Letter From James Kopp
     My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,
      Greetings, in the Name of the Lord!
      I donít deserve any favors, but for the sake of Dennis and Loretta Malvasi, and their children, and for the sake of
       all children, and, I dare say, for the sake of the Lord, could I please implore you on bended knee to come to
       Dennis and Lorettaís sentencing?
      Their sentencing hearing is scheduled for August 1, 2003 AD.  Judge Carol Amon presiding:
The sentencing of Loretta Marra and Dennis Malvasi has been re-scheduled
  at:   US District Court
   225 Cadman Plaza East
   Brooklyn, N.Y.
      In the old days (it takes a while to remember this), but I remember a feeling of dread, when I would go to a
       rescue and it was all strange and new to me, and I saw people getting arrested and I lacked the courage to join.
       This feeling of dread and unhappiness was replaced by joy and comradery when I was able to join them. Please
       donít be put off by the feeling of dread, no matter how bad it is. Overcome that as best you can and come on
       down. If a total stranger were to be hit by a car in front of your house, you could very well ride down to the
       hospital to see how they made out, despite your uneasiness. Please make every effort to do that in this case. You
       may not be happy with what you have heard Dennis and Loretta may or may not have done, or with me either.
       The fact remains that they are prolifers and that they think and act like prolifers. They did not become space
       aliens just because now the whole weight of the government is piled upon them. They are the same solid
       Catholics they were before.
      To stand at the foot of the gallows, when a Christian is being sliced and diced is not a solid feeling. It is an uneasy
       feeling. We are not sure what to do or say. The only way we are any easier at the mills, say, is from habit. This is
       the same thing. Please come.
      Dennis and Loretta have already done 2 years and 3 months in for something, which, if it did not have a
       connection to prolife, would have merited no jail time at all, or at least they would have already done the time. Of
       all the murders, rapes, drug deals, terrorism, child endangerment and child murders rampant in the country, have
       you ever heard of a couple, both husband and wife, jailed and kept from their two young children? No. I havenít
       either. Dennis and Loretta are being punished for the thought crime of being prolife, with our consent, by silence
       or inaction, yes?
      Please let me add, as gently as I can, and pointing the finger as much at myself as anyone else, that the most
       terrible part of this is not the behavior of the government. As John Stott once said, this is what happens to meat
       when there is no salt to preserve it: it rots. It is to be expected. The most troubling thing, by far, is the incredibly
       wide, deep, palpable and profound silence of the prolife movement and the Church at large about Dennis and
       Loretta. This in response to the jailing of the daughter of one of Americaís most beloved Christian philosophers,
       Dr. William Marra, who never tired, even on literally his dying day, traveling the country to speak out for prolife,
       reverent worship, home-schooling, and against sex ed and the powers of evil.
      Ever so gently, please permit me to ask:
      Have we become so terrified, have we submitted to terror so much that we, not only donít rescue anymore, we
       wonít even sidewalk counsel? We donít picket, we donít open new CPCsÖthis is all bad enough, but now we
       wonít even be bothered to show up when one of our own is sliced and diced by the new (archaeo-) Gestapo?
      An attack against a dedicated prolife couple like this is an attack against children, plain and simple. Please bear
       any burden, make any sacrifice and pay any price to come down to the courthouse, OK? If this is the shape of
       any kind of rescue, until the light declines completely, weíd better get used to what it looks like and sounds like,
       just like I went to a rescue way back when, when I did not want to be in one, and saw John
       Cavanaugh-OíKeefe dragged off with tremendous aplomb and dignity, and the ease he made me feel made me
       feel like I could do that. If all pro-life work is now defined as a federal crime, then we have two options: become
       familiar with federal pounding, or just quit.
      One thing I can tell you from 5 years of bitter personal experience is that it is bad enough when you get pounded
       by the government, but itís really pathetic, when itís all over and you donít even know how they did it.
      Come to Brooklyn and see how they do it. Watch a U.S. attorney stand up in open court and lie about how the
       Bush-appointed U.S. attorney in Buffalo, Michael Battle, reneged on the promise he made to release Dennis and
       Loretta last Fall (2002) after they had not only pled guilty, but also fulfilled the terms of a deal - the deal which
       was offered them.
      Hereís my point. Even if you have nine Miguel Estradas on the Supreme Court, and reverse Roe, and have an
       HLA, and list off anything else you want, it will all still be a huge battle right in these courtrooms. Will it give you
       any satisfaction that there might be an abortionist in a federal court getting off his charges, for the same reason,
       and through the same efforts, that Dennis and Loretta are going to be pounded, barring a miracle, July 11?
      My point is this: unless you are willing to totally quit on any effort whatsoever that has an actual chance of saving
       children (the original raison díetre of rescue, might I gently remind us), then YOUíRE NEXT.
      Weíre so busy working on the harmless as doves part of what the Lord said, we forget the other (clever as
       serpents) and a dozen other Scriptures that talk about the wisdom of the children of darkness. Weíre not talking
       about making money here, or avoiding debtorsí prison: weíre talking about any way forward whatsoever to try
       and save kids. Really save them, and not just wring our hands and complain about how itís not a level playing
       field. Come. Even if youíre retired, you can still at least know the lay of the land.
      Even if this isnít the future (it is most certainly the foreseeable future) of any real rescue, I assure you it is the
       present. Of course, Iím thrilled a few rescues happened in the last couple of years, but time has shown that the
       exception proves the rule. We wonít rescue for the precise reason women abort: it invades our chosen lifestyle
       too much.
      Please forgive an old manís ranting and raving: beat me, kick me, call me Nancy. But come to the courthouse.
       Watch how itís done. Watch how two Christ-like beautiful rescuers stand up and take it like men and women.
       Take notes. You could be next. Or, horror of horrorsÖyou wonít be next. In which case, Iím speechless. And
       so, so sad.
      By the way, the Philly rescuers not getting FACEd makes an interesting point: FACE is applied according to local
       politics. So, it could come back, but people have to be willing to test it.
      I pray for you. Please forgive my ranting: I love you all dearly and I think and pray for you often. Also, let me
       commend to your prayers Brenda Phillips. I donít know her, but she is exposed to 35 years for what amounts to
       a Halloween prank (shooting out the windows of a high school) but because it was a precious mill, she gets 35
       years. She needs a lawyer, for Heavenís sake. The mill was empty. It was the middle of the night. This is a
       perfect example of something between rescue and something more serious. No one was hurt. I doubt anyone
       was ever in danger. Please pray for her.
      Thank you for all the cards and letters. Iím slow to answer. I apologize.
      Your servant and brother,
       (Signed - Jim Kopp)
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      Please forgive an old manís ranting and raving: beat me, kick me, call me Nancy. But come to the courthouse.
       Watch how itís done. Watch how two Christ-like beautiful rescuers stand up and take it like men and women.
       Take notes. You could be next. Or, horror of horrorsÖyou wonít be next. In which case, Iím speechless. And
       so, so sad.