Dawn Matheson and the

Modern Republican Women

Pro-Abortion and Pro-Sodomite

In Co-Founder & Chairman Dawn Matheson's own words:
We encourage and support all people: male or female; black, white or purple;
gay or straight; pro-life or pro-choice; blue-collar or white-collar; Republican, Independent, Libertarian or apolitical.
Above from their website http://modernrepublicanwomen.com/

Dawn Matheson

Go promote your social tolerance with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

You belong with the pro-abortion, pro-sodomite Democrats.

Putting men in girls bathrooms.

Forcing Christians to make wedding cakes for sodomites or be sued.

Forcing Christians to accept sodomite marriage or lose their jobs.

Sluts for choice
Chairman Dawn Matheson

Just received the email today inviting me to MODPAC at
The Home of Doug & Judy Fuller, 400 Justin Quay, Chesapeake VA 23322 (Edinburgh)

Since you consider me so intolerant, why do you want me there?

Oh, I see why:

Sponsor Opportunities
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All sponsor levels include event tickets and special recognition.

$750 Platinum $500 Gold $250 Silver $125 Bronze

Checks and major credit cards accepted.
Make checks payable to MODPAC and mail to:
Modern Republicans
732 Eden Way N | #542 Suite E
Chesapeake VA 23320
Contributions to MODPAC are not tax deductible

Dawn Matheson
Chairman Dawn Matheson