Tarnished "Heroes": Jeffrey Lyons the Child Molester
by Eric Rudolph

(The below was written by Eric Rudolph and the documentation below was provided by him.)

People familiar with this case, particularly the Birmingham abortion mill bombing, may find the following information interesting. Official documents reveal the arrest and conviction of Jeffrey Howard Lyons for sexually molesting an eight year old child in the case of State of Arizona v. Jeffrey Howard Lyons, Cause No. CR8707223, Superior Court of Maricopa County, Arizona (date of arrest 8-4-87; date of sentence 11-3-87).

Jeffrey is the husband of the abortion mill employee, Emily Lyons, who was injured in the bombing at the New Women All Women Health Care Clinic in Birmingham on January 29, 1998. Emily has now made herself a spokeswoman for the child killing industry. Jeffrey has assisted her in this new endeavor by authoring a book, Life's Been A Blast. They both paint themselves as "heroes."

What you will not find in the book is that Jeffrey Lyons is a pedophile who admitted to molesting an eight year old child in 1986. The child is Jeffrey's step-daughter from a previous marriage. The document reveals that Jeffrey repeated sexually molested the child while she was in his care. He was arrested, pleaded guilty, and was convicted and sentenced for his abominable actions.

When you scratch the surface of these bronzed "heroes," you find only a tarnished pervert. We knew that Emily was a brazen child murderer. Now we know that Jeffrey is a child molester. A murderer and a molester - what a pair!

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