Sending Financial Assistance to Anti-Abortion Prisoners.

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Sending Financial Assistance to Anti-Abortion Prisoners.

This info is only for sending prisoners incarcerated in the Federal Bureau of Prisons(FBP). United States Penitentiary (USP).

To send federal prison inmates financial help, address your envelope as below:

All financial help to all federal inmates goes to the same address no matter which federal prison they are incarcerated in.

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Put name of your prisoner and their prison # on this line
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001


Send U. S. Postal Money Orders with the inmate's name and 8 digit number in the pay to section.

(You can use other money orders, but U. S. Postal Money Orders will be credited to inmates account immediately while other money orders may take up to two weeks to be credited.)

DO NOT enclose letters or checks with the money orders.  Any other enclosures will be thrown away and inmate will not receive them. 

Here is the Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Money Page

*You may want to write the inmate letting him/her know that you sent a money order and for how much. The FOP usually does not provide the inmate with the name of the sender, but only the amount deposited to the account.

***State Prisons and County or City Jails State Prisons and County or City Jails each have their own individual way of handing inmate money issues.  I advise contacting the prison by phone, looking on their website or contacting the prisoner directly for their procedure in sending money to prisoners in State Prisons or County/City Jails.

If you have questions or if I can help, please email me.

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