On Idolatry

Dan Holman Preaching On Idolatry
In the days of Samuel the prophet, Israel was defeated in battle by the Philistines.  Licking their wounds, in sort of an afterthought, the troops decided to take the Ark of the Covenant with them as their victorious forefathers had done. They thought the Ark to be a good luck charm.
Like America today, Israel had long forsaken their God. But once again, Israel was defeated. The Ark of the Covenant was deserted on the battlefield.
There are numerous biblical examples of religious idolatry. The Bronze Serpent Numbers 21: 5-9 God commanded Moses to make had become an idol, “Israel burned incense to it.” They were praying to it for favor; it had taken the place of their God. Good King Hezekiah ordered this relic destroyed 2 kings 18:2.
Solomon's Temple is another example of religious idolatry. Israel thought Jerusalem to be invulnerable from conquest. They believed that God would not allow his Temple to be defiled. God allowed this temple and two others built after it to be destroyed. He judged Israel for her sins.
Today there is much interest in the Ark of the Covenant and the rebuilding of the Temple. I do not believe it is in God's plans. The sin nature of man pulls him towards idolatry. The Bronze Serpent, the Ark of the Covenant, and the Temple in Jerusalem were symbolic of the coming Messiah Jesus Christ. The historical significance of these objects was useful in announcing God's plan for our redemption, but they are unnecessary today. They were fulfilled in Jesus Christ. Their physical presence would only excite idolatry.
Idolatry is rampant today. Men in jail wear rosaries, and crosses around their necks while they are awaiting trial. Many keep unread Bibles by their bedsides. They hope that these things will somehow enlist God's favor.
Many people attend churches for the same purposes. They do not try to know God, to learn His ways, to find out His will, and perform His purposes for their lives; they do not want to change their ways and follow Him. THEY WANT GOD TO WALK WITH THEM! They try in vain to conjure up God's power while continuing in their sins! To them God is but a magic gene in a bottle whom they hope will grant their wishes. Their prayers and their religious observances merely add to their sins. Isaiah 1:15; Zechariah 7: 13 Proverbs 1:24-28; 15:8; 21:13; 28:9; Psalm 66:18; 18:41; Micah 3: 4; Jeremiah 11:14; Ezekiel 8:18; Lamentations 3:44; John 9:31
Many churches in America teach that Jesus Christ is their “personal Savior.” Without examining themselves, they indiscriminately take communion. They place statues, holy water, and crosses in their sanctuaries. They sing hymns, bow and kneel, and fidget during the sermon; they put money in the collection plate and hope this will make them right with God. But it is religious form without religious substance.
Like a rotten apple, the marquee of a church can announce the defects within. What is fever to a nation is infection in her pews.
We are often asked what religious denominations are true or false. It is not so much religious denominations, as religious people who true or false. Few of us have it totally together, we all prophesy in part 1 Corinthians 13:9.
Like the patriarchs before us, people have imperfections in their understanding. We may for a time be deceived or misguided, but I submit to you, that in spite of these imperfections, those who diligently seek God are Christ's Church. His misguided followers should be uncomfortable in their ignorance; they should delight in the hearing of the truth.
Those who have a more perfect knowledge of God's revelation, yet live in rebellion to Him, may as well forsake their churchgoing altogether; they may as well throw their bibles in the trash. Outward religious observances should be expressions of our love for God. Jesus told his disciples "If you love Me, you will keep My commandments” John 14:15 Most do not know what Christ's commandments are much less try to follow them. They spend more time in front of a television or balancing a checkbook than seeking God's will. Many do not suffer sound doctrine to be taught in their churches.
If we must be constantly entertained; if we are pleased with God so long as He is pleased with us, we worship an idol.
If we complain of the revelation that God gives of Himself in the Bible. If we preach a Jesus who is tolerant of sin, who is inclusive of sinners, we worship an idol. Matt. 24:4-5 & 24; Luke 21:8
If we preach a gospel where Jesus forgives our sins, but neglect the command of repentance, we preach another gospel, we worship an idol. Galatians 1: 6-9; 2 Corinthians 11: 4
The tragedy of idolatry is it deceives people into thinking they are right with God. An honest pagan is better off in this world than a phony Christian. No gospel is better than a phony half gospel. In the next world it does not matter as both pagan and idolater end up in hell 1 Corinthians 6:9.
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