Eric Rudolph goes on hunger strike to protest unequal treatment

Eric Rudolph goes on hunger strike to protest unequal treatment

A message from Eric Rudolph, written on March 12, 2013 one day after hunger strike began.

Below are two paragraphs from a letter sent by Eric Rudolph. Eric asked they be shared.

Begins here:
Needless to say the government has not been happy about the memoirs, as well as all the other writings I've posted on the Army of God website. When a person is sentenced to the Supermax he is never heard from again. Or at least that is the design and purpose of this place. Because I have gone against that design, the staff have singled me out for  "special treatment." Despite having a clean record, I have been moved to what they call the "bug range," which houses chronic trouble makers, most of whom are mentally ill. They bang and yell all day, tearing themselves apart; producing an atmosphere of chaos and noise.

   I have decided to protest this unjust treatment through a hunger strike. Beginning on the morning of March 11, 2013, I have refused all food and medical care. Pray for me, and God bless.


The Memoirs mentioned above is Eric Rudolph's autobiography; the true story behind the Atlanta and Birmingham bombings and the largest manhunt in FBI history.  Between the Lines of Drift: The Memoirs of a Militant

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