Rev. Michael Bray
Who Will You Blame?

      The question in the song is completed with a second line in the verse, “Should you perish in eternal flame?”  It was sung by a Neo-Christian band called Lamb in the mid 70s.  The Jewish converts to Christianity put out several songs sprinkled with some catchy traditional Hebrew phrases which they adjusted to recognize Jesus as the Messiah and Lord, such as “Baruch ha Shem ha Moshiach Jeshua,  Baruch ha Shem Adonai.”
         The chorus of one of them was as follows:
         Who Will You Blame
          Should you perish in eternal flame?
          Accept Him now before it’s too late.
And the only verse I can remember goes like this:
         The story’s told about a rich young man
          Who was the ruler over many a land
          He wanted to serve God, but then he started on his way
          Now he stands before Him and now it’s too late.
     The story occurs in Luke 18 where Jesus is questioned by a rich young ruler about what he must do to enter the Kingdom of God.  When Jesus requires from him a life of devotion and surrender of all rights to his possessions, the man declines, preferring to face eternity alone.
     It is reported that an abortionist, one George Tiller, was shot in his own Lutheran church in Wichita on Pentecost Sunday by one Scott Roeder.
     When God sends a reaper to cut down what men have sown in wickedness, whom will men blame?   Whom will the accusers blame when a wicked man himself is destroyed by a storm, a disease, or the hand of a deliverer?
     Yes, some would blame God, the very Sovereign One who orchestrated the fair judgment.  Others would blame the one who personally wielded the divine sword.  And they will seek to silence all who hail him as a good and trustworthy citizen.
     Those responsible for just government have failed to different degrees in proportion to their direct responsibility and power to arrest the injustice of child slaughter.   Roeder’s actions declare their failure – rather, their manifest corruption – as they babble on in muddled malfeasance refusing to heed the message of his deed.  U.S. Marshals have been deployed to guard the death camps located all over the nation.  Federal investigation has begun to dig deep into all of Roeder’s company (and then some, we can be sure) even though no evidence indicates any grounds for such a campaign.
     The clergy and their flocks fare no better as they fall all over themselves in the effort to escape the sullying effect that even the remotest of association with Roeder might have upon their “ministries” for the Rights and Protection and Dignity of the Unborn.
     It is too late for Tiller and his 60,000 patients.  (We refer, of course, to the mothers who came to him for a sort of medical treatment or “health care” as some prefer to call it.  Such care is of course, quite simply, and for the straight-talking simple citizen, a dead baby.  For the clever and sophisticated, this care is a “procedure.”)  They get no relief through Tiller’s demise.
     But whom shall we blame for the tragic death of this Benevolent One (“Mr. Enthusiastic” as he has been affectionately nominated) who cared for women enough to help them with their “choice” to “have the procedure”?  Whom shall we blame for shutting down the beneficence which flowed continually into the offering plate at Reformation Lutheran Church?  Surely blame must reach beyond the disheveled, divorced, penurious, jobless, insignificant Mr. Roeder!  A disaster of this magnitude must be blamed upon more than one lone, derelict, anti-choice protestor.
     Why it must be those protest organizers!  Operation Rescue leader, Troy Newman, is the cause; he called Tiller nasty names!
     And O’Reilly!  Didn’t he call the abortionist "Tiller the baby killer" or worse? (“The Killing of George Tiller,” Bill O'Reilly for, Wednesday, Jun 03, 2009)
     Leftist propagandists which O’Reilly has called out as “loons” did manage a coup when they lured O’Reilly into a fundamental error.  He said, “The murder of Doctor Tiller, as misguided as he was, can never be condoned.”  O’Reilly gave up the argument for the humanity of the womb child when he allowed to stand the claim that lethal action wielded for the purpose of rescuing a child is not simply killing, but murder.   That concession has doomed him as an apologist for the humanity of the child and his worthiness of defense against the threat of abortion or any other malevolence.
     Sorry, Bill.  Civility has its limitations and must be spit upon if it demands that truth be smothered.  You have been neutered.
     So who IS to blame for Tiller’s death and descent into hell?
     Some suspect that he was following in his father’s footsteps, who was rumored to have had an illegal abortion practice on the side of his regular family practice prior to Roe v. Wade (See “The Tiller Report” by Operation Rescue West., p. 1)   Perhaps Tiller’s father is to blame.
     Perhaps Tillers friends and associates are responsible – those who encouraged him to continue in the “business” even after being warned by the shots in his arms from Shelley Shannon back in 1993.  Those who cared more about their jobs or their financial security above Tiller’s life may be to blame.
     The Kansas Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme court may be to blame for establishing a meaningless standard of “viability” which could be moved around like a backwoods property line anywhere in the third trimester to justify aborting children.  The erasing of any intelligible viability line came through the use of Clintonesque legal-speak; viz. if a "substantial and irreversible impairment of a major bodily function" to the mother was inherent in allowing the child to live, including any threat to  “mental health,” the demarcation line of “viability” could be scuttled!  Tiller, enabled by such civil rulers to yield to the base temptation to butcher viable unwanted children, made himself odious in the eyes of descent citizens and was thus transformed into a target for elimination.
     The Kansas Supreme Court also limited the number of records of wrongs that could be brought before the grand jury, resulting in their failure to indict Tiller criminally.  The Court is therefore to blame for failing to correct him which might have redounded to forsaking his bloody practice and securing a longer dis-endangered life.
     Retired Sedgwick County District Judge Paul Buchanan did not guide the grand jury in truth and justice when he led them to conclude that Kansas was not clear enough in outlawing late-term abortions.  Tiller’s blood is on his hands for failing to guide the grand jury with truth and integrity toward a potentially life-reforming and life-saving indictment.
     The citizens on the grand jury are to blame for their failure to indict Tiller as an abortionist even with the 22 records that they did have.  The grand jury ought to have indicted him, as the opportunity to prosecute a murder was laid before them, on the simple grounds of truth and decency reflected in their own state anti-abortion statues which they need not to have deemed to be abrogated by Harry Blackmun in 1973 in the first place!  (What law or principle of justice and citizenship prevents the citizens of Kansas from enforcing their own laws contra federal court “opinions” which – when they are so manifestly obscene and immoral – ought to be regarded as so much rubbish?)  They are to blame for the death of an abortionist who would be alive had they jailed him.
     Following the failure to prosecute him criminally, the local authorities in Wichita determined not to prosecute Tiller for the 19 misdemeanors and are to blame for failing to properly convict him.  Had he been prosecuted and possibly jailed, he would not have been shot.  Local Kansas authorities including presiding Sedgwick County District Judge Clark Owens are to blame for failing to correct Tiller.
     Citizens who voted out Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, a man of integrity who would have prosecuted Tiller, and replaced him with Paul Morrison (deposed following a sex scandal) and Stephen Stix (both  pro-abortion friends of Tiller) are guilty.  The prosecution of Tiller was lost before it began when Kline was voted out, and the case prepared by Kline was essentially scuttled.  The voting citizens of Wichita along with the pro-abortion Attorneys General are to blame for failing to correct (and save the life of) Tiller.
     Nola Foulston, the district attorney of Wichita for the past 20 years is to blame for her failure to prosecute Tiller for numerous violations through the decades.  But as a childless woman who arranged to adopt a child from Tiller, she was unfit so serve objectively as a prosecutor.  Having failed to do so, she allowed him to continue to shed innocent blood and is herself guilty of the blood of Tiller along with the innocents he continued to butcher.
     The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts on November 29, 2005 has notified Cheryl Sullenger that it has closed the case against late-term abortionist George R. Tiller in the abortion death of Christin A. Gilbert who died after a third-trimester abortion on January 13, 2005.  Had the Board properly considered Tiller’s culpability in the death of Gilbert and suspended his license, Tiller would presumably have ceased committing abortions and avoided death.  The Board of Healing Arts is to blame.
     Tiller’s many personal lawyers – as “officers of the court” imbued with a dignity and trustworthiness which the law and society bestow upon such governmental functionaries – bear responsibility for leading Tiller on in the blindness of his foul profession.  Thus do officers of the court Laura Shaneyfelt, Dan Monnat, and Lee Thompson bear blame for their woeful misguidance of their client in matters of true law and ethics.  These were no friends, but hirelings who took his bloody money and cared nothing for his body or soul. Tiller’s blood is on their hands.
     Consider the man George Tiller when he saw his fate played out in the shootings of abortionists David Gunn, John  Barrett, and Bernard Slepian.  What did we hear from the masses, even the Christian anti-abortion activists?  Rather than reaffirm that these men received the due punishment of their murderous deeds, Tiller heard those who were ostensibly enlightened ? the putative teachers of Truth and the Law of God by which he would one day be judged; the leaders of the “prolife movement” and teachers of the Scriptures?  declare such defensive actions to be wrong!  They have refused to consistently call abortion murder by affirming the legitimacy of justifiable homicide; i.e. the necessary force required to prevent what is called murder. That message translated to him the illusion that he was NOT, in fact, actually murdering children.  The communication of that lie enabled him to continue in deception and continue in his murderous profession.  Tiller’s blood is on the heads of those Christian “prolifers” who have condemned lethal defensive action.
     Tiller’s wife, Jeanne, did not leave her murderous husband.  Rather than correct him, she enjoyed the wealth of money brought into the family coffers from the shedding of innocent blood.  What excuse could she offer?  Marriage obligations?  She had no duty to remain married to a serial murderer.  It is not as if she had some bizarre divorce prohibition from her modernist Lutheran church.  ELCA churches readily permit marriage and divorce for any reason.  (Like all the apostate churches, they are right there marrying sodomites and ignoring fornication.)  Rather than correct her husband, she allowed him to continue to shed blood and accrue mounting damnable counts against his soul.  She was no friend.  No loving wife.  She is blameworthy.
     Shall we find more citizens to blame for failing to call Tiller a murderer and failing to warn him of judgment to come in the next world if not this one?  There may be plenty more that we can include in the blame.  But let us conclude with his own Church, his own false Reformation Lutheran Church.  We won’t spend time on the various apostate churches which conveniently identify themselves with the Religious Coalition of Reproductive Choice (e.g. the United Methodist Church, the United Church of Christ, the Disciples of Christ, the Presbyterian Church in America U.S.A, and the long apostate and doctrinally obscure Unitarian churches).  These counterfeit churches gave Tiller the comfort of a traitor rather than the rebuke of a friend as they allowed him to careen down the path of destruction without warning or reproof.
     More closely, his own church pastors who had the direct responsibility to correct him are to blame.  The Scriptures and church dogma place the responsibility for the oversight of the spiritual life of church members on the pastors.  “They keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account” (Hebrews 13:17).  Accordingly the Reverends Lowell R. Michelson and the Kristin M. Neitzel are the pastor and pastorette who bore the responsibility for correcting him, admonishing him, and expelling him from the church following the course of discipline that they were obligated to execute on behalf of the Church of God.  As one who was permitted to continue in spiritual blindness – a member retained in good standing – he was sinned against by his church shepherds.  And his soul was required of him before he had time to amend his life at the behest of spiritual church authorities.  His blood is on their hands.
     A supra church authority, yea, even the “bishop” – one Mark Hanson, presiding bishop of the whole bastion of ELCA churches – obviously failed in like manner.  Rather than confess his failure to correct the erring sheep that Tiller was vis-à-vis his membership within the Hanson’s extended fold, he proclaimed to the world over the internet as follows: “It is unconscionable that Dr. Tiller, who was serving as an usher and welcoming people to worship, should be brutally murdered.”
     On the contrary.  Of all the places where the blood of Tiller ought to be shed, it was most appropriate that it spill in full view of his “brothers” and “sisters” who allowed him to continue in his sin-filled, blind life.  May his death serve as a wake-up call so that others may repent and mend their ways.   May God spare the nation the judgment it so richly deserves.
                                                                                                    Michael Bray  6/10/09 Anno Domini
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Genesis 9:6
Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed:
for in the image of God made he man.
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for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the
blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it
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