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Leviticus 20:13  If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a
woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall
surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.
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Deuteronomy 23:17 There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.

Senator Harry B. Blevins (R) - Senate District 14 - Sodomite Supporter
Homosexual Child Killer Is An Animal
TITUSVILLE, Fla. -- Convicted child killer Mark Dean Schwab paces his cell for 14 hours a day worrying about Thursday's execution, his attorney said on Tuesday immediately after asking Judge Charles Holcomb for an evidentiary hearing. "He's nearing execution and it's wearing on him," defense attorney Peter Cannon said. "He's a person. He's a human. They don't want us to think that, but he's not an animal." Canon argued that the state is still not adequately trained or prepared to administer a lethal injection and that Schwab was incapable of stopping himself in April 1991 when he abducted, raped and killed 11-year-old Junny Rios-Martinez from Cocoa, Local 6 News partner Florida Today reported.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Arrested After Plot to Murder Someone and Have Sex With Body
CITRUS SPRINGS -- The bizarre plot started to unfold at 2377 W. Swanson Drive in Citrus Springs. Citrus County deputies say Kevin Wade Daley was behind it. He's accused of trying to recruit someone to commit murder. But detectives say even more shocking was Daley's motive. "Homosexual necrophilia is what the purpose was. There was going to be sex acts committed on a male corpse," said Gail Tierney, Citrus County Sheriff's Office spokesperson. Investigators say Daley even revealed that his intended victim was a man from Homosassa who was doing construction work in his neighborhood.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Jury Acquits Man Falsely Accused by Homosexual Activists
Evidence Emerges of Police Coverup
WORCESTER,   - A man falsely accused of throwing a pro-homosexual protester to the ground during a pro-marriage rally in Worcester, Massachusetts has been aquitted of all charges, after evidence emerged during his jury trial that police had falsified and suppressed eyewitness testimony in their report.
Larry Cirignano, former Executive Director of the organization Catholic Citizenship, had been accused in late 2006 of pushing pro-gay protester and ACLU board member Sara Loy to the ground after escorting her out of an area set aside for the pro-marriage rally being held by the Massachusetts Family Institute.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Investigation into Karate Teacher's Homosexual Crimes Grow
A Ronkonkoma karate teacher charged with the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old student is being investigated for secretly videotaping his students and having improper relationships with as many as 10 other boys, Suffolk police said Wednesday. The investigation of James Bonfiglio, owner of Excel Karate Academy, has uncovered hidden cameras and videos shot in his apartment and at the karate school, according to Det. Sgt. Gene Bragoli, who said additional unspecified charges were likely.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Sports Referee Gets Life Sentence
A gay Knox County youth sports referee involved in an Internet group that served up child molestation on demand will die in prison. U.S. District Judge Tom Varlan on Wednesday sentenced Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association referee David Aaron Becker, 54, to a lifetime behind bars for not only viewing child pornography, but also making it. In a rare move, Varlan rejected a government motion made as part of a plea deal that could have netted Becker a shot at freedom. He also turned aside Assistant Federal Defender Jonathan Moffatt’s bid for a sentencing break. Varlan listed in detail why he views Becker as unworthy of freedom. Chief among the judge’s reasons was Becker’s involvement in a nationwide Internet group in which members use webcams to film and broadcast molestation of children, while other members use instant messaging to order specific acts of abuse. Becker filmed himself molesting a young teenage boy as part of that group. He also has admitted sexually abusing two other boys.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Police Arrest Suspected Gay on Suspicion of Raping Boy
LIVERMORE -- Police have arrested a 20-year-old Livermore man on suspicion of forcibly raping and assaulting a 6-year-old boy multiple times since February 2006. Oscar Lozada Maldonado is charged with four counts of intercourse or sodomy of a child younger than 10 years old and four counts of aggravated sexual assault on a child. "It was shocking to the conscience," Livermore police Sgt. Josh Ratcliffe said of the allegations and the victim's statements to police. Maldonado was arrested Oct. 9. According to court records and police reports, the victim's brother caught Maldonado assaulting the boy in a public bathroom in San Jose that day. Afterward, the victim told his brother and parents that the defendant had been molesting him for several months.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Sodomite, Two Others Sentenced for Molesting Teens
Former restaurant owner Arnold Harry was sentenced to 19 years in prison last week for molesting a teenage boy - but even the judge questioned if the 74-year-old will be able to serve out the entire sentence because of his age and apparent poor health. Harry, who owned The Bread Basket in New Castle, was sentenced in Craig County Circuit Court Oct. 11. So were a 41-year-old who was sentenced to 16 years in prison out of a 60-year sentence for molesting a boy for almost 10 years. Kevin Eugene Tuttle, 41, previously pleaded guilty to two counts of forcible sodomy of a child less than 13 years old, and four charges of aggravated sexual battery. In 2006, he was found guilty of possessing child pornography. According to law enforcement authorities, Tuttle admitted molesting four other boys but those victims did not want to testify against him in court, according to Commonwealth's Attorney Thaddeus Cox. Tuttle already began serving his time in jail, at his own request, Cox said.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Survey: Male Gay Teachers Abuse Most
A survey of news stories in seven English-speaking countries conducted by the Family Research Institute shows that incidents of teacher-pupil sex are most often perpetrated by male homosexual teachers. Overall, 43 percent of teachers who made the news for having sex with their pupils over the last 27 years were homosexual. Homosexual teachers violated 1,925 (56 percent) of the 3,457 pupil-victims. Women were 11 percent of perpetrators, but a heterosexual female teacher was least apt to have sex with pupils, Christian Newswire reported Thursday.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Priest Arrested for Homosexual Crimes Arrested Again
NAUGATUCK -- A borough priest accused last month of sexually assaulting a teenage boy was arrested at St. Mary's Church on Saturday after he attempted to have contact with his alleged victim. The Rev. Robert J. Grant, was outside of his car near the North Main Street church when he tried to call the boy, who was also near the church, over to where he was standing, said Lt. Robert Harrison, Naugatuck Police spokesman. Grant, a Roman Catholic priest who formerly served St. Mary's and St. Hedwig's churches, was charged with breach of peace and was released on $200,000 bond Saturday night. He is scheduled to appear in Waterbury Superior Court on Oct. 3.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual Anesthesiologist Sentenced to 35 Years
By Stephen Gurr / The Gainesville Times
Saying Gregory Kapordelis had "little chance for rehabilitation," a federal judge sentenced the Gainesville anesthesiologist to 35 years in prison on child pornography charges Tuesday. The sentence was 45 years less than what prosecutors asked for, but still exceeded sentencing guidelines by nearly eight years. Under U.S. Bureau of Prisons policy, Kapordelis must serve at least 85 percent of his sentence, or almost 30 years. Now at age 46, he would be 76 at the earliest possible time of release. A jury convicted Kapordelis in May on six counts of producing, receiving and possessing child pornography. He was found guilty of taking sexually explicit photographs of two boys in his care, ages 11 and 14, while they lay unconscious. Pannell expressed the opinion that the teen had been drugged. Kapordelis also downloaded thousands of images of child pornography on his computer, including some 300 videos of children being sexually abused.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual Child Porn Convict Likens Prosecutor to Adolf Hitler
An alternately apologetic and indignant Gregory Kapordelis on Monday addressed a federal judge who pondered how much time the Gainesville anesthesiologist will spend in prison after being convicted of child pornography charges. Kapordelis, convicted in May of producing, receiving and possessing sexually explicit images of young boys, spent one hour and 15 minutes addressing U.S. District Court Judge Charles Pannell at the close of the first day of his sentencing hearing. Kapordelis, 46, was convicted by a jury of taking sexually explicit photographs of two boys in his care, ages 11 and 14, during three separate instances while they lay unconscious. Kapordelis never directly addressed the thousands of images of child pornography he possessed.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Catholic School Teacher Stole My Childhood
A former Roman Catholic school pupil who helped to convict the teacher who repeatedly sexually assaulted him has told his harrowing story and urged other victims to speak out. John, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, said the abuse he suffered at the Devon boarding school between the ages of eight and 14 has ruined his life. Now an adult, he gave vital evidence in the trial of Paul Couch, pictured right, who was last week jailed for 10 years and nine months for a catalogue of offences on boys aged under 13 between 1972 and 1993. Couch, aged 61, of Wyndham Street West, Plymouth, was sentenced at the city crown court after being convicted of two counts of serious sexual assault and 11 counts of indecent assault while at the school, which has since closed and cannot be named for legal reasons.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Priest & Boy Scout Leader Jailed for Homosexual Crimes
Former Anglican priest Ralph Rowe on July 6 was convicted of additional charges of sexual abuse against boys and sentenced by a judge in Kenora (Ont.) Superior Court to three years in prison. The Kenora Daily Miner & News reported that Justice Erwin Stach found Mr. Rowe, 67, guilty of indecent assault and sexual assault, including rape. The incidents took place in several First Nation communities in northern Ontario where Mr. Rowe served as a priest, Boy Scout leader and pilot.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Lewis Ballard Arrested for Sodomy, Murder of 6-Year-Old Boy
It's a case that has enraged a community. Friday police arrested Lewis Buck Ballard for the murder of six year old Wesley Mullins. Now his mother says she'll continue to push for justice. Paris police found the little boy's body nearly a month ago and following the arrest of Ballard, the child's mother Stephanie Moore says she finally has some peace of mind."I've been keeping my phone by me, haven't slept, haven't been able to eat. Just waiting for that phone call," said Moore. Ballard was arrested Friday at his brother's Lexington home and indicted for murder and sodomy. According to the the indictment Ballard, who lived with Mullins' grandfather, struck the boy in the head repeatedly with a blunt object, inside his grandfather's garage. The indictment also reveals that he engaged in sexual intercourse with the six-year-old.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teacher Accused of Gay Attack on Student in 1978
Five months ago, according to St. Mary's County detectives, a 44-year-old resident came forward and told a remarkable story: He had been molested 29 years ago, as a ninth-grader, by his biology teacher at a Catholic high school in Leonardtown. When his father told the principal, nothing happened. He told two guidance counselors. Nothing. He tried a physics teacher. Authorities have identified the suspect as Philip M. Spoelker, a Xaverian brother. The Xaverian Brothers, a congregation of lay religious brothers headquartered in Baltimore, sponsor about 11 schools across the United States.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Church of God Pastor 'Chose Boys Whose Families Weren't Around'
A pastor accused of homosexual assault chose boys whose families were not active at the church, police believe. Sandy Martin Cook, 48, of Belle, is charged with three counts of sexual abuse by a person of trust and 44 counts of third-degree sexual assault. The alleged assaults occurred at his home or in his vehicle along U.S. 60. Cook's alleged victims were boys between the ages of 12 and 17, police have said. Cook is pastor at the Shrewsbury Church of God. Mike Lewis, senior pastor of the New Life Center in Cedar Grove, says he was a victim. Lewis released a statement Tuesday discussing what happened to him and accusing state Church of God leaders of ignoring reports of the abuse.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Foster Parent Gets 15 for Sex Attack on Foster Child
A former Jasper County foster parent has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually abusing an eleven-year-old boy the state had put in his care. Mark Vogl was sentenced yesterday to two 15-year terms, to be served concurrently. Vogl pleaded guilty in June to two counts of first-degree statutory sodomy, before his case was to go to trial. The sexual abuse reportedly took place while the boy was placed in Vogl's home, and during visits to Vogl's home after the boy had been placed elsewhere.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Curtis Crakaal Arrest for Homosexual Crimes
A missing Fontana teenage boy was found Thursday in the home of a registered sex offender who had enticed the boy into sex acts through a cell phone social-networking program, sheriff's officials said. Curtis Eugene Crakaal pleaded not guilty Friday to three counts of sodomy and two counts of committing lewd acts with a child at an arraignment in Banning Superior Court, according to court records. Crakaal, 40, was being held on $100,000 bail and is scheduled to return to court on Sept. 7. The 16-year-old boy told San Bernardino County sheriff's investigators he met Crakaal through a cell-phone application he called America's Mobile Best Pics.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Baptist Church Counselor Gets 13 Years for Homosexual Crimes Against Six Boys
RALEIGH -- Brian "Doug" Goodrich Jr. was sentenced to 13 years in prison for sexually abusing several teenage boys he counseled as a youth leader at Providence Baptist Church. Before his sentencing today in Wake Superior Court, Goodrich turned to members of the victims' families and apologized. "I apologize for the deceit, the lies and the betrayal," Goodrich said, crying as he spoke. Goodrich, 26, pleaded guilty to multiple sex crimes. The six victims were about 13 at the time of the offenses. Goodrich was a student at the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest. He volunteered at Providence Baptist, which has 2,700 members, and worked with the church's 300 or so children of middle-school age.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Baptist Leader Charged With Raping Boys and Exposing Them to HIV
CARTHAGE, Tenn. -- A Smith County church leader is accused of raping boys and exposing them to HIV. Maurice Carter, 44, faces 61 charges related to child sex abuse, child exploitation and exposure to the virus that causes AIDS, a serious and often fatal disease. Officials with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Carter is HIV positive. Carter is a leader at a Baptist church in Riddleton, which is an hour east of Nashville. The charges against Carter include four counts of child rape; in these cases, the victim was younger than 13 years old. He also faces 23 counts of criminal exposure to HIV and several other child exploitation charges.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Priest Dies Before Sentencing for Homosexual Crimes
The Will County state's attorney's office has ended the sex-abuse prosecution of a 77-year-old Carmelite priest from Joliet after he died this month. Rev. Louis Rogge died Aug. 8, just weeks after his attorney was granted a sentencing delay because Rogge expected to soon be formally diagnosed with lung cancer. The state's attorney's office ended the prosecution at a scheduled hearing in the case Tuesday. Rogge in April pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for molesting two young teen brothers in the 1990s.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Jury: T.J. Ellenburg Guilty of Homosexual Attack on Five-Year-Old Boy
It took an emotional jury about two hours Wednesday to reach a verdict in the aggravated child molestation and aggravated sodomy trial of 21-year-old Timothy (T.J.) John Ellenburg, of 24 Willowbend Drive, Cartersville. The three-man, nine-woman jury found Ellenburg guilty of aggravated child molestation, aggravated sodomy and child molestation. Ellenburg had been accused of forcing a five-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him numerous times. Ellenburg's grandmother, with whom he lived, had provided child care for the boy in her home.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Attorney Arrested For Homosexuality
KIRKSVILLE -- A Kirksville attorney has ben arrested for statutory sodomy involving a 15-year old boy. Thomas Oswald, 82, of Kirksville was arrested on two counts of statutory sodomy after police executed a search warrant at his home on Crown Drive. Saturday, police received a report from parents of a juvenile, claiming sexual acts had occurred between their son and Oswald. A search of Oswald's home turned up sexually explicit DVDs, the magazine, and several more drawings. All of the items were in locations where the juvenile told officers they could be found.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Charge Added to Teacher's Homosexual Case
Thanks to the sharp eyes of a new prosecutor, accused child molester Jesus Colmenero Rivera is wearing a county-issued gray jumpsuit once again. The former Golden Valley High School drama and Spanish teacher was arrested by bailiffs at Merced Superior Court during a routine hearing last week. The arrest came after Deputy District Attorney David Sandhaus decided to prosecute Rivera for an alleged crime he believes was overlooked during a preliminary hearing in the case three years ago. Rivera's attorney immediately branded the prosecution's tactics as "low-life." Sandhaus, who took over the case in June, said he recently reviewed transcripts of Rivera's preliminary hearing and discovered new evidence that one of the victims was forcefully penetrated by a foreign object. That crime, Sandhaus said, originally had not been charged against Rivera.
  Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Sodomite Sentenced for Sexually Abusing Stepson
HILLSBORO -- A former Washington County man was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years in prison for sexually abusing his stepson to get revenge on the boy's mother. William Gerald Collins, 44, told police he wanted to force his ex-wife's only son into becoming gay so she wouldn't have any grandchildren. He said he wanted to get back at her for asking for a divorce and kicking him out of their house. Washington County Presiding Judge Thomas W. Kohl noted that in his 11 years on the bench, he had never had a case in which a person was victimized solely to hurt someone else.
  Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Robert Blakewood Pleads Not Guilty of Homosexual Crimes With Teen
PETALUMA -- A 68-year-old Petaluma man pleaded innocent in Sonoma County Superior Court Friday morning to 24 charges in connection with the alleged continuous sexual abuse of a boy, now 16, during the past 23 months. Judge Rene Chouteau raised Robert Reeves Blakewood's bail from $500,000 to $750,000 and scheduled Sept. 5 for a preliminary hearing. Petaluma police said Blakewood met the teen through a Website that posts classified ads.
  Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Stephen Matze Charged With Five Counts of Homosexuality
Police charged a Suffolk man Thursday night with five counts related to the molestation of a 15-year-old boy last year, said Lt. Debbie J. George, spokesperson for the Suffolk Police Department. Stephen E. Matze, of the 2100 block of Holland Road, was charged with one count of indecent liberties with a child, two counts of sodomy, one count of aggravated sexual battery and one count of production of child pornography. All five charges are felonies, George said.
   Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Former LA gay priest's arraignment postponed in homosexual molestation case
LOS ANGELES-A former Roman Catholic priest's arraignment on child molestation charges has been postponed to Aug. 7.
George Miller, 69, of Oxnard made his first court appearance Wednesday, a day after being arrested on charges of molesting a boy between March 1988 and March 1991 while he was assigned to Guardian Angel Church in Pacoima.
Miller was charged with three felony counts of lewd acts on a child and three counts of sodomy of a person under 14, and remains jailed in lieu of $600,000 bail. He faces up to 18 years in prison if convicted of all charges.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Day care worker guilty of homosexually molesting boys
Man ran programs at 2 schools, faces 16 years in prison
A man who ran day care programs at two Seattle elementary schools could face more than 16 years in prison after pleading guilty Thursday to six counts of child molestation.
Christopher Eng, 35, admitted to molesting one boy repeatedly between 2004 and 2006, beginning when the boy was 8.
He maintained that he didn't molest a second boy, 7, during the 2005-06 school year, but pleaded guilty to those charges as well.
He faces at least 11 years behind bars when he is sentenced Sept. 28. In a plea agreement, however, prosecutors and Eng's attorney agreed to recommend a minimum sentence of 16 1/2 years.
  Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
10 year old victim of gay molest
Alleged molest victim shookduring interview, officer says
The closer detective Brian Turpin got to the 10-year-old boy sitting in a room at Deaconess Hospital, the harder the boy shook.
Just an hour earlier, the child reportedly had been pulled into an alley and forced to perform a sex act on a young man. Experienced in interviewing children who are alleged victims of sex crimes, Turpin was called in on his night off to question the child.
  Today, 12 jurors will decide the fate of the man accused in the case.
  Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Episcopal Dean Admits to Sexually Abusing Four Boys
ALBANY -- Local Episcopalians have no immediate plans to investigate a former Cathedral of All Saints dean J. Edward Putnam who has admitted sexually abusing four boys while working as a rector in central New York. Putnam, 66, recently admitted in a written statement that he engaged in "inappropriate conduct with minors" as rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Skaneateles, Onondaga County, between 1986 and 1993, according to the Post-Standard newspaper of Syracuse. The Putnam suspension is the second time in recent months that a former cathedral employee has admitted sexual wrongdoing.
  Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Judge Orders Sodomite To Stand Trial
Wellington Daily News
WELLINGTON, KS -- A South Haven man stood silent Wednesday morning during his arraignment child rape and criminal sodomy charges. Randy Marler, 44, refused to vocalize a plea on his behalf before Sumner County District Court Judge Thomas Graber. Marler, dressed in a bright orange Sumner County Jail t-shirt and shackled at his wrists and ankles, sat with his court appointed defense attorney Michael Brown. Marler, is accused of rape involving a child under 14 years of age, aggravated criminal sodomy with a child under 14 years of age, aggravated indecent liberties with a child including lewd fondling/touching, and endangering a child under the age of 18.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Case of Boy's Gay Rape Shocks France
PARIS (AP) - The alleged rape of a 5-year-old boy by a repeat sex offender who had been prescribed Viagra while behind bars has shocked the French people, President Nicolas Sarkozy said Monday.
The boy was kidnapped from his home in the northern town of Roubaix on Wednesday and allegedly molested by convicted pedophile Francis Evrard. The 61-year-old, convicted three times, was released from prison in July.
Sarkozy, on his first day back from a two-week vacation in the United States, drew attention to the case Monday by hosting the boy's father and meeting with ministers about amending prison laws to prevent early prison release for some pedophiles.
Sarkozy said the French were "very shocked" at the case and expressed his own anger.
"Everything must be put in place to make sure this doesn't happen again," he told reporters.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
You will like this short clip of an Atlanta pastor preaching against sodomites
Video: Can I get an 'Amen' from those who loathe gay men? Poster on a sodomite site, so be careful.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Baby sitter pleads not guilty in homo-sex molest case
A Novato woman pleaded not guilty in Marin County Superior Court Wednesday to molesting three girls under age 6 who were in her care in 2006, according to the Marin County District Attorney's Office.
Cristina Raquel Ramirez, 33, will appear in court Monday when a preliminary hearing date will be set and her $300,000 bail is reviewed, said spokeswoman Linda Witong. She is being held in the Marin County Jail.
The alleged incidents happened when Ramirez was baby-sitting the children late last year, Novato police Sgt. Dave Jeffries said. The allegations were reported seven weeks ago and Ramirez was arrested Aug. 8 at 100 Drakewood Place in Novato, Jeffries said.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
  A one-time Catholic priest who pleaded guilty to molesting a 6-year-old boy on Long Island slashed his throat the day before he was to go to jail.
Barry Ryan, 59, survived the suicide attempt, said Suffolk County district attorney spokesman Robert Clifford.
Ryan pleaded guilty in 2004 to sexual conduct against a child in the second degree for forcing the boy to perform oral sex the year before.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
New gay sex molest charges against former LA Roman Catholic priest
LOS ANGELES: A former Roman Catholic priest was arrested on child molestation charges Tuesday, five years after earlier sex abuse allegations were thrown out because of a U.S. Supreme Court ruling invalidating a California extension of the statute of limitations in such cases, prosecutors said.
George Miller, 69, is accused of molesting a boy between March 1988 and March 1991 while he was assigned to Guardian Angel Church in Pacoima, the Los Angeles County district attorney's office said in statement.
The arrest came about a week after the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles reached a $660 million (€477.12 million) civil settlement of claims by more than 500 alleged victims of clergy abuse.
"As promised, investigations are ongoing into alleged sexual abuse of minors by priests," District Attorney Steve Cooley said in announcing the arrest.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
San Mateo doctor faces molest trial in homo-sex with underage boys
Dr. William Ayres, a retired child psychiatrist, is... (Mathew Sumner/San Mateo County Times)«1»
Dr. William Ayres, the child psychiatrist accused of molesting dozens of pre-adolescent boys in San Mateo County over decades, must face trial on charges that he improperly touched seven male patients between the ages of 9 and 12, a San Mateo County Superior Court judge ruled Monday.
The evidence that Ayres molested many of his patients - instructing boys to strip naked and then stroking their genitals during in-office physical examinations - is "quite strong," providing sufficient cause to try the child psychiatrist on multiple molestation charges, said Judge Jonathan Karesh at the conclusion of Monday's preliminary hearing.
Ayres, 75, was present at the proceeding, taking notes and showing little emotion. He will be tried on 20 counts of lewd and lascivious acts against seven children younger than 14.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Moldovan teens tell of encounters with S. Jersey man in gay sex case
Two teenage Moldovan boys testified today that a South Jersey millionaire groped them. A third said the accused performed oral sex on him during a visit to their country.
But the moment that most observers, including federal jurors, are unlikely to forget is what happened when a fourth boy took the stand in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia.
The boy, according to the indictment, was expected to testify that he had sex with Anthony Mark Bianchi of North Wildwood, who is accused of traveling overseas to molest 10 boys.
Yet when asked a routine question - Do you see the American you met in the courtroom today? - the boy scanned the
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Cricket coach held for gay sex molestation of minor boy
Uday Mukund, a 44-year-old cricket coach, was arrested on Friday for the alleged abduction, wrongful confinement and attempts to sodomise a 13-year-old student of Sundata High School, Grant Road.
The Marine Lines police registered a complaint filed by the boy’s father, Nathuram Bhau Joshi, 49, a resident of Tardeo, who said his son was lured away by Mukund with the promise of playing in a cricket tournament in Thane on July 19. The latter had been contracted by the school to coach students.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Sex Molester sent to prison
A Hoffman Estates man was sentenced to six years in prison Monday after he admitted to molesting two Hanover Park boys.
Alejandro Bautista, 33, pleaded guilty to aggravated criminal sexual abuse and criminal sexual assault. Each felony charge landed Bautista six years, but the sentences will run concurrently.
The first incident occurred in November in the basement of Bethel Baptist Church, 600 W. Lake St. in Bartlett. Police said Bautista, a church volunteer, began molesting a 15-year-old boy as he worked on a computer.
The second molestation was Jan. 27. The victim was a 13-year-old boy with whom Bautista was watching a movie in the basement of Bautista's Devonshire Lane residence.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Episcopal Priest Admits Homosexual Crimes
SKANEATELES -- A former Skaneateles Episcopal priest who ran for state Assembly last year has admitted sexually abusing four adolescent boys while serving as rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Skaneateles from January 1986 to May 1993. J. Edward Putnam, 66, was suspended from acting as a priest for 20 years after a diocesan investigation, said the Rev. Karen C. Lewis, assistant to Bishop Gladstone "Skip" Adams. Putnam signed a document last month that outlines the accusations and the church discipline, Lewis said. In a written statement to the bishop, Putnam said he engaged in "inappropriate conduct with minors" while at St. James, she said.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Methodist Churchgoer Jailed for Sex Assaults
A Church knew that one of its members was suspected of sexual offences against young boys but did nothing to tell the police, a court heard. The revelation was made in Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday as Judge Seddon Cripps jailed paedophile Richard Webb for nine years. Webb, 68, of Bellingdon Road, Chesham, was sent down for 19 counts of indecent assault and indecency against 11 young boys between 1978 and 1998. The youngest boy was just nine-years-old. It was claimed in court that Chesham Methodist Church, where he was a member, knew of the allegations against him, but didn't tell the authorities.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teacher Amanda Athey Charged With Homosexual Crimes With Female Student
HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. -- A former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools teacher surrendered to police Wednesday after she was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female student. Amanda Athey, 27, was released later in the day on $4,000 bond. The teacher is charged with three counts of indecent liberties between and teacher and a student and one count of sexual activity between a teacher and a student. All of this comes after a student's father became suspicious of his daughter's friendship with a teacher.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Republican State Rep. Arrested for Homosexual Crimes
TAMPA -- Police released taped statements from a state leader accused of trying to buy sex in a men's room. State Representative Bob Allen says he was feeling nervous and offered sex to get away from a man he didn't trust. Allen chairs the House Energy Committee and co-chairs Senator John McCain's presidential campaign in Florida. He is the Police Union's 2007 Lawmaker of the Year, and he recently sponsored a bill to crack down on soliciting sex in public parks.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Rising Republican Accused of Deviate Sexual Conduct
Glenn Murphy Jr., who has been credited with reviving the Republican Party in in his Indiana county, and was recently elected president of the Young Republican National Federation (YRNF), has been accused by a 22-year old male of performing an unwanted sex act on him while he slept. Murphy has since resigned from both his position as County party head and President of the YRNF, claiming in an e-mail that his company has been awarded a contract which stipulates that Murphy not hold any partisan political office.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Hong Kong - A 22-year-old man was on Tuesday beginning a 10-year jail sentence in Hong Kong for the killing of a homosexual man he claimed had made a pass at him.
Cheung Yau-kong, appeared in court on Monday after being found guilty of manslaughter by a majority of six-to-one at Hong Kong's Court of First Instance last Thursday.
Cheung killed butcher Chan Mow-sum, 67, in April 2003 by smashing his skull with a flashlight after Chan tried to touch his groin, said a report in the South China Morning Post.
Chan, who was known to be a homosexual by many of his friends and staff, was found battered to death with a bag on his head in his bedroom by one of his employees the following day.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13

Out in the Park - Norfolk, Virginia - taken over by sodomites 3

GrassTopsUSA Exclusive Commentary
   Homosexual activists have come up with a killer argument -- without Gay Straight Alliances in the schools, "gay students" will be forced to whack their classmates.
  Go to the website -- www.gaystraightalliance.org  (not the official website of the Gay Straight Alliances, but one that presumably reflects their worldview) and scroll down to the bottom of the homepage, where you will find the following:
"Without GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) access, students are forced to simply kill classmates who taunt and bully -- shooting, stabbing and poisoning are the common forms of retribution. Far too many government officials like bullying children to the point where retribution against classmates and faculty is the only option to redress relentless human rights violations in many regions. Speciously-named 'pro-family' leaders are child molesters who make money stigmatizing homosexuality to silence gay victims."
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Abuse Victim Sues 2 Churches
ILLINOIS -- A child is suing the Methodist churches in Ashkum and Manteno for negligence in hiring and supervising the minister who sexually molested him for years. The three-count lawsuit was filed Monday in Kankakee County Circuit Court. The minor boy and his mother are suing the Ashkum United Methodist Church, the Manteno United Methodist Church and the overseeing Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church. The lawsuit contends they were negligent in hiring and supervising Timothy Rademacher. The lawsuit alleges they knew or should have known that Rademacher was sexually attracted to children and that he had opportunity to practice those desires and to be alone with minor boys while working as a youth minister at the Ashkum and Manteno churches.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Boy Sues Baptist Pastor's Grandson
LaPORTE -- A boy and his adult guardian filed a lawsuit against a LaPorte church, its pastor and the pastor's grandson, alleging the grandson repeatedly molested the boy and the pastor knew of the contact but failed to prevent it. The legal action was taken a week after Mark Comford, a janitor at Purdue University North Central and a youth leader at Faith Baptist Church in LaPorte, was arrested and charged with seven counts of child molesting and two counts of criminal deviate conduct. Four boys, ages 9 to 13, were listed as victims in the charging information outlined in all of the counts.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Youth Minister Accused of Molesting Teen Boys
Talk about feeling hurt and betrayed. This is a man who people trusted. He spent his time working with teenagers and was a man many of them admired. Now he is accused of abusing that trust. The scandal has rocked this close-knit Methodist congregation where parents are asking how someone they believed in could have allegedly deceived them.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Chorister Sentenced for Photographs of Boys
A former organist and choir director of a Timonium church was ordered yesterday to serve three years of probation for possessing photographs that depicted young boys as the subjects of sadomasochistic abuse. David R. Riley, 59, of Roland Park was granted probation before judgment on one count of possession of child pornography. He resigned his position as organist and choirmaster of the Choir of Men and Boys at St. Stephen's Traditional Episcopal Church after a plea hearing in April. By entering an Alford plea, Riley did not admit guilt in the case but acknowledged that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Foster Parent Facing 200 Years In Prison
Renald David Dominguez, a former Napa foster parent, is looking at 200 years to life in prison. Last week a jury convicted Dominguez, 58, on 19 counts of child molestation, including oral copulation and sodomy. The crimes involved three male victims who were foster children in Dominguez’s care. The sexual abuse happened in 1999 in Napa. In 1999, the district attorney filed 15 counts of child molestation against Dominguez involving one of his foster children who was 8 at the time.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual Allegations Rock Catholic High School
MISSISSIPPI -- A federal lawsuit filed on July 13 in U.S. District Court has stunned the local community as a former St. Stanislaus student is now claiming he was subjected to "sexual and mental" abuse during the 1983-84 school year by a dorm supervisor who is a member of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. St. Stanislaus, a Catholic high school run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1854. The "Brothers" are a holy order which is independent from the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi. All Brothers take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. The group owns and operates 10 Catholic Schools in the United States and one in England. Worldwide, there are over 1200 brothers in 32 countries.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
United Methodist Youth Pastor Arrested for Homsexual Crimes
By most accounts, James Wilkerson was a model youth minister at his Kensington church. But that goodwill was replaced by fury and outrage when Wilkerson was arrested on Thursday, accused of molesting five teens over the past year. One of Wilkerson's alleged victims flagged down a bike cop Wednesday night to share anguished details of the assaults, prompting four other victims to come forward, police Sgt. Brian King, of the special victims unit said yesterday. The alleged victims are all boys, ages 13 to 16. Wilkerson, 39, was charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, corrupting the morals of a minor, simple assault, indecent assault and recklessly endangering the welfare of a child.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homo Bishop's Name Removed From St. Ambrose Library
St. Ambrose University removed the late Bishop Gerald O'Keefe's name from the SAU library, a concession to victims who say he failed to protect them from sexual abuse by priests in the Davenport diocese. Mark Powell, a former seminarian, was sexually abused as a teenager by a former Bettendorf priest. Last September, he asked SAU to "acknowledge the struggle of sexual abuse victims in the Diocese" by removing Bishop O'Keefe's name from the library.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Baptist Church Leader Faces Homo Sex Abuse Suit
LAPORTE -- A lawsuit alleges church youth leader Mark Comford spent two years gaining the trust of a boy, buying him expensive gifts then molesting him, even at the church. The lawsuit also contends the suspect's grandfather, Jack Cox, the pastor at Faith Baptist Church in LaPorte, turned a deaf ear. The legal action was taken a week after Comford, 23, a janitor at Purdue North Central, was arrested on seven counts of child molesting and two counts of criminal deviant conduct. Four boys, ages 9 to 13, were listed as victims in the charging information outlined in all of the counts.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Jewish Youth Volunteer Arrested for Gay Sexual Misconduct With Boy
UNIVERSITY CITY, MO -- A youth volunteer with ties to a local orthodox synagogue is charged in a sex crime. David Kramer's arrest warrant says he admitted to police he exposed himself to a child at a University City apartment complex. The synagogue's rabbi is speaking out for the first time.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Motel Owner Convicted
PHILADELPHIA -- A wealthy motel owner was convicted yesterday of traveling to eastern Europe to sexually assault impoverished boys in exchange for money and gifts. Anthony Mark Bianchi, 45, of North Wildwood was found guilty of virtually all the charges he faced in federal court. He faces more than 20 years in prison under sentencing guidelines, prosecutors said. Bianchi was convicted of having sex with or attempting to have sex with at least a half-dozen boys on foreign soil, including in the isolated Moldovan village of Trebujeni, on trips from late 2003 to 2005.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Trial For Teen Accused of Sodomizing Boys
A 17-year-old boy will be tried as an adult for a series of forcible sodomies and robberies.
SANTA ANA -- A 17-year-old boy will be tried as an adult for a series of forcible sodomies and robberies he is accused of committing in 2004 against three young boys as they walked to and from school in Anaheim, officials said. The trial for Ignacio Avina, who was 14 years old at the time of the attacks, began Thursday at Central Justice Center. Avina entered a plea of not guilty in 2004, said Farrah Emami, a spokeswoman for the Orange County District Attorney's Office.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Son Suing Mother and Lesbian Partner for Horrifying Abuse
AKRON, Ohio,   19 year-old Darrell Shaffer is suing his mother Mary Rowles, her lesbian partner Alice Jenkins, the Summit County Children's Services Board, the agency's former director, and agency social workers for the horrifying abuse and neglect he and his brothers suffered for years.
Jenkins and Rowles pleaded guilty and were convicted in 2003 of 55 counts of abuse and neglect that included savage beatings, starvation, being locked in a closet and forced to eat animal feces. When they were apprehended by police, the boys were found to be severely malnourished; one boy was 8 years old and weighed only 28 pounds.
In January 2004, the women were each sentenced to 30 years imprisonment and are being held at the Ohio Reformatory for Women in Marysville. Shaffer is the eldest of five boys who, at the time of the two women's arrest, were aged six, eight, ten, thirteen and fourteen. Their sister, 12 years old at the time, was not harmed, police said.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Bible-Quoting Gay Defendant Gets 99 Years
CLEBURNE -- William Dean Resto repeatedly urged jurors Wednesday to acquit him of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy at their church on Easter 2005, saying his truthful testimony and Jesus' forgiveness had freed him under God's law. Johnson County prosecutor Martin Strahan countered that man's law dictates that Resto be imprisoned for as long as legally allowable to protect other children from an evil "wolf in sheep's clothing" who preys on trusting church people. The nine-woman, three-man jury took 40 minutes to convict Resto on all four counts: two of sexual assault and two of indecency with a child. The crimes are second-degree felonies. Jurors later took 50 minutes to recommend that Resto serve the maximum prison term of 99 years and pay $10,000 in fines as sought by prosecutors on each of the four convictions.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Court Finds Homosexual Guilty of Murder of Six-Year-Old
Theunis Olivier was on Tuesday found guilty by the Cape High Court for the murder of six-year-old Steven Siebert. Passing judgement, Judge Essa Moosa said the testimony given by the accused, the psychiatrist's evaluation report as well as the statement submitted by the accused were enough to convict Olivier on all the charges. Olivier kidnapped, sodomised and murdered Siebert, whose body was found on Christmas Eve 2005 in dense bushes in the grounds of 30 Cordovan Street, Plettenberg Bay. Shortly after his 2005 arrest, Olivier confessed before a lower court magistrate that he had abducted, sodomised and murdered the six-year-old. Full story...
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gays Are Held in Plot to Violate a Boy
Wayne County sheriff's officials said two Port Huron gays, one a registered sex offender, were charged Saturday after planning "for a weekend of sex" with a 14-year-old boy, who turned out to be an undercover deputy. Sheriff Warren Evans said Gordon Henry Deshon, 42, and Raymond Baker, 42, were arrested Thursday after chatting online with an undercover deputy for three days last week. They were charged in Romulus District Court with child sexually abusive activity, disseminating obscene material to a minor and using the Internet to disseminate obscene material to a minor. All the charges are felonies, with a maximum sentence of 20 years.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay LA Priest Accused of Sex Abuse Eying Plea Deal
By Andrew Glazer / The Associated Press
LOS ANGELES --A man who claims his life was ruined when he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest raised his middle fingers in court Monday during a hearing where a judge said a plea deal was being discussed for the now-defrocked defendant in a separate case. Superior Court Commissioner James Bianco acknowledged the talks and ordered both sides to return to court on Sept. 7 to disclose whether a deal was near for Michael Stephen Baker. Baker, 60, has pleaded not guilty to one count each of oral copulation of a minor and sexual penetration of an unconscious person with a foreign object, and three counts of sodomy of a minor.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Expert says Scout Leader Should Be Classified as Sexual Predator
A former Oil City Cub Scout leader who admitted to fondling boys in his troop and snapping pornographic photographs of them at his home used his position to lure boys to his home, gain their trust and molest them, a social worker told a Venango County judge Tuesday. Thomas A. Fox, a former leader for Cub Scout Pack 3 in Oil City, should be classified as a sexually violent predator, Brenda Manno, a licensed social worker and board member of the Sexual Offenders Assessment Board, testified before Judge Oliver J. Lobaugh. Lobaugh did not issue an immediate ruling Tuesday afternoon following the 20-minute Megan’s Law hearing to determine Fox’s status as a sexual offender.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Foster Dad Convicted of Sex Abuse, Sentenced to 50 Years
DELAND -- A former foster father accused of sexually abusing children in his care said in court Tuesday he did not touch the boys with sexual intentions because he suffers from low testosterone -- but the jury wasn't going for it. George Goolde, 62, charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious molestation, said a blood test showed his testosterone is .07 -- way below the normal .8 to 3.5, indicating he no longer has sexual function or desires, he testified.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Says He'll Spend 10 Years in Prison Trying to Understand
A Tucson gay promised his judge Monday that he'll spend his 10-year term in prison trying to understand why he felt compelled to meet a 13-year-old boy for sex and sent him pornographic pictures. Maybe eventually he will be able to "fix" whatever is wrong with him, James Coleman, 35, told Pima County Superior Court Judge Hector Campoy. At the time of Coleman's arrest, Tucson police said Coleman had been communicating with the purported 13-year-old for 10 days and had sent 10 different pornographic images of children to someone he thought was a youth.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Leader of Brazil Homosexual Movement Under Investigation for Pedophilia
Plan to Shut Down Blog of Brazil Pro-Family Leader Backfires
BRAZIL, July 30, 2007 (LifeSiteNews.com) - A recent attempt by Brazilian homosexuals to silence two weblogs failed when Google, the hosting service, restored them after blocking them for several days.  Now the contents of the blogs have drawn the attention of Brazilian prosecutors, who are investigating Luiz Mott, the leader of Brazil's homosexual movement, for pedophilia.
The first blog, by the anonymous author Jael Savelli, was blocked for only a few hours several weeks ago, but the second, authored by Brazilian Christian activist Julio Severo and hosted by Google's "Blogger" service at http://juliosevero.blogspot.com, was blocked from July 16 to July 19.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Put Homosexuals To The Sword
Civil officials have a God ordained duty to execute sodomites.
The word of God commands, "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them" (Lev.20:13).
Have we not been taught that homosexuality is an abomination (Lev.18:22). And those who engage in homosexuality are so vile that their very presence defiles the land and its inhabitants (Lev.18:25-28).
This sodomite defilement brings eternal damnation upon all who approve of homosexuality (Rom.1:32, 13:2) and brings God's righteous judgment of punishment and death on the society as a whole (Gen.19:24-25, II Pet.2:6).
The Magistrate, in his proper role, "beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to [execute] wrath upon him that doeth evil" (Rom.13:4).
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Sex Assault Horrors Revealed In Court
REGINA -- He kept one of the kidnapped boys on a leash. He made both of his victims call him "master" for days while he repeatedly raped and taunted them. The tale of depravity was revealed yesterday in a packed Regina courtroom as notorious child molester Peter Robert Whitmore accepted a controversial plea bargain that could see him paroled in as few as six years. Whitmore pleaded guilty to a dozen charges in last summer's kidnapping and sexual assault of two boys -- a teenager from Winnipeg and a 10-year-old boy from Saskatchewan.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Boy Testifies to Being Raped Repeatedly By Mother's Boyfriend
JEFFERSON -- Jeffery Johnson, 34, of Rome Township, sat quietly on the first day of his homosexual-rape trial, listening as a 13-year-old male testified to hundreds of acts of sodomy allegedly having been committed against him by the defendant over the course of more than three years. Johnson is charged with one count of kidnapping, five counts of rape and one count of intimidation of the victim. Johnson has been held in county jail without bond since February 2006, when he was indicted on the charges by a county grand jury. The 13-year-old testified under direct and cross-examination that Johnson had threatened to "shoot him" if he told anyone about the molestations. Many of the allegations against Johnson did not surface until Peggy Mares left Johnson and took her son back to live with the grandmother
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
11 Boys Say They Were Attacked by 'Homosexual Predator'
BALTIMORE -- Eleven children have come forward to accuse a Dundalk sex offender of abusing them, a Baltimore County prosecutor said Thursday. Robert Paul Layton, 48, already is accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy and soliciting sex from a 14-year-old boy, but additional children have spoken up about Layton, Assistant State’s Attorney Susan Hazlett said. "We charged for two children," Hazlett said. "We have nine more waiting that we could charge." Baltimore County police arrested Layton on Feb. 6 after a 14-year-old boy told an officer at Dundalk Middle School that Layton solicited him for sex, charging documents said. He also told the officer that his 13-year-old friend had engaged in a sex act with Layton, police said. After Layton’s arrest, detectives said they recovered several nude photographs of boys during a search of his residence.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay to Stand Trial for Molestating 9-Year-Old Boy
A two-time Greene County sex offender accused in a new case of trying to sexually assault a 9-year-old Springfield boy will stand trial. Associate Greene County Circuit Judge Jason Brown found enough probable cause after Tommy Wayne Boyd's Wednesday preliminary hearing. The boy testified about the encounter in Brown's court. Boyd faces an Aug. 3 circuit court arraignment on a charge of attempted enticement of a child May 29 at Jordan Creek Linear Park Trail. Court documents indicate Boyd enticed young boys in the past. He was convicted of first-degree statutory sodomy after he led an 11-year-old boy to a tunnel area at Smith Park on Oct. 13, 1996, and raped him there. Court documents in the case said Boyd had previously been in the juvenile system for sodomy of a 12-year-old boy.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
'Gay'-pride organizer in child-sex sting
Man charged with felony for allegedly seeking to meet boy, 14
The outreach coordinator of Milwaukee's homosexual "PrideFest" is now facing a felony charge after police say he sought to meet a 14-year-old boy via the Internet for a sexual rendezvous.
According to authorities, David W. Bodoh, 42, of Wauwatosa, Wis., apparently made contact with a boy from Oconomowoc, and eventually set up a meeting with an undercover state agent who posed online as the child.
The boy's foster mother is said to have discovered explicit e-mails between her son and Bodoh in January, and contacted police.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Fort Bragg Soldier Charged With Spreading HIV
FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- An HIV positive Fort Bragg soldier has been charged with spreading the virus to another gay. Private 1st Class Johnny Lamar Dalton was charged last week by civilian authorities in Cumberland County with assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor assault and committing a crime against nature.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Medical Consequences Of What Homosexuals Do
Throughout history, all civilized societies have condemned homosexuality. Until 1961 homosexual acts were illegal throughout America.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
3 Teens Testify Against N.J. Millionaire Mark Bianchi
Two teenage Moldovan boys yesterday testified that a South Jersey millionaire sexually groped them. A third said the accused performed oral sex on him during a visit to their country. But the moment that most observers, including federal jurors, are unlikely to forget is what happened when a fourth boy took the stand in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. The boy, according to the indictment, was expected to testify that he had sex with Anthony Mark Bianchi of North Wildwood, who is accused of traveling overseas to molest 10 boys.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Fla. Gay Is Finally to Be Executed
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -- Gov. Charlie Crist signed his first death warrant Wednesday, ending a temporary halt on lethal injections that had been imposed after a botched execution last year. Mark Dean Schwab, 38, is scheduled to be executed Nov. 15, Crist said. Schwab was sentenced to death in 1992 for the kidnapping, rape and murder of 11-year-old boy. Schwab targeted the boy after seeing his picture in a newspaper. Junny Rios-Martinez was strangled or suffocated.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Male Prostitute Held in HIV Case
A 27-year-old man who was posing as a woman when he was arrested by Denver police during a prostitution sting has been charged with prostitution with knowledge of being infected with HIV or AIDS. Darren Garcia is being held in lieu of $50,000 bond on the felony charge. If convicted, he could face up to three years in prison.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Sodomite Kenneth Cummings Jr. now in eternal hell fire for refusing to repent of his sins.
Murder suspect says he was doing God's work
Cypress man is being held in the June death of flight attendant
A Cypress man charged in the death of a Southwest Airlines flight attendant said Saturday that he was doing God's work when he went to a Montrose-area bar last month, hunting for a gay man to kill.
"I believe I'm Elijah, called by God to be a prophet," said 26-year-old Terry Mark Mangum, charged with murder June 11. " ... I believe with all my heart that I was doing the right thing."
Interviewed in the Brazoria County Jail Saturday morning, Mangum said he feels no remorse for killing 46-year-old Kenneth Cummings Jr., whom relatives described as a "loving" son who never forgot a holiday and a devoted uncle who had set up college funds for his niece and nephew. He worked at Southwest for 24 years.
Mangum, who described himself as "definitely not a homosexual," said God called on him to "carry out a code of retribution" by killing a gay man because "sexual perversion" is the "worst sin."
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Payback for exposé on 'dyke' gang rapes
Homosexual activists attack revelations of lesbian assaults
Two news stories about hundreds of lesbian gangs attacking and raping young girls in schools and other public locations have prompted a backlash against the reporters by members of the homosexual community.
The broadcasts by Memphis television station WPTY and Fox News host Bill O'Reilly quoted law enforcement authorities, victims, and even some gang members to document the growing number of attacks on young girls by lesbian gang members.
"The Eyewitness News Everywhere" report in Memphis documented incidents of gangs known as GTOs, or "Gays" Taking Over, attacking schoolgirls. Two prison inmates affiliated with the gang told the station they had begun meeting to offer each other support, but a younger generation of members had taken their group over for violence and rape.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Murder Suspect: 'I am a Pagan/Heathen to the core'
Michael L. Woodbury, 31, of Windham, Maine was recently arraigned in New Hampshire on three counts of premeditated murder. He is suspected of killing James Walker of Maine, and Gary Jones and William Jones, both of Massachusetts, on July 2, 2007. He publicly confessed to the murders verbally to news reporters on July 5, 2007. The Portland Press Herald referenced Woodbury's online personal webpage contents in its July 6, 2007 report on Woodbury. In addition to the murders in New Hampshire, law enforcement officials suspect Woodbury of committing crimes recently in Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Lesbian Gangs Raping Young Girls, Some Attacked in School Washrooms
By John-Henry Westen
MEMPHIS (LifeSiteNews.com) - Last week, the Fox News' O'Reilly Factor exposed the increasing trend of lesbian gang violence terrorizing neighbourhoods and schools, especially in large cities across the United States.  According to FOX News crime analyst Rod Wheeler there are some 150 such gangs in the DC area alone, including Washington, Maryland, and Virginia.
The gangs, known as Dykes Taking Over (DTO) or Gays Taking Over, are forcing children into homosexuality. Wheeler told host Bill O'Reilly: "there is this national underground network, if you will, Bill, of women that's lesbians and also some men groups that's actually recruiting kids as young as 10 years old in a lot of the schools in the communities all across the country."
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
'Gay'-rights leader quits homosexuality
Rising star in movement says God liberated him from lifestyle
He was a rising star in the "gay rights" movement, but Michael Glatze now declares not only has he given up activism - he's no longer a homosexual.
Glatze - who had become a frequent media source as founding editor of Young Gay America magazine - tells the story of his transformation in an exclusive column published today by WND.
Although Glatze cut himself off from the homosexual community about a year and a half ago, he says the column likely will surprise some people.
Gay Convicted in Teen Sex Assault
THERMOPOLIS, Wyo. -- A gay was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage boy whom he later ordered killed. The jury deliberated just three hours Wednesday evening before convicting Kent A. Proffit Sr. on all eight counts of third-degree sexual assault. Proffit was scheduled to go to trial in late 2005 on those charges, but the trial was postponed when Bryce Chavers, 16, was found shot to death in his bed. Authorities initially described Chavers as a witness, but eventually revealed that Chavers was the victim in the sexual assault case.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Hetero woman: Feminism turned me into lesbian
'I'd had a very happy marriage and a very good relationship with men'
A 53-year-old university professor and campaigner for legalized same-sex marriage in the UK said she was once a married "happy heterosexual" who had no doubts about her sexual orientation, but political activity and involvement in feminist causes "changed" her into a lesbian.
Sue Wilkinson, professor of Feminist and Health Studies at Loughborough University, told the London Times that her 17-year marriage to her husband had been a good one.
But that changed in the mid-1980s when the young professor became involved with the British Psychological Society.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
HIV-Positive  Gay Physician Admits Child Sex Abuse
Atlanta ER Doctor Pleads Guilty to Child Exploitation in Sex Case
Adam Lebowitz was a resident at the Emory School of Medicine and also worked in the emergency room at Grady Memorial Hospital.
Share An emergency room doctor who was suspended after being arrested for trying to have sex with a 15-year-old boy he met over the Internet pleaded guilty Thursday to that charge and to producing child pornography.
Adam Wayne Lebowitz, 48, of DeKalb County, was arrested Nov. 2 at the boy's home in Coweta County in western Georgia when he arrived with lubricants, condoms and sleeping bags, police said.
According to court documents, Lebowitz twice filmed sexual encounters he had with underage boys and sent the images over the Internet. In late 2006, Lebowitz met an underage boy from Coweta County online and arranged to meet him for a sexual encounter. Lebowitz was arrested outside the boy's house.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Police: Gay Attacked Two More Boys
A Sound Beach gay with a long history of sexually molesting young boys pleaded not guilty Tuesday to new charges that he sexually abused two boys and took explicit photographs of them. Joseph Burkett, 41, was arraigned in Riverhead on an indictment that includes charges of sodomy, possessing a sexual performance by a child, using a child in a sexual performance and endangering the welfare of a child. Prosecutors said Burkett, a clerk at a Setauket deli, has previous convictions in 1986 and 1987 for molesting boys, including a 5-year-old. They said he most recently lived in the basement of the home of his estranged wife, who lived upstairs with their two teenaged sons.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Gets 20 Years For Homosexual Crimes
NORMAN -- A judge has sentenced a gay to 20 years in prison for molesting a 15-year-old boy at a foster home and for having illegal drugs. Erwin Charles Swender, 42, pleaded no contest Monday to lewd molestation, forcible sodomy and methamphetamine possession. His punishment was the result of plea negotiations with prosecutors. He agreed to the punishment during jury selection. Ready to testify against Swender was the former foster father, Paul Stephen Hull, 55, who cooperated in the case under an agreement he reached with prosecutors in April.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Maryland Man Charged With Homosexual Explicit Chats
A town of Maryland man was charged with a felony Tuesday for alleged sexually explicit Internet chats with a Connecticut police officer posing as a 14-year-old boy. William Everette Sternberg, 58, was arrested on a charge of attempted first-degree disseminating indecent materials to minors, a class E felony punishable by up to four years in prison. "He was chatting in a Yahoo chat room with who he thought was a 14-year-old boy," said Investigator Michael Ten Eyck of the Otsego County Sheriff’s Department.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Two Women Arrested, Accused Of Bathroom Sex In Front Of Children
Third Woman Photographed Alleged Sex Acts, Police Say
Two women in Seminole County, Fla., are accused of performing sex acts in front of children at a community pool bathroom while a third woman photographed them, according to a police report.
Seminole County sheriff's deputies arrested Emily Hernandez and Johannie Jimenez over the weekend at the Casselberry public bathroom.
A woman told police that she was walking into the bathroom with her children, and noticed Hernandez and Jimenez naked and apparently performing oral sex. She said another woman was photographing the acts.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Lesbians sentenced for 'hate crime against straight man'
4 women get 3 1/2 to 11 years for attack caught on tape
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teenager Who Raped Baby Boy Will Be Tried as an Adult
James Wamsley, 17, of Richland, Wash., is being charged as an adult for allegedly raping a 9-month-old baby. Wamsley's charge is first-degree rape of a child; his trial is set for July 23. His bail as of today is set for $500,000; he has yet to post bail, the Tri-City Herald reports. 17 year-old accused of raping 9 month old baby. According to court records, Wamsley had been baby-sitting the baby as well as a 3-year-old on Monday for over 8 hours. The mother of the children had gone out to a barbecue. When she returned home, she noticed something wrong with the baby and called the paramedics immediately. The call to the paramedics was made around 11:30 p.m., the Herald reported. The baby, whose name will not be released, was treated for severe injuries from a sexual assault.
  Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teen Testifies in Homosexual Crimes Trial
NOBLESVILLE -- One of two teenagers who prosecutors and police say were molested by a former Child Protective Services worker told a jury this morning that he had been touched inappropriately the first time in the worker’s sport-utility vehicle. The 16-year-old witness, who was 13 when he reported that he had been victimized, told Deputy Prosecutor Stephanie Smith that he spent quite a lot of time in 2004 and 2005 with Cory Heinzman, 38, of Arcadia. Heinzman has been charged with 15 felonies, including child molestation and sexual misconduct with a minor, as well as 14 misdemeanors, all for official misconduct. If convicted, he faces 20-50 years per charge on the six more-serious Class A felonies alone, in addition to fines ranging from $5,000-$10,000 per charge.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Paroled Killer Back to Face Gay Crimes
TULSA -- A man paroled for a 1977 homicide has been returned to Oklahoma to face charges linked to the molestation of three children nearly 21 years ago, authorities said. Gary Lee Reece, 53, had been wanted since 1986 on three counts of lewd molestation, two counts of forcible sodomy and one count of injury to a minor child. Authorities arrested him in Covington County, Miss., and he was extradited to Oklahoma. He was booked into the Tulsa Jail on May 26, records show. In Tulsa County, Reece was charged in September 1986 with molesting a 4-year-old male relative in Tulsa, records show. Charges allege that the boy was molested and sodomized during a three-month span and that he had to be treated for cigarette burns to his hands and chest.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Baptist Sunday School Teacher Arrested for Gay Crimes
Other molest victims sought in San Jose case
San Jose police want victims of an alleged molester who police believe lured teens to his home through his church and community involvement to come forward. Officers arrested Valentino Angel Sedillo, 39, of San Jose, on Christmas Eve after investigating allegations that he molested a 15-year-old neighbor, Sgt. Nick Muyo said. Sedillo used his home as an unofficial youth center for neighborhood teens, taught Sunday school at Foxworthy Baptist Church and worked with at-risk boys in his neighborhood near South Bascom and Camden avenues, according to police. Inside Sedillo's home, where teens often hung out, police found surveillance and recording equipment, Muyo said. Police allege he also provided teenagers with alcohol.
Anyone with information about Sedillo is asked to call detective Rea Pifferini at (408) 277-4102.
Tipsters wishing to remain anonymous can call Crime Stoppers at (408) 947-STOP.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Dance Instructor Gets Maximum Sentence for Homosexual Crimes
CORPUS CHRISTI -- Former dance instructor Ricardo Villa has received the maximum sentence of 99 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy on three occasions back in 1994. Villa will serve 99 years in prison and also faces fines of $5,000 for each count. The three sentences will be served concurrently. He'll be eligible for parole in the year 2037. It took the jury only two hours to decide Villa's fate, and there was no response by Villa as Judge Tom Greenwell announced the jury's decision. However, members of the victim's family in the courtroom cheered silently as it came down.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Ex-Cop Charged With Gay Crimes
TULSA -- Prosecutors filed 28 felony counts against the former operator of a Broken Arrow skating rink accused of sexually abusing 19 boys who ranged in age from 8 to 14 years old. David Abston, who is scheduled to be sentenced July 31 for his conviction of federal child pornography crimes, now faces 22 counts of sexually abusing a minor child, one count of forcible sodomy and five counts of possessing child pornography. The state charges filed Wednesday against the former Muskogee police officer stem from an ongoing investigation that began Nov. 8 after federal agents executed a search of Abston’s Tulsa home. During that search, FBI agents allegedly discovered sexual devices, lubricants and condoms in a bedroom occupied by a 10-year-old boy and a computer that contained hundreds of pornographic images and videos.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Malaysian Sentenced to 60 Years for Homosexual Crimes
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- A Malaysian man was sentenced to 60 years in jail and 22 lashes with a whip for sodomizing a minor, a news report said Saturday. Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahaman, 35, wept and pleaded guilty Friday in court for committing sodomy 22 times last year with a 15-year-old boy, the New Straits Times reported. Abdul Rahim claimed the boy seduced him. "He liked me and even stayed at my house when he told me he ran away from home ... I told him to leave but he refused," he was quoted as saying.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Priest Accused of Molesting Third Boy
A Catholic priest who served at a church on the northwest side during the 1980's is accused of molesting a third boy. The Gary Underwood had previously been accused of molesting two boys at St. Odilia's Church, at 7570 N. Paseo del Norte. The new indictment accuses Underwood of both molestation and sexual conduct of a boy under 15 in 1985 and 1986. On May 1 he pleaded not guilty to the newest charges and he's scheduled to reappear in court July 10.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Calif. Senate Passes 'Gay Indoctrination'
The California State Senate on Thursday passed legislation mandating that schoolchildren as young as kindergarten learn about and support transsexuality, bisexuality and homosexuality. SB 777 requires textbooks, instructional materials, and school-sponsored activities to positively portray cross-dressing, sex-change operations, homosexual "marriages," and all aspects of homosexuality and bisexuality, including so-called "gay history."
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Female Teacher Fired after Charged for Sexualy Assaulting Female Student
A former Berkeley County teacher of the year is out of a job after police charged her with sexually abusing a female student. The school board terminated Kanesa Hopkins at Tuesday night's board meeting.
Police say the Westview Middle School eacher of the year had sex with a female student at Hopkins’ home in North Charleston and in Goose Creek.
Neighbors say they had no idea. They wouldn’t talk on camera, but they did say Hopkins lived a home on East Hartwick Lane for several years and just moved about a month ago. They say she would always wave to them when she got out of the car, but pretty much kept to herself
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Male Teacher accused of having sex with student
  Kirk Hellwig, 37
An arrest of a teacher at Columbia High School has taken the community by surprise.
"Like you, we're obviously shocked and dismayed at the allegations," said East Greenbush Central Schools Superintendent Terrance Brewer.
Kirk Hellwig, a 37-year-old social studies teacher at Columbia, was arrested by East Greenbush Police Monday morning. Hellwig is charged with engaging in a sexual act with a 16-year-old male student on school grounds and during school hours.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
'Gay' cowboy love scenes 'traumatize' schoolgirl, 12
Family sues district for $500,000 after 'Brokeback' shown in class
Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal portray cowboys who fall in love with each other in 'Brokeback Mountain'
A 12-year-old girl who says she was traumatized when her teacher showed the film "Brokeback Mountain" featuring love scenes with homosexual cowboys is suing the Chicago Board of Education for $500,000.
"What happens in Ms. Buford's class stays in Ms. Buford's class," is what the substitute teacher told eighth-grade students at Ashburn Community Elementary School after showing the R-rated movie, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Cook County Circuit Court.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Authorities Investigating 'Gay' Methodist Pastor for Molesting Boy
FAIRFIELD -- Authorities investigating a former Methodist pastor charged with molesting a young boy are trying to determine if other children were abused. Larry Reinke, 56, pleaded not guilty last week to charges that he molested a boy younger than 13 from January 2003 to June 2005, and again during the first few months of 2007, allegedly recording the abuse at least once with a digital camera. Authorities are asking children and parents who suspect abuse to come forward, Wayne County Chief Deputy Jeff Grieve said Thursday. Church officials also have launched their own investigation at churches Reinke headed in central and Southern Illinois, said Paul Black, spokesman for the Illinois Great Rivers Conference of the United Methodist Church. The church removed Reinke from the ministry April 17, the same day he was charged with two counts of predatory criminal sexual assault and one count of child pornography.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Anglican Missionary Who Opposed Homosexuality Was Fatally Poisoned
A British missionary was fatally poisoned after helping to prevent a London vicar from becoming a bishop in Central Africa, The Times has learnt. Relatives of Canon Rodney Hunter, 73, believe that his food was contaminated by supporters of the Rev Nicholas Henderson in a battle between the liberal and conservative wings of the Anglican Church. In November Canon Hunter was found dead at his home in Nkhotakota, Malawi, with a strange black substance around his mouth. The day before his death he had complained of severe stomach pains, and postmortem examination has now shown that he was killed by three poisons.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Woman who posed as boy pleads guilty to child molesting
A black and white photo of Lorelei Corpuz, taken by a former roommate. Corpuz, a woman, allegedly posed as a teenaged boy named Mark Villanueva.
EVERETT, Wash. - A woman who posed as a homeless orphaned boy, befriended a teenage girl and was taken into her family's home has pleaded guilty to child molestation.
Sentencing was set for June 18 after Lorelei J. Corpuz, 30, entered her plea Wednesday in Snohomish County Superior Court. Corpuz, 5-foot-3, had to stand on tiptoes to raise her handcuffed wrists high enough so she could sign court documents.
Prosecutors said they would seek a one-year jail term, the maximum under state guidelines. Two other counts of third-degree child rape were dropped last month.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay With HIV Gets Life Term for Homosexual Crimes
DALLAS -- An HIV-positive gay who prosecutors say secretly videotaped sexual encounters with 131 young men was sentenced to life in prison for attempting to entice a 15-year-old boy to engage in sex acts. During his trial, prosecutors alleged Willie Atkins knew of his condition yet endangered dozens of partners by rarely using condoms, and that there was no evidence that he warned anyone that he was HIV-positive. Atkins was sentenced Friday for attempting to entice a minor for sex, which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Because Atkins had two previous felony convictions, for aggravated robbery and firearms possession, he was eligible for the life sentence.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Medical Consequences Of What Homosexuals Do
Throughout history, all civilized societies have condemned homosexuality. Until 1961 homosexual acts were illegal throughout America.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Priest Jailed for Homosexual Attacks on Boys
BRISTOL, England -- A Church of England priest has been sentenced to more than five years in prison for sexually assaulting six boys. The Rev. David Smith, rector of the church in Clevedon, Somerset, was convicted after a two-week trial in Bristol Crown Court, The Daily Telegraph reported. The case raised questions about the church's handling of abuse since Smith's history of abuse allegedly began in 1976 when he was an assistant housemaster at Douai Abbey, a boarding school near Reading.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Fake Anti-“Gay” “Hate Crimes” Keep Piling Up
The Associated Press is reporting the latest in a string of fraudulent high profile “hate crime” reports by homosexual activists who are evidently having trouble coming up with legitimate incidents of “hate crimes” against homosexuals to bolster their deceptive agenda. “No problem, we’ll just keep making them up,” apparently goes the mindset.
As Congress reportedly prepares to vote Thursday on “hate crimes” bill H.R. 1592, the evidence is overwhelming. The entire concept is built on a foundation of fraud.
British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin smiles as he arrives at Leeds Crown Court, northern England, for a retrial on race hate charges November 10, 2006. REUTERS/Phil Noble (BRITAIN) The AP reports as follows:
A gay rights group is canceling a planned rally on the Minnesota State University Moorhead campus.
This after police say a previously reported assault was not a hate crime.
The Fargo-Moorhead Ten Percent Society says it supports the decision of Moorhead police and it will be canceling its march planned for Thursday night.
Edina native Paul Marquardt had reported that he was taunted for his sexual orientation and attacked by four men last week.
But Moorhead Deputy Police Chief Bob Larson says investigators heard a conflicting story.  So they interviewed Marquardt again and he said he didn't hear any anti-gay remarks and believes he was pushed down and injured by unknown assailants.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay School Worker Guilty of Homosexual Crimes With Boy, Porn Possession
LAKE GEORGE -- A former maintenance worker in the East Greenbush School District pleaded guilty in Warren County Court to felony sex abuse just days after he pleaded guilty to federal child pornography charges in connection with photos that he allegedly took of a 12-year-old boy last summer while at the King Philip Campground in Lake George. Brian G. Howland, 36, of Rensselaer had been indicted on 38 charges by a Warren County grand jury for allegedly sexually abusing a child. He likely faces [only] 14 years in state prison for sodomizing the boy.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
'Gay' activist says 'We will BURY you'
Threats made against Christian workers opposing homosexual agenda
A board member for Equality California has come out swinging at the Bible-based Capitol Resource Institute, which works on behalf of family and biblical values in California, especially among its lawmakers.
"If you continue your efforts, we will BURY you," said an e-mail from Ben Patrick Johnson, to his "colleagues" at the CRI, according to a statement from the Christian organization.
"For a group that purports to expand tolerance and civil rights, Equality California is not practicing what it preaches," CRI said.
"This type of language evokes images of Communist leader Nikita Khrushchev pounding his shoe on the podium of the United Nations when he declared that Communism would bury America," said CRI. "The irony is not lost on us - Communists squelch all opposing speech, just as the modern 'intolerance' movement seeks to silence all opposing viewpoints.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Priest Found Guilty of Homosexual Crimes Against Six Boys
A parish priest who abused boys for nearly 30 years has been jailed for five and a half years. The Reverend David Smith, 52, groomed vulnerable youngsters and indecently assaulted some of them during sleepovers at his vicarage and on holidays abroad. Concerns about the vicar were twice raised with Church of England officials. Peter Halliday, 61, who worked at St Peter's Church in Farnborough, Hampshire, admitted sexually molesting boys as young as nine nearly 20 years ago. Smith, vicar of St John the Evangelist in Clevedon, Somerset, denied 12 charges against him, claiming "they were figments of someone's imagination". But after a two-week trial a jury took just two hours to find him guilty of ten charges of indecent assault, one sexual assault of a child under 13, and one of sexual activities with a child under 16. The attacks, on six boys took place between 1976 and 2005. Full story...
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
North Collins Gay Convicted of Homosexual Crimes
One of the founders of an Eden children’s soccer league was convicted Monday of periodically molesting a young male friend of his children several years ago. Michael Spicola, 51, who also is the part-time bookkeeper for the Town of North Collins, was convicted in a weeklong trial before Senior Erie County Judge Michael L. D’Amico. A jury of seven women and five men deliberated about three hours before finding Spicola guilty on six counts of first-degree sodomy, three counts of first-degree sexual abuse and one count of child endangerment. He was accused of molesting a young boy on three occasions in his North Collins home in the spring of 1999 and summer and fall of 2000. Full story...
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Tri-Cities Gay Charged With Homosexual Crimes Against Boys
Police charge a Tri-Cities man with aggravated sexual battery and forcible sodomy. The victims: boys under the age of 13. Scott County Virginia detectives say there are three confirmed victims, but there could be more. Officers arrested Curtis Page April 26 and charged him with aggravated sexual battery and one count of forcible sodomy. Those charges came after two victims came forward. Detectives say some of the incidents happened in 2005, others as recent as two months ago. For now Page is charged with five counts of sexual battery and one count of forcible sodomy. Full story...
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Rochester Gay Charged With Homosexual Crimes Against Boy
Jonathan J. Meek, 52, is charged with one count of first-degree course of sexual conduct against a child, five counts of first-degree sodomy, and 42 counts of possessing child sexual acts on his computer. The boy was less than 11 when he was allegedly assaulted from 1996 to 2001. State Supreme Court Justice Joseph D. Valentino has ordered Meek held without bail in Monroe County Jail. Meek was arrested after the boy, now a teenager, disclosed the abuse. Police found sexually explicit images of underaged boys on Meek's computer. Full story...
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Matthew Davis Held to Answer on Multiple Felony Homosexual Crimes
Matthew Christopher Davis was bound over for trial following the second day of his preliminary hearing Wednesday. On Wednesday, Kirkpatrick testified that he was involved in the search of Davis’ property - which included a family member’s trailer and a shed. Included in the items seized during the search were multiple pornographic DVDs, Kirkpatrick testified - the majority allegedly containing child pornography video clips. During Tuesday’s preliminary hearing proceedings, Sheriff’s Detective Ben A. Nord testified that Doe #1 alleged that he and Doe #2 would go to the shed on Davis’ property and masturbate while watching pornography - Doe #1 estimated the alleged sexual acts to have occurred from December to April. Also, Nord testified that Doe #1 alleged Davis - whom Nord testified was a pack leader in a local Boy Scouts troop - masturbated both boys.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Pandemonium at high school as Day of Defiance challenges pro-homosexual "Day of Silence"
Students storm and assault handful of demonstrators, screaming profanities, obscene gestures as faculty members stand and watch.
It definitely made a statement at this school, says pro-family student.
BROOKLINE, MA, Wednesday, April 25. Between 150-200 students converged on a handful of parents demonstrating outside Brookline High School to protest the pro-homosexual "Day of Silence" inside, screaming, swearing, throwing food, and other uncivilized behavior as several school faculty members and administrators looked on.
The group of about half a dozen parents attempted to engage in discussion with the kids about the event, and one parent brought flyers to hand out (which were taken from him and burned by some of the students). Food was thrown at several parents by students.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Violent gays again at their terroristic activities.
Threats Escalate with Bullet Mailed to Italian Cardinal Opposing Same-Sex Civil Unions
  GENOA, Italy - Homosexual activists mailed a bullet to the office of Genoese Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco Friday, in the latest threat against the senior church official over his opposition to same-sex civil unions.
  Police bodyguards were assigned to protect Archbishop Bagnasco several weeks ago, after threatening graffiti appeared on his cathedral and other buildings across the city. “Death to Bagnaso” and “Shame on you, Bagnasco” were spray painted, along with insults against Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Camillo Ruini, previous head of the bishops conference.
  Pornographic images of the Virgin Mary portrayed as a bisexual were left in pamphlets in the cathedral at the end of the Easter Vigil Mass, Catholic News Agency reported
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Scout Official Charged In Molestation
DIXON, Ill. -- A former regional Boy Scout official has been charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old Scout at least four times since July. Charles Bickerstaff, 56, of Dixon, was charged with four counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and four counts of criminal sexual assault, Lee County Correctional Officer Larry Schremp said Sunday. Bail was set at $2.5 million at a hearing Friday, and Bickerstaff remained in custody Sunday. Bickerstaff retired last year as district executive for the Blackhawk Area Council, covering northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, of the Boy Scouts of America. He recruited and trained volunteers and helped organize fundraisers.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teachers insist: Being 'gay' good
'Educators' promoting homosexuality no matter what children learn at home
A nationally distributed training video produced by a "gay" advocacy group - which claims it's been shown on more than 100 public television stations - advises teachers to promote homosexuality as normal and healthy to children as young as kindergarten age, regardless of what values the child has been taught at home.
"We are asking kids to believe this [homosexuality] is right. Not as a matter of moral principle, but as a matter of, we're educating them and this is part of what we consider to be a healthy education," one unidentified teacher said during the videotaped meeting of educators preparing to teach - or as their critics charge, "brainwash" - their students.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Videos - The homosexual brainwashing of kids in schools...
Extremely slick propaganda directed at the youngest of children! The videos below are from It's Elementary, a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexual activists.  These are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York.  It's Elementary is meant to be a training video for homosexual activist teachers across the country. In addition, the film itself has been shown to schoolchildren in public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere.
If you haven't already seen this video, get ready.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Psychiatrist Accused of Molesting Boys
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- Dr. William Ayres' specialty was child psychiatry, which meant it was perfectly routine for him to be alone and behind closed doors with boys. During a more than 40-year career in which he rose to the top of his profession, he took advantage of that to molest numerous patients, authorities say. Ayres, 75, is charged with 18 counts of lewd and lascivious behavior involving five boys, ages 9 through 12, under his care. Prosecutors believe there were dozens more victims and plan to bring additional charges. Ayres, who was arrested earlier this month, is free on $750,000 bail.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teacher charged over lesbian contact with student
TENINO, Wash. - A female high school teacher accused of inappropriate contact with a 16-year-old female student has been charged in Pacific County.
Dawn Marie Welter, 38, of Sumner, was charged Tuesday with second-degree sexual misconduct with a minor for allegedly spending the night with the girl at a motel. If convicted, she faces a maximum penalty of one year in jail and a $5,000 fine.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay School Bus Driver Suspended After Homosexual Charges Filed
RAYTOWN, Mo. -- A school bus driver was suspended after officials learned he had been accused of molesting a child at a Kansas City funeral home. Matthew C. Lewellen, 31, was charged this week with two counts of first-degree statutory sodomy involving a 12-year-old boy. Jackson County prosecutors said it happened in 2005 at a funeral home on State Line Road near West 123rd Street, where Lewellen used to work. According to court documents, Lewellen confessed to police.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Possible Link Seen Between Missing Boy and Homosexual Kidnappings
BENTON HARBOR -- Benton Township police and the FBI are looking into a possible connection between the 2001 disappearance of a Berrien County boy and a suspected kidnapper in Missouri who made national news. Steven Kraft Jr. was 12 when he disappeared about 7 p.m. Feb. 15, 2001, in Benton Township. Police are investigating whether Michael Devlin crossed paths with Steven while en route to the Devlin family vacation home in Pentwater, Mich., a Lake Michigan village between Ludington and Muskegon.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual Kidnapper Faces New Charge of Attempted Murder
POTOSI, Mo. -- It's a story that captured the nation's attention - the kidnappings of Shawn Hornbeck and Ben Ownby. Tuesday the Washington County Prosecutor announced seven new charges against 41-year-old Michael Devlin. Besides kidnapping, armed criminal action and forcible sodomy, Devlin also faces an attempted murder charge involving Hornbeck.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual in Virginia Sentence to Only 14 Years for Gay Behavior
A Stafford man was ordered yesterday to serve 14 years in prison for molesting a 10-year-old boy. Enrique "Henry" DeManuel, 37, was sentenced by Judge George Tidey to a total of 90 years in prison with all but 14 years suspended. He pleaded guilty in February to two counts of forcible sodomy, four counts of aggravated sexual battery and two counts of taking indecent liberties with a child. According to evidence presented by prosecutor Andrea McCauley, the attacks took place last summer at DeManuel's home on Decatur Road.
Homosexual Nanny Admits to Gay-Behavior with Youth
The ex-nanny of a 13-year-old Salt Lake City boy admitted Monday to having sex with the youth. David Michael Busby, 28, pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree felony sodomy on a child. As part of a plea agreement, 31 other charges were dismissed. Busby faces up to life in prison on each count when he is sentenced June 14 by 3rd District Judge Randall Skanchy. Busby was initially charged with having naked pictures of the boy on his digital camera. The boy later admitted that he and Busby had sex with each other approximately 150 times from December 2005 to March 2006 in Salt Lake City. Those acts resulted in additional criminal charges.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual Nanny Admits to Gay-Behavior with Youth
The ex-nanny of a 13-year-old Salt Lake City boy admitted Monday to having sex with the youth. David Michael Busby, 28, pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree felony sodomy on a child. As part of a plea agreement, 31 other charges were dismissed. Busby faces up to life in prison on each count when he is sentenced June 14 by 3rd District Judge Randall Skanchy. Busby was initially charged with having naked pictures of the boy on his digital camera. The boy later admitted that he and Busby had sex with each other approximately 150 times from December 2005 to March 2006 in Salt Lake City. Those acts resulted in additional criminal charges.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teacher fired for sex with girl she tutored
23-year-old woman booked for felony carnal knowledge of juvenile
The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board fired a Tara High School chemistry teacher Thursday for having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl she tutored and for failing to report her arrest to school officials within three days.
Jamie Lynn Armstrong, 23, 8939 Jefferson Highway, Apt. 206, was booked April 9 into Parish Prison on counts of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile.
She was released on $20,000 bond.
Tara High was the first teaching job for Armstrong, a 2006 LSU graduate.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
'HIV chasing' a trend in gay community
A Melbourne man who fantasised about contracting HIV before actually being infected by the virus has spoken of a gay subculture in which infection is seen as "desirable".
The 20-year-old man, who does not want to be named, told Fairfax newspapers both complacency about the virus and the wish to have unprotected sex with an HIV-positive man he was in love with led him to become infected.
"I wasn't actively seeking it, but maybe there were parts of me, dark corners, that wanted it, that were thinking, 'Let's just do it and get it over and done with and then it won't be an issue'," he said.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Who Kidnapped Boys Charged With Attempted Murder
Prosecutors added fresh charges Monday to the case against alleged kidnapper Michael Devlin. In an indictment unveiled April 16, Washington County Prosecutor John Rupp alleged that Devlin, who has been charged in several jurisdictions for his role in the dual kidnappings of Shawn Hornbeck and William "Ben" Ownby, "attempted to kill S.H. by suffocation" after he abducted the boy from near his Richwoods, Missouri, home on October 6, 2002. The indictment does not identify the victim as Shawn Hornbeck but refers to the minor by the initials S.H. Full story...
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Police Nab Another Alleged Gay
FARMINGTON -- Police arrested their third online sex offender in less than six weeks Thursday after a West Bridgewater, Mass. man agreed to meet who he believed was a 14-year-old boy in his town in late March. Police said Aaron Tisdale, 26, of 268 Spring St., West Bridgewater, Mass., was arrested by West Bridgewater police March 26 with Farmington officers in attendance, minutes after he arranged to meet a 14-year-old boy with whom he had been having dirty discussions with online.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Pedophile Teacher Gets Only 20 Years In Prison
Matt Gould, a former teacher at Pratum Elementary School in Silverton, was sentenced Monday to 20 years in prison for 14 counts of first-degree sex abuse. Prosecutors also revealed a stunning array of sexually oriented activity that Gould had performed with as many as 19 youths, dating back years, and linked him to at least 17 additional victims. The sentence was about 50 years shy of the time asked for by Deputy District Attorney Jodie Bureta, who reminded the court that Gould had known he was committing pedophilia for years and had received "close police contact" for child abuse investigations twice before.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Straight Man Describes Alledge Attack by Gang of 7 Lesbians In N.J.
Claims Incident Was Hate Crime Against Straight Man
A man who was beaten and stabbed in New York City after a street fight with seven avowed lesbians from New Jersey testified Wednesday that he thought he was going to die after they jumped him last year.
"I remember being surrounded, my hands up in my face," Dwayne Buckle testified at the trial of four of the women. "I went up into a defensive position. I felt a nick in my abdomen. I had my two hands in front of my face."
He said he didn't realize he had been stabbed.
"Somebody told me I was stabbed," he said. "As soon as he said that, I felt it. I lay down on my knapsack. I was hollering and screaming. I felt like I was going to die."
Buckle, 29, said he was in a hospital for five days and in bed at his Queens home for a month after undergoing surgery for a lacerated liver and stomach. He said he also suffered cuts, bruises, scratches and an eye injury in the attack.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Lesbian arrested for sex with 16-year-old
Teacher placed on leave
A Tara High School science teacher, accused of having sexual relations with a 16-year-old student, including one occasion at the school, was arrested last week.
Jamie Lynn Armstrong, 23, was booked Thursday into Parish Prison on counts of felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile and contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile, East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesman Fred Raiford said.
Armstrong, 8939 Jefferson Highway, Apt. 206, was released Friday on $20,000 bond.
She will be removed from the classroom and placed on paid administrative leave, East Baton Rouge Parish school spokesman Chris Trahan said. The school will conduct an internal investigation.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Bi-Sexual Man Admits 40 Molestations
STE. GENEVIEVE, Mo. - Al McDaniel waited nervously inside the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff's Department as detectives interviewed his 6-year-old grandson. McDaniel hoped the interviews wouldn't confirm his worst suspicion - that William Huck Sr. molested the boy at the in-home day-care center Huck's wife operated. Huck was arrested March 25 and has since told authorities he molested 40 kids over 30 years, according to legal documents. He is charged with 13 counts of first-degree child molestation and four counts of statutory sodomy and is jailed on $1 million. Authorities say more charges, perhaps many more, are likely.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual Woman, 30, Posed as Teenage Boy to Assault 14-Year-Old Girl
EVERETT -- An Everett woman who posed as a teenage boy was arrested Sunday for allegedly molesting a 14-year-old girl who believed the older woman was her boyfriend. Lorelei Josephine Corpuz, 30, lived for more than a year as a 17-year-old boy named "Mark," according to papers filed in Everett District Court. As "Mark," Corpuz persuaded the girl's family to let "Mark" live in their home as the girl's boyfriend. Corpuz claimed to be an orphan, police alleged.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Violent gays at it again.
Genoa cathedral defaced; gay activists suspected
Genoa  (CWNews.com) - Vandals have defaced the cathedral of Genoa, Italy, in an apparent retaliation after Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco spoke out forcefully against same-sex unions.
The words "Bagnasco shame" were spray-painted across the main entrance to the cathedral of St. Lawrence in Genoa. The words appeared shortly after Archbishop Bagnasco, the president of the Italian bishops' conference, issued a statement opposing the legal recognition of civil unions, and saying that the government's failure to enforce moral norms regarding marriage could open the way to all kinds of perverse relationships.
Police in Genoa told reporters that Archbishop Bagnasco was being accompanied by an armed guard because of concerns about his security raised by the incident.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Guards Discover Man Charged With Rape Is A Homosexual Female
CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. -- A statutory rape case against a 42-year-old charged as a man took on a different look after a jail shower revealed the defendant is actually a woman. The female victim and several prisoners at the Hamilton County Jail were among those surprised to discover that the person booked in the case as Alexander David Cross is a woman also known as Elaine Ann Cross. Cross had been in jail awaiting a court appearance Wednesday, where she pleaded guilty to an aggravated statutory rape charge as part of a deal with prosecutors. The charge stems from a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl. In exchange for the plea, Cross will not serve jail time if she stays out of trouble for six years. Officials said her gender was revealed when jail authorities directed Cross to take a shower.
Boy Scout Leader Admits to Sexual Assaults
EDINBURG, TX -- Former Boy Scout leader Genaro Vela’s family continues to support him after he pleaded guilty Friday to sexually assaulting one of his former Scouts and inappropriately touching several others. Vela, 59, pleaded guilty to two counts of indecency with a child and one count each of sexual assault of a child and attempted sexual assault. Three remaining counts of indecency with a child were considered in assessing his punishment, but he did not plead to those counts. No charges are pending now. A month after the allegations surfaced, Vela was arrested again on federal child pornography charges.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Homosexual Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping Boy
VISTA -- A Long Beach gay pleaded guilty yesterday to a felony charge of kidnapping a child to molest him. Eric Rodney Hill, 28, admitted he tried to molest a boy in a Carlsbad neighborhood Dec. 1. Hill is to be sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole at a Superior Court hearing scheduled for next month. Full story...
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Accused Of Using Dog To Lure, Molest Boys
TAMARAC, Fla. -- The Broward Sheriff's Office has arrested a gay accused of using his dog to lure children into his apartment and then molesting them. An investigation into Bert Karesboom began last Wednesday when an adult allegedly saw Karesboom expose himself to a child at his Lakeside Drive apartment complex. BSO investigators said they spoke to other adults who told them that Karesboom, 58, frequently had children at his apartment, often played games with them and took them to fast-food restaurants. The BSO said Karesboom admitted to molesting the boys, and detectives said he might have molested others. He was charged with six counts of lewd or lascivious molestation and one count of lewd or lascivious exhibition.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Male Child Molester Charged In Boy's Death
SAVANNAH, Ga. -- A convicted child molester and his parents were indicted Wednesday on charges they molested and then murdered a 6-year-old neighbor boy, whose body was found last week in a trash bag dumped by a roadside. Glynn County District Attorney Stephen D. Kelley said he will seek the death penalty against George David Edenfield, 32, who has a prior child molestation conviction from 1997, and his parents, David and Peggy Edenfield. Young Christopher Michael Barrios was missing for a week before police found his body last Thursday about three miles from his trailer park home 60 miles south of Savannah.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
DNA Convicts Gay of Sodomizing 4-Year-Old Boy
Thomas Daniel Nuckles maintains he did not molest a 4-year-old boy while he worked at a Roanoke County day care center. But DNA evidence taken from a stain on the boy's underwear overwhelmingly points to Nuckles, and a judge convicted him Thursday morning of forcible sodomy. Nuckles, 48, entered an Alford plea, which means he maintained his innocence but did not wish to risk a trial by jury. After hearing a summary of the evidence, Roanoke County Circuit Judge James Swanson found Nuckles guilty. As part of the plea agreement, Roanoke County Commonwealth's Attorney Randy Leach dropped a charge of aggravated sexual battery. Nuckles faces a maximum possible punishment of life in prison at his May 24 sentencing.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Accused of Molesting Boy
COLLINSVILLE -- Authorities are looking for a 42-year-old Collinsville gay who was charged Monday with sexual assault, sexual abuse and soliciting sex from two teenage boys. A warrant remains open for Donnie G. Helms, a previously convicted sex offender, after police say he molested a 15-year-old acquaintance of Helms' son and tried to molest another 15-year-old boy. The incident allegedly happened on Sunday. Helms was convicted previously of a sex crime in St. Clair County, according to court records and the Illinois sex offender registry.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Restaurant Owner Convicted For Attacking Boy
NEW CASTLE -- The 15-year-old Craig County boy had worked for three years at The Bread Basket restaurant when owner Sidney Arnold Harry called him upstairs. Harry said "he had some things to show me," the boy testified. In a bedroom over the restaurant, Harry told the boy to try on a pair of jeans, then asked to touch him sexually. He offered the confused and frightened boy money, and said, "Let's do it one time, that'll be it," the boy testified. After hearing the boy's testimony Friday in Craig County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Judge Paul Tucker certified two charges of forcible sodomy and seven counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor against Harry to a grand jury. He also convicted Harry of five misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and sentenced him to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine on each charge. Harry is appealing the convictions to Craig County Circuit Court.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Local Gay Gets 50 Years for Sex Acts With Adopted Son
FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A federal judge sentenced a 34-year-old Glades County gay to 50 years in prison for videotaping sex acts with his adopted son and sending the images via the Internet. U.S. District John Steele exceeded the recommended guidelines in sentencing the man Monday. Steele said it was the worst child pornography case he has seen. The charges involved the gay's adopted son, now 17, and two other boys in Glades and Brevard counties. The crimes occurred from at least 1998 to last April, when he was arrested, the indictment said. At least 350 pictures and 18 videos were produced and sent. Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Firefighter Gets 33 Years For Sex Crime
GLOUCESTER -- A former Hampton firefighter and medic, who pleaded guilty to four counts of using force to sodomize a 9-year-old boy, was ordered Monday to serve 33 years in prison. William Lester Graham, 29, sobbed profusely in Gloucester Circuit Court as he begged forgiveness. "I come before you a broken man," Graham started, his voice breaking as he told Judge William H. Shaw III, "I've made some terrible mistakes. "I've hurt the ones I loved the most."
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Innocent children forced to march in Gay Parade.
School kids' march in 'gay' parade protested
Angry citizens point out students' exposure to pornographic scenes
By James L. Lambert
Float in San Diego Gay Pride Parade
Eleven local citizens appeared at a San Diego School District meeting this week to confront officials about the San Diego Cooperative Charter School's active participation in the city's annual Gay Pride Parade.  The activists were especially concerned about the school's elementary-age children marching in the annual event.
The group presented the school board with pictures from the parade of scantily dressed men, sadomasochists and drag queens.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Air Force captain who raped men gets 50 years
EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - A military jury ignored an Air Force captain’s plea for leniency Wednesday, sentencing him to 50 years in prison for raping four men and attempting to rape two others.
The sentence was delivered a day after nine Air Force officers serving on Capt. Devery L. Taylor’s court-martial jury found him guilty of all charges against him for drugging and kidnapping servicemen he met in bars. Taylor was dismissed from the Air Force and will not be eligible for parole for 20 years.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Lesbian website retreats from threat
Commenter had suggested 'snipers take note' of Christian leader's address
A lesbian activist who runs the weblog "Pam's House Blend" has banned one of the people who posts on her site after the comments there, which often are bizarre and hateful, suddenly shifted to what could have been perceived as criminally violent recently.
The postings on "House Blend" targeted Peter LaBarbera, the president of the pro-family Americans for Truth, which works to publish a message of hope for those caught in the homosexual lifestyle
The column posted LaBarbera's home address in a thread titled, "Saturday this and that," and a short time later, a poster identified as "Barry G. Wick" said, "It's across from a park in an area with cul de sacs. I'd bet it's a residence … and across from a park. Snipers take note."
Romans 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
for even their women did change the natural use into that which is
against nature:
Texas Police Arrest Suspected Gay In Male Rape Attacks
Police have arrested a suspected gay on charges he raped a man. Baytown police Captain Roger Clifford says investigators are examining evidence that could link the suspect to a series of male rapes. Keith Chester Hill was being held yesterday on 60-thousand dollars bail on two charges of aggravated robbery and one charge of aggravated sexual assault. Clifford says Hill was arrested late Tuesday night at his parents' Baytown home after D-N-A testing connected him to a May attack.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Teacher In Sex-Abuse Case Given New Trial
An Oakland County judge granted a new trial Wednesday to an Oak Park teacher convicted of sexually assaulting two young boys, saying "it would be a miscarriage of justice to allow the verdict to stand." Oakland County Prosecutor David Gorcyca, however, called the ruling by Circuit Judge Denise Langford Morris "legally and factually in error" and promised an immediate appeal. Perry, 33, was jailed Sept. 20 after an Oakland County jury convicted him of dragging two Key Elementary kindergarten boys, then ages 4 and 5, into an empty special-education classroom and assaulting them.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Missouri Kidnapper Faces 69 Counts of Sodomy
The Missouri pizzaman in whose apartment two kidnapped boys were found by police last month has been charged with 69 counts of forcible sodomy and two counts of kidnapping. All charges are felonies each carrying a possible life in prison sentence. Prosecutor Robert McCullough said 18 of the counts against Michael J. Devlin relate to 13-year-old Ben Ownby, who disappeared Jan. 8 and was found Jan. 12. The other 51 charges are related to Shawn Hornbeck, now 15, who was abducted when he was 11 years old. McCollough said Devlin had confessed to the charges. Investigators said Ownby was sodomized four times a day during the four days he was kept in Devlin's apartment. They said Hornbeck was raped daily for the first month he was kidnapped back in 2002 and at least once monthly since then.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
'Gay' Public Defender Pleads Guilty to Molestation
COLUMBUS, Ga. -- A former public defender accused of molesting five boys at a Columbus Boys Choir camp pleaded guilty to all five charges Monday. Richard O. Smith, 62, entered the guilty pleas on the day he was scheduled to go on trial in Harris County Superior Court. Superior Court Judge Michael Stoddard scheduled Smith's sentencing for March 21. Smith faces five to 20 years in prison for each count of child molestation.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13

Sodomites Spreading Drug Resistant HIV Strain in Seattle
Four sodomites in King County have been diagnosed with a strain of HIV that is extremely hard to treat, and health officials are concerned it could spread further. All of the infected sodomites have had multiple "partners," most anonymous. They also used methamphetamine, which tends to increase sexual activity. Public-health officials have found some of the sodomite "partners," and so far none has the resistant strain. But many others have not been found because the filthy sodomites had anonymous sexual encounters.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do
Throughout history, all civilized societies have condemned homosexuality. Until 1961 homosexual acts were illegal throughout America.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Posing as a Family, Gays Stun a Town
EL MIRAGE, Ariz. -- To neighbors, Casey Price was a seventh grader with acne and a baseball cap who lived an unremarkable life among a bevy of male relatives. He built the occasional skateboard ramp and did wheelies on his bicycle down the streets of this subdivision of stucco homes north of Phoenix. In nearby Surprise, where Casey was enrolled as a 12-year-old in a public school for four months, he was regarded as a shy, average student with chronic attendance problems. A man identified as his uncle had registered him, attended curriculum night and e-mailed his teachers about homework assignments. Now Casey is in jail, and his former neighbors and classmates have learned the unthinkable: Not only is Casey not Casey - his real name is Neil H. Rodreick II - but he is also a 29-year-old convicted sex offender who kept a youthful appearance with the aid of razors and makeup.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
How A 29-Year-Old Gay Passed As A Preteen
How did a gay get away with masquerading as a 12-year-old? The bizarre tale unraveled. -- Accept this unscientific claim: Kids today look and act older than they really are. With that in mind, it still would be difficult to explain how a 29-year-old sex offender could pose as a 12-year-old boy AND attend middle school for months before being caught. But that is apparently what happened in Arizona.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Serial Gay Gets Life in Prison
By Jordan Robertson / The Associated Press
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- A gay prosecutors said was one of the nation's most prolific child molesters was sentenced Monday to 150 years in prison for abusing two 12-year-old boys. Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, 64, who also had been convicted of sexual assaults in several states over three decades, was sentenced to the maximum term on 11 felony counts of child molestation and one misdemeanor charge of child pornography possession. Schwartzmiller represented himself during his trial last year but asked for an attorney to represent him during the sentencing phase.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Okla. Police Say Accused Arizona Gay Child Impostor is Molest Suspect
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Police say a convicted gay involved in a bizarre Arizona case may have molested children in El Reno, where records show he lived from 2003 to 2005, a newspaper reported Saturday. Neil Havens Rodreick II, 29, claimed to be a 13-year-old boy when he lived in El Reno. Rodreick is facing several charges in Arizona, where he and three other gays were arrested Jan. 17 after Rodreick enrolled in seventh grade of a charter school as a 12-year-old named Casey Price. He previously spent 45 days as a student in another Arizona school.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Perv Gay Priest May Face More Accusers
More alleged victims could testify against former Milford priest and convicted child molester the Rev. John Banko. They most likely would not be the accusers who testified in the 2002 trial, when Banko was found guilty of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old altar boy, Hunterdon County Assistant Prosecutor Dawn Solari said in court Friday. Banko, 60, is facing new charges he allegedly sexually assaulted another boy younger than 13.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Professors Arrested for Public Masturbation
It should come as no surprise that a men’s restroom at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has become a playground for those who want to masturbate in public and have sex with men they don’t even know. After all, Atlanta is a hotbed of homosexual activity and public restrooms are favorite gathering places of many homosexuals.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
29-Year-Old Gay Pretends to Be 12-Year-Old to Gain Access to Boys
YAVAPAI COUNTY, ARIZ. -- Some parents in Arizona are shocked after learning a 29-year-old gay tried to enroll in school as a 12-year-old. Investigators believe he was doing it to try to find young boys to molest - and they don't think it was the first time. When 29-year-old Neil Rodreick tried to register for school as a 12-year-old boy named Casey Price, Arizona educators immediately became suspicious. His paperwork appeared fake, and he looked older than his potential classmates. But they had no idea that this boy was really an adult - let alone a convicted gay who had served five years in an Oklahoma prison.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Teacher Gets 70 Years for Molesting Student
VIERA, Fla. -- A former Brevard County teacher convicted of molesting a former student has been sentenced to 70 years in prison. A Brevard County judge also sentenced Daniel Cliatt on Tuesday to a lifetime of probabtion. Cliatt, 30, faced up to 260 years in prison after rejecting a plea deal from prosecutors that would have set him free after 34 years in prison. He pleaded guilty in November to 13 counts of sexual battery and child molestation. At the sentencing, Cliatt apologized to the boy, now 14, and his family. "I never meant to hurt anybody and I just wish they would find it in their heart to forgive me," he said. The boy's mother said she could not forgive Cliatt. "This man has changed my child's life," she said. "I'm angry. I'm hurt. I don't want his apology - I want justice."
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Convicted Gay Left Prison Each Day for Penn Graduate Program
PHILADELPHIA -- A gay convicted of molesting a boy he met at a youth academic camp has been allowed to leave prison every day for months to attend graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania. A judge halted the arrangement Wednesday after a complaint from the victim’s mother, who said she learned from a Megan’s Law Web site that her child’s attacker was spending the day unsupervised at Penn. Kurt E. Mitman, 25, of McLean, Va., is serving a 21/2- to 5-year-sentence in a Bucks County prison after pleading guilty in March 2005 to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with the 14-year-old boy.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Teacher Gets Only 5 Years For Molesting Two Students
FULLERTON, Calif. -- A La Habra middle school teacher was sentenced to only five years in prison after pleading guilty to molesting two male students. Hugh Scott Wilson, 47, molested one of the boys for a year, and the other for three years. He was arrested last month and held on $1 million bail. Both boys were 14 years old and eighth-graders at Washington Middle School when Wilson began molesting them when they stayed after school for help on class projects, Emami said.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Pleads Guilty in 2 Naperville Sex Assaults
A Chicago gay who drove around suburban neighborhoods looking for the light of a computer terminal and someone up late pleaded guilty Thursday to sexually assaulting two Naperville teenagers. Dominick Rode, 35, of the 2100 block of West Cortez Street, Chicago, pleaded guilty to two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse, said DuPage County Assistant State's Atty. Michael Pawl. Rode, who faces more than 60 years in prison, has been in the DuPage County Jail on $2 million bond since his July 2003 arrest. Naperville police had said Rode used several methods to make contact with young men.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Police: Gay Solicited Teenager
BEDFORD -- Zachary M. Harrison was arrested Friday for allegedly soliciting and molesting a 13-year-old Bedford boy in March. Harrison, 24, 486 Bartlettsville Road, reportedly contacted the boy by phone, after seeing the boy’s phone number and “sexually suggestive” remarks on a bathroom wall at the old Wal-Mart store, according to Bedford Police Department Maj. Dennis Parsley. The boy claimed Harrison made inappropriate solicitation remarks to him. Court documents allege Harrison performed sex acts with the boy. If convicted on all the charges, he faces between 40 1/2 and 103 years in prison and fines of up to $30,000.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Police Sergeant Gets Only Three Years for Molestating Boys
LOS ANGELES -- A gay Alhambra police sergeant who pleaded guilty to sex-related charges involving two teenage boys was sentenced Tuesday to three years in state prison. Michael James Fisher, 42, was taken into custody immediately after Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Luis A. Lavin imposed the sentence. Fisher pleaded guilty last Nov. 27 to two counts each of committing a lewd act with a child and oral copulation of a child under 18, along with one count of sodomy of a person under 18.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Rapist Preys on Men in Suburban Houston
Rapist Preys on Young Men in Suburban Houston; Has Struck 5 Times Since April in Baytown
BAYTOWN, Texas - A rapist who has struck at least five times since April in and around Baytown has not only spread fear in this working-class community but also piqued the interest of those who study the criminal mind. The reason: He preys on other men.
That makes him something of a rarity in the world of crime.
"It's the least prevalent kind of serial rape, and largely underreported," said Jack Levin, a leading criminologist and director of the Brudnick Center on Violence at Northeastern University in Boston.
Levin and other experts say male-on-male rape sometimes stems from sexual encounters gone bad. But that does not appear to be the case with the rapist in this oil-refining town of 70,000 people about 30 miles east of Houston.
Instead, he methodically identifies and stalks young men and attacks them at gunpoint or knifepoint in or near their homes, according to police Capt. Roger Clifford. Sometimes he robs his victims, too, but rape appears to be the primary motivation, police said.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Gay Attacking Young Men at Gunpoint
Joe Stinebaker / The Associated Press:
A gay who attacks and sodomizes young men at gunpoint has struck five times in the Houston area since mid-September, and police said Monday there may be even more victims, but they are too ashamed to come forward. The gay typically stalks, robs and sexually assaults his victims at gunpoint, apparently choosing them at random and attacking them near or inside their homes, police said. The most recent attack was Nov. 30. Investigators believe that sodomy is the motive, even though some victims were robbed. "I think he (the sodomite) just sees one that he prefers, and then he begins to follow them and gather information, finding out where they live and watching their house," said Lt. Richard Whitaker of the police department in Baytown, where two of the attacks took place.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
'Perv' Rabbi In Brooklyn
A Brooklyn yeshiva covered up a rabbi's long history of child molestation and threatened parents and children who tried to end the abuse, it was charged yesterday. Officials of Yeshiva Mesivta Torah Temimah knew of Rabbi Joel Kolko's attacks on young boys but ignored them because he was cleared by a rabbinical court, said lawyer Jeffrey Herman, who represents some of the alleged victims. Details of Kolko's lurid past rocked the close-knit Jewish community yesterday as the rabbi was arraigned on new sex abuse charges yesterday. They involved a 6-year-old boy - and a 31-year-old man, who says he was abused as a boy and again when he went back to visit the school last year.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Indiana Gay Gets 60 Years for Molesting Boy
A gay who told Greenwood police he cried and asked forgiveness from a 13-year-old boy he often molested has been sentenced to 60 years in prison. Johnson Circuit Judge Mark Loyd suspended 10 years of the sentence on two child molestation charges for Roy James Belongie, 41, Greenwood. Belongie needed to be imprisoned for a long time, Johnson County Prosecutor Lance Hamner said. Belongie, 41, told police he often molested the boy from May 2005 to March 2006. Belongie's family moved between Oregon, California, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Indiana and was a member of the General Assembly and Church of the First Born. Investigators said Belongie told them he had consulted with a church elder about his problems and desires for young children. Cummings said no church members came forward to assist in the probe. Police in Indiana and Oregon theorize Belongie moved his family from one General Assembly and Church of the First Born community to another, where he would be welcomed without question and trusted.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Lynchburg Jury Sentenced Gay to Only 7 Years
A 19-year-old Lynchburg gay was sentenced Friday to seven years in prison for molesting a 12-year-old boy last year. In July, a jury convicted Adolphus Lee Thomas Jr. on one count of forcible sodomy for having sex with the boy in July 2005. The boy was sleeping at Thomas’ house and woke up to find Thomas having sex with him, said Chuck Felmlee, Lynchburg deputy commonwealth’s attorney. The jury could have recommended a sentence ranging from five years to life in prison.
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
*Jesse Dirkhising
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
*Big Brothers Big Sisters BBBS
Now I know why God wrote Leviticus 20:13
Hebrews 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.
Numbers 35:33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are:
for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the
blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.
Romans 1:26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections:
for even their women did change the natural use into that which is
against nature:
:27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the
woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men
working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that
recompence of their error which was meet.
Jude 1:7
Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner,
giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set
forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast.
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