know they would have help if they brought a child into the world, Libman related.
“In her thoughtful comments to me,” Wagner pointed out the Crown’s argument that she was interfering with a business presupposed the abortion center was a “legitimate business,” added the trial judge.
“However, in her view,” the business of the abortion facility “is to take the life of an unborn child,” and “there can be no greater injustice than that.”
Wagner also “believed she was upholding the law in the manner in which she acted,” Libman said.
She referred to Thomas Aquinas - a 12th-century philosopher and doctor of the Catholic Church - who stated “if a law is unjust, it is not a law," Libman noted. “What could be more unjust, in her view, than an attack on a helpless human being?”
Nevertheless, the trial judge accepted witness testimony that Wagner “entered the clinic through a subterfuge,” and that once in the abortion facility, “declined” to leave, and “was removed by force.”
“In my opinion, this intentional and deliberate conduct of Miss Wagner clearly amounts to the offence of mischief,” Libman concluded.
He also found Wagner guilty of breaching the condition in both the 2012 probation order of Justice Mavis Wong and 2015 order of Justice Katrina Mulligan that she keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
Crown counsel Craig Power told the Court the Crown wants Wagner sentenced to 18 months in jail.
Wagner has already served 180 days in jail while awaiting trial because she refused to sign bail conditions requiring her to stay away from abortion centres.
But when her trial was delayed because LifeSiteNews contested the Crown’s publication ban application, LifeSiteNews lawyer Phil Horgan asked Libman June 9 to release Wagner on the sole condition she return for the remainder of her trial. Crown lawyer Power agreed to this.
Wagner has spent a total five years in jail to date for her peaceful attempts to save women and children from the violence of abortion.
Linda Gibbons, whom Wagner described as an inspiration to her, has spent 11 years in jail for her pro-life witness. Gibbons was among the 30 or so Wagner supporters in the courtroom on Tuesday to hear Libman’s verdict.
Wagner’s September 12 sentencing hearing will be at Old City Hall Courthouse at 10 a.m., Room 112.
Wagner said anyone who wants to submit a letter on her behalf attesting to her character, but more important, advocating for the unborn child, should address the letter to Honorable Justice Eric (Rick) N. Libman.
The letters should be in English, brief, signed with contact information included, and either typed or in legible handwriting, she told LifeSiteNews.
Wagner asked that letters be sent to the address below no later than September 8. She will read all before including as evidence at her sentencing hearing.
The letters, while written to Libman, should be sent to: Mary Wagner, ? Campaign Life Coalition, Suite 300, 104 Bond Street, Toronto, ON, M5B 1X9.
one story and three comments:
A federal appeals court has sided with the state of Arkansas against Planned Parenthood, saying it can block Medicaid payments to the medical provider. It reversed earlier injunctions that forbade the state from suspending the money in the wake of a controversial leaked video of Planned Parenthood staff.
Today, in a 2-1 decision, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit vacated those injunctions. U.S. Circuit Judge Steven Colloton wrote that in the provision of the Medicaid Act cited by the plaintiffs, it is not clear that Congress intended to create a judicially-enforceable right for individual patients to choose any qualified provider that offers the services they seek.
He said that it would create a "curious system" to review a provider's qualifications. "Under the Jane Does' vision, while the provider is litigating its qualifications in the state courts, or after the provider unsuccessfully appeals a determination that it is not qualified, individual patients separately could litigate or relitigate the qualifications of the provider in federal court," Colloton wrote.
At the same time, Colloton says "the lack of a judicially enforceable federal right for Medicaid patients does not mean that state officials have unfettered authority to terminate providers," and notes that providers whose contracts are canceled have the right to appeal.
1 Helen, per our conversation today. Obviously the fight is not over but finally you (we) have one small major federal court victory. We are no longer a voice unheard,..........larry
2 Praise GOD and thank all who stand against Planned Parenthood, Medicaid giveaways, liberal PolyTickens, and the active ignorance of heathens.... Please do keep your eyes out on the Federal boys. But, let’s pray and hope that many in Arkansas will now more firmly stand.... Rick
3 Amen. Let's not let people forget, in this time of anti-racist riots and upheaval, of Margaret Sanger's plan of eugenics which is in play as we speak and millions of lives are being lost because of her PP empire which exists today and backed by liberals.
The horrific nature of selling body parts of human beings is in the Hitler mindset for sure. PP should be torn down as well to save innocent lives and I know I don't want to pay for killings with my taxes.
Don't forget the enslavement to government (welfare) that has been put upon Americans since the 60s for votes (remember the words of LBJ?).
Racism is a sin and so is murder. Sin comes in many ugly forms. Clergy need to be speak out against that too and I know Martin Luther King's niece has. Dr. King would probably be ostracized today as he would probably speak out against the transgender agenda and gay marriage.
Slavery was dead wrong and we all know it -- unfortunately it was part of the culture then. The South lost the Civil war; Hillary lost the election -- time to move on. Let's deal with the issues and sins of today that are against God's will and try to assimilate and grow in His Grace. As Christians, we have a huge task of uniting the Body of Christ. One Church or Christian is not better than the other -- we just all may have different opinions and comfort levels of the leader's sincerity.
Keep praying folks. The insidious agenda is not paid for by those that give a hoot about racism and they care less about the unborn. Evil will always exist until Christ comes again. Christine Gordon
Watcott’s Wanderings:
Dear Friends, Monday morning was quite the interesting experience for me. I went to the Canada/ US border on Highway 15 to file a waiver application on the US side. The American side was very nice and helpful, no problems there. When I came back to the Canadian side things got more interesting and in my view went down hill. At least one could say things went down hill if they value liberty and a government that respects the liberty of its people. I am certain the Ronan Ogers, George Smithermans and Doug Elliots of this world are delighted with how the Canadian government is treating social conservative activists these days.

When I got back to the Canadian side they knew I was only at the US border office for twenty minutes to file paper work and that I never even entered the United States. Still I got flagged (as I always am when I return to Canada from anywhere) for secondary screening.
Normally, when I am "flagged" at the airport, one border guard interviews me and they are always interested in my books and like to go through my suitcase. I don't usually mind as the process takes about an hour and I have a captive audience of one guard to preach to. A female border guard called my secondary screening "routine" on Monday but everyone present knew it wasn't. When my car was diverted to the CBS parking lot and I was directed to the waiting room, four guards surrounded me with gloves on when I was standing at the counter. The other people in the waiting room were all staring at me. My phone was taken from me in the middle of a text and my pockets were emptied and my wallet and USB stick seized.
Four guards went through my car and a half hour or so into their search I observed one guard go into a room with my most excellent book "The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals" by Mass Resistance.
I was detained at the border for around three hours or so while the border guards went through my personal items, books, laptop, phone, etc.... The guards were quite secretive about what they were up to and why they were doing it. None the less, it is quite evident to me, my activism and speaking out publicly on the harm homosexual activism is causing our society and youth is what is behind this flagging and fascistic behaviour by Canada Border Services.

When I used to come back to Canada a few years ago the Canada Border Services never behaved this way. The federal Conservatives didn't like me much and a few of their politicians in Alberta said so much publicly, but their view was that I was simply a pain. They never bothered getting me flagged by a government agency and for the most part they never interfered with my flyers, protests, or comings and goings from Canada. We really can thank the Federal Liberals for this new "approach" to Christians they deem to be a threat. Indeed, my books and flyers threaten them more than Omar Kadr and his bombs.
The left does not like freedom. The left's misconception of freedom is really limited to a freedom to embrace self indulgence and irresponsibility. Real freedom of a sort they cannot control, such as freedom of speech and freedom of conscience is undermined when the left comes to power. I notice Christians are starting to wake up to the troubling trends in Canada of political oppression and religious discrimination. Sadly, for the most part it seems the Body of Christ has chosen as its strategy to just remain silent and hope that their silence earns them toleration for a little longer from the powers that be. I am not convinced this cowardly and poorly thought out strategy is going to bear much fruit in this life or the next. In Christ's Service Bill Whatcott
When actress Lynn Fergusson (most famous for voicing Mac in Chicken Run) became pregnant with her first child at the age of 37, she was surprised to find that her pregnancy was labelled "geriatric". However, she was even more surprised by the relentless pressure doctors put on her first to undergo an amniocentesis, and then to abort her baby. Her talk published by storytelling website The Moth, is related with humour, and is a beautiful example of a mother determined to do the best for her son.
From the beginning, Fergusson was determined not to have the amniocentesis, which carries a 1% risk of miscarriage. "It’s not technically the baby’s fault that I’m old, you know," she said. "So I’m not gonna take a risk. Not unless there’s a good reason."
When the doctors continued to exert pressure, she tried to deflect them with jokes.
"Look, can your test tell me that this kid will not be a jerk? Can your test reassure me that this baby is not going to be one of those horrible screaming ones that annoys the hell out of everybody in restaurants and airplanes? Can your test assure me that this tiny, growing human baby will not mature into a fully grown adult with some horrific affinity for Peruvian panflute music?"
But the doctors continued to push, first because they suspected Down's syndrome, and then, terrifyingly, Edwards' syndrome, a condition where most babies die in the womb, or shortly after birth. Her response was amazing:
"You know, we had so many scans," said Ferguson. "I had seen my son. I’d seen his heart. I’d seen the inside of his eyes. I’d seen his hands and his feet and, in fact, during one of the scans, he’d held his hand up to the front of my body as if to say, 'Will you go away? I’m busy. Leave me alone. I’m growing.' I had felt my son move inside my body. What did it matter if he had a disorder or not? You know what, if he was gonna die, we are all gonna die sometime, right? We should meet first. He was my son and he needed me. He depended on me to make the right decision. So I said, ‘No.'"
a holy man on another holy man:
A holy-minded man of good renown
There was, and poor, the Parson to a town,
Yet he was right in holy thought and work.
He was also a learned man, a clerk,
Who truly knew Christ’s gospel and would preach it
Devoutly to parishioners, and teach it . . .
Wide was his parish, with houses far asunder,
Yet he neglected no in rain or thunder
In sickness or in grief, to pay a call
On the remotest, whether great or small,
Upon the his feed, and in his had a stave
This noble example to his sheep he gave,
First following the word before he taught it
And it was from the gospel he had caught it. . .
For if a priest be foul in whom we trust
No wonder that a common man should rust;
And shame it is to see - let priest take stock -
A shitten shepherd and a snowy flock . . .
He did not set his benefice to hire
And leave his sheep unencumbered in the mire
By singing masses for the wealthy dead,
Or find some Brotherhood and get enrolled.
He stayed at home and watched over his fold
So that no wolf should make the sheep miscarry.
He was a shepherd and no mercenary.
Holy and virtuous he was, but then
Never contemptuous of sinful men,
Never disdainful, never too proud or fine,
But was discreet in teaching and benign.
His business was to show a fair behaviour
And draw men thus to Heaven and their Saviour,
Unless indeed a man were obstinate;
And such, whether of high or low estate,
He put to sharp rebuke to say the least.
I think there never was a better priest.
He sought no pomp or glory in his dealings,
No scrupulosity had spiced his feelings.
Christ and His Twelve Apostles and their lore
He taught, but followed it himself before.
You guessed it - Michael Bray on Chaucer.
Here’s the key to both:
His business was to show a fair behaviour
And draw men thus to Heaven and their Saviour,
Unless indeed a man were obstinate;
And such, whether of high or low estate,
He put to sharp rebuke to say the least.
I think there never was a better priest.
Powerful, but the original’s even better:
Pro-Life Groups to Cardinal O'Malley:
Stop the Betrayals
A coalition of pro-life organizations, activists, and journalists issued a public statement today calling upon Cardinal Sean O'Malley, the Archbishop of Boston, and the other Catholic bishops of Massachusetts, to stop their betrayals of the pro-life movement.

In its 2004 document "Catholics in Political Life," the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops specifically prohibited Catholic institutions from giving awards, honors or platforms to political figures who support legal abortion.
The coalition cited nineteen violations of this in the last three years involving Catholic prelates in the Bay State.
Among the scandals decried by the statement's signatories was Cardinal O'Malley's attendance at the 2017 Profiles in Courage Award ceremony at the Kennedy Library honoring former President Barack Obama, whose administration was sued by the Little Sisters of the Poor over the Obamacare contraceptive mandate.

Another incident criticized was the 2014 presentation by the Missionary Society of Saint James the Apostle - whose president is Cardinal O'Malley - of the Cardinal Cushing Award to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a longtime proponent of legal abortion.

Walsh, the recipient of the 2016 Men of Choice Award from NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts, went on to defend the public funding of Planned Parenthood, name a square in the city's South End after abortionist Kenneth Edelin, and call for Boston to become a sanctuary city for abortions, should Roe v. Wade be overturned.
Along with asking for full episcopal compliance with "Catholics in Political Life," the coalition is also urging the bishops to reverse their recently imposed ban on signature gathering on church property, the timing of which will adversely impact an initiative petition drive seeking to end tax funded abortions in the Commonwealth.
The coalition characterized the bishops' behavior as a series of "repeated, ongoing and worsening scandals and betrayals, which demoralize faithful Catholics, marginalize the pro-life community, and send a message of confusion and contradiction to secular society."

Operation Rescue: Boston President William Cotter stated:
"All we are asking of our prelates is that they uphold their own professed principles and abide by their own stated policies. The disconnect in the Catholic hierarchy between rhetoric and reality on the issue of abortion must come to an end. "The bishops expose themselves to the reproach of hypocrisy when they urge Catholics to support the right to life, but then give awards and platforms to public officials who work to keep abortion legal, unrestricted and publicly funded. "No rational person can reasonably be expected to take seriously Catholic opposition to abortion when Catholic bishops and cardinals honor and extol, at public events, even in their own institutions, political figures who are opponents of the right to life, and allies of Planned Parenthood. The bishops need to stop these betrayals."
When are more people going to figure it out: The Roman Catholic Hierarchy are NOT Pro-Life!
I’ll continue next issue with the two books running serially in this newsletter.
The first is Eric Rudolph’s White Lies. Eric says his point is to prove that Margaret Sanger and the child killing movement she spawned have not and do not target minorities, especially African-Americans. So far he hasn’t convinced me but nevertheless it’s a fascinating and well-written history of this bi-century holocaust.
The other is Jim Kopp’s autobiography. This book is indispensable if you want to know what it’s like to come to the realization that legal killing is the issue that will determine this country’s and, more-importantly, your future. Remember in Beowulf when the seer compares our lifetimes to the flight of a sparrow entering a window on one side the banquet hall and flying straight out through the window on the other.
Quote of the Month: Rosaries on your ovaries won't keep you from getting pregnant. But Planned Parenthood will kill the baby when you do. Cal
Addendum: Please boycot and do not use $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills as they depict slave owners on them.
Please send them to me and I’ll see that they are disposed of properly. Thank you very much.
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Ask the non-feds how they may receive money - check, money order, etc. It varies by state.
Receipt of this excellent missive notwithstanding, if you wish to be excluded from such blessings in the future, simply advise me.