All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
A Novel by Eric Rudolph

In Eric Rudolph’s first novel, All Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, America’s deep political divisions play out on the battlefields of Afghanistan.

Seven years into the war, Captain William Carson leads a team of elite Green Berets into the Korengal Valley to capture the notorious Taliban commander Ahmad Khan. Instead of Khan, they find a heavily armed force of Taliban fighters waiting in ambush. Denied vital air support due to overly restrictive rules of engagement, Captain Carson’s team is nearly wiped out.

In the aftermath, Captain Carson learns that he and his men had been led into a trap. A mole inside coalition forces is passing Top Secret intelligence to Ahmad Khan, which is enabling his network to inflict horrific casualties on U.S. forces in Kunar Province. When he’s offered the mission of uncovering the mole, Captain Carson gladly accepts, determined to avenge the deaths of his fallen comrades.

Captain Carson and his reconstituted team then embark on a search that takes them to the remote firebases of eastern Afghanistan and to the Taliban’s sanctuaries in Pakistan’s tribal region. At every turn, Carson is frustrated by rules of engagement (ROEs) drawn up by Washington bureaucrats more concerned with political correctness than protecting American lives. To accomplish his mission, Carson is forced to ignore the asinine ROEs, placing himself on a collision course with his own government. Initially, Captain Carson zeroes-in on an Afghan embedded among U.S. troops as his likely mole. But then the mission takes an unexpected turn when the real mole turns out to be someone protected at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Captain Carson comes face-to-face with the biblical adage that “a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” (Matt. 10:36)

Novel in PDF, 180 pages.
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