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To Bishop T. D. Jakes - Preaching against Racism is more important than preaching against the murder of millions of babies that die each year by babykilling abortionists.
  "We must preach against racism. Add racism to your list of sins. Preach
it in your neighborhoods. Preach it in the suburbs, until people are convicted and
they're falling on the altar and confessing racist behavior,"  Jakes declared.
The Cincinnati Post  6/13/03 Bishop: 'We must preach against racism'
Same article:
"Go ahead and preach against abortion," he told his mostly black audience of ministers and lay people.
"But when you get through preaching against abortion, give us some milk up in here, so that we can
feed the babies you told us we ought to have."
The Cincinnati Post  6/13/03 Bishop: 'We must preach against racism'
(Link to Cincinnati Post article)
From Jakes own website FAQ."Politics pose a dilemma for me because some politicians
who embrace my concerns? pro-life and other issues? seem to have great
compassion for unborn children and no interest in feeding them after they're born..."

Here The Bishop Jakes accuses anti-abortionists of not caring about children after they are born.
T. D. Jakes repeats this pro-abortion lie to attack anti-abortionists and to justify his pro-abortion mentality.
Go to T. D. Jakes FAQ webpage for the full quote click here.  Here T. D. Jakes does say pro-life is a concern of his, but he attacks pro-lifers. He is pro-life because it is politically correct in the Christian world. (This quote is still on as of 6/5/2008 AD, it is 8th question down.)
  Below is some real racism that's not so important to T.D. Jakes
   African-American babies murdered by babykilling abortionists
African-American babies murdered by babykilling abortionists
African-American babies murdered by babykilling abortionists

Mr. T. D. Jakes, a message for you. Any coward who supports abortion has the blood of babies on their hands.
On top of all this,  Bishop, T. D. Jakes gets goosebumps when he hears pro-abortion Barack Obama talk.

Mega Church pastor praises Obama nomination
    T. D. Jakes in an editorial posted on thanked Obama for bringing light and hope to a new generation. Jakes said he got goose bumps when Obama obtained enough delegates for the nomination, and called Obama's nomination a victory for democracy.You can read the whole sickening commentary here. or . You can also read it where I posted it in total at the bottom of this page.
    If you want to call Bishop T. D. Jakes about his support of pro-abortion, pro-sodomite Barack Obama, his number is 1-800-Bishop2
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    You can also contact TBN where, for a small fee, the T. J. Jakes show is broadcast nationally and internationally. Phone:  (714) 832-2950
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"We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."
                                  Margaret Sanger: founder of Planned Parenthood. December 10, 1939

                 T.D. Jakes, pastor of the Potter's House in Dallas, Texas, publicly supported Clinton and slandered those
                 who called for justice. Speaking on Larry King Live in September 1998, Jakes compared Clinton with
                 the pilot of an airplane, claiming that a pilot's personal life is less important than how well he flies the plane.

                 The airlines don't agree with this assessment, because they would fire any pilot who was caught
                 committing adultery with a stewardess while on duty. Jakes likened those who called for Clinton to be
                 brought to justice to "a lynch mob" and compared it to the "lynching of black people." This ridiculous
                 comparison ignores the fact that Clinton was guilty of breaking the laws of the land and that his exalted
                 position required that he be held to an even higher standard than an ordinary citizen. As president, Bill
                 Clinton was the head of the United States Justice Department, which is charged with punishing
                 perpetrators of the law. He was also the head of the United States military, and military law forbids
                 officers to commit adultery with a subordinate. The president of the United States must be held to an even
                 higher standard than those under him, for the sake of the country. Compromising preachers like T.D.

                 Jakes failed greatly in their responsibility to preach the Word of God in that situation and have thus
                 undermined law and order in America.
                 (T. D. Jakes also invited, presidential candidate, pro-abortion Al Gore to speak at his church.)
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I am posting the T. D. Jakes CNN blog below. You can see for yourself  T. D. Jakes is a Judas to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Acts 20: 29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

Commentary: Obama nomination gives 'goose bumps'

Story Highlights

Bishop T.D. Jakes: "I congratulate Sen. Obama on this historic accomplishment"Jakes: "Not just a victory for African Americans, it is a victory for democracy"Jakes: Nomination "proves that our country provides possibilities for all people"Jakes congratulates "the country on this landmark event"By Bishop T.D. Jakes

Editor's note: Bishop T.D. Jakes is founder and senior pastor of The Potter's House of Dallas, Texas, a multiracial, nondenominational church with more than 50 outreach ministries.(CNN) --

Last night, I like most Americans of all stripes, watched with visible goose bumps as history was made. I sat with my 13-year-old son and looked from the screen to his eyes as Sen. Barack Obama became the first African American in history to lead a U.S. major-party ticket when he claimed the nomination for the Democratic Party for president of the United States.

I congratulate Sen. Obama on this historic accomplishment. I thank him for accepting the torch that was lit by our forefathers and proudly carrying it through the darkness of our struggles, trials and tribulations, bringing light and hope to a new generation, and for facing all those who said "No" and "You can't win," or "It will never happen," and firmly, proudly, defiantly saying, "Yes I can!"However, what I really hope people take away from that night is that this is not just a victory for African Americans, it is a victory for democracy that proves that our country provides possibilities for all people.

It is also a sign that a metamorphosis is in progress. Today we saw that Americans respect experience, but are interested in change. I hope that we can somehow merge the best ideas of our differences and emerge with a president who epitomizes our highest and best ideals.

While it remains unclear where we are going, last night proves that we as a people have moved beyond business as usual.I congratulate not just Sen. Obama on his victory, but the country on this landmark event that has shattered a past all too often filled with reasons to separate us as opposed to a voice of reason to unite us.

The victory cup does not rest on the shoulders of the senator alone, but to all those who have been able to lift the conversation from petty racism, antiquated cut-throat politics, and fear-based campaigns to the larger issues of how we would like to see our country led into the future and ultimately how our country will be remembered.

As the days and discussions of this political season continue, it is my sincere hope and prayer that we do not sink back into the abyss of political pettiness that has plagued our country and our lives for so many years.

I am grateful to Sen. Hillary Clinton for giving, through this campaign, a chance for my daughters to see that their femininity is not a liability.

Today both my sons and daughters came to understand that their ethnicity isn't viewed by progressive Americans as a limitation or a liability. Readers' feelings on Obama
For me it was almost déjà vu as I sat with my son. I remembered a little over 40 years ago watching the famous King speech with my dad.

Similarly, I watched with my youngest son last night as a historical moment unfolded.

He and I saw the dreams of slaves come true as the sons of slaves and the slave owners clapped their hands in one progressive sweep.

As I drifted into sleep, all I could see was the twinkle in my son's eyes. His eyes were illuminated with possibilities, and his heart was filled with the potential of what is attainable for qualified, competent people of all types who prepare themselves intellectually and are well vested with a divine sensitivity to the "fierce urgency of now!"

Congratulations Sen. Obama.