An apology for Paul Hill Days
by Dan Holman
Our brother Paul Hill.
An acquaintance informed me that he was pro-life, but he told me he disagreed with those who blocked clinic doors. “It is radicals like them that turn normal people away from our cause,” he explained “people do not like to be associated with extremists.” Those who hold pictures of aborted babies are branded extremists by many pro-lifers. Most pro-lifers view the shooting of abortion doctors as extreme. So what is the norm?
This acquaintance does not realize that he is the extremist; his position is extremely weak toward the routine assembly line executions of innocent children. He has no understanding of the tragic enormity of this crime. He has no sense for the humanity and worth of the 4000 children systematically killed each day in American death camps. The gravity of aborticide is not fully realized among those who identify themselves as “pro-life.”
Most pro-lifers try to win people to themselves rather than winning them to the truth. They shun the harsh realities of abortion by their unwillingness to use pictures of aborted babies. They do not want to offend a potential convert. They are the bland leading the bland. They focus on what is best for the mother believing they are indirectly helping her baby. It is a false presupposition. The mother's selfish interests are often contrary to the best interests of her baby. Nature itself dictates the baby's life is paramount to the mother's selfish interests. And the poor wren, the most diminutive of birds, will fight against the owl to protect her young. Shakespeare
Some pro-lifers allow rape, incest, fetal deformity, or life of the mother exceptions for abortion. Would they allow these same exceptions for post-born children? Is it not unthinkable to kill a post-born child conceived in rape or incest? Do we kill post-born children who are deformed? The reason for this double standard is these pro-lifers do not view pre-born children as fully human, entitled to equal protection under the law. If the pre-born child is not fully human, than we have no business interfering in a mothers choice in “terminating her pregnancy.” If the pre-born are fully human our response to baby-murder is pathetically weak.
The Bible gives 15 reasons why people should be put to death, yet most Pro-lifers are against the death penalty. They often argue from fuzzy feelings, human reason, or warped theology rather than divining the Word of God. Sometimes a little scripture is woven into their argument, but they ultimately rest on a false notion of love. They believe their wicked deceitful hearts to be more loving than God. Everything has a counterfeit and love without justice is a false love. Jesus didn't do away with the justice of the death penalty, His cruel scourging, and crucifixion satisfied justice as payment for our sins. Jesus exemplified love by enduring death on our behalf.
God's representatives should be standing firmly on God's authority. There is no authority which represents God apart from His Word. The Bible is very clear about abortion and what our response should be. Abortion is murder, cold-blooded, premeditated murder. God declares that the just penalty for a murderer is death and eternal damnation (Genesis 9:5-6; Romans 1: 29-32; Revelation 21: 8; 22:15; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10).
The nicer-than-Jesus folks oppose this plain teaching of Scripture. They deny the authority and teachings of the Old Testament, they act as if God is schizophrenic, or Jesus and God are not the same Being. God has not changed His mind about aborticide and capital punishment. Jesus and his disciples did not quote the New Testament, They always quoted from the Old Testament (1 Timothy 3:16; John 5:39).
Heretics create a Christ in their image after their likeness by selecting some passages of Scripture and excluding others, they do this to prove their man-made doctrines. While the simple are deceived, those who read their Bibles best, best understand this deception.
Paul Hill Days are being observed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin July 26-29, 2007. The purpose of this tour is to expose pro-life heresy, declare God's word, and proclaim the humanity and worth of the pre-born child.
Paul Hill is God's standard for our response to abortion on demand. Paul Hill’s response to baby-murder was biblical and appropriate. As many misunderstand Paul Hill’s motive and action it is best to clarify a few points.
Paul Hill did not murder an abortionist. Is impossible to murder an abortionist?
Paul Hill was justified in using deadly force against this assassin. Had he prevented the murder of kindergarten children in a classroom rather than pre-born children at an abortion clinic, pro-lifers and media alike would have lauded him a hero.
Paul Hill did not execute vengeance; he acted in defense of the pre-born. American jurisprudence recognizes that acting in defense of others is justifiable as is self-defense.
Paul Hill did not use too much force in protecting the pre-born, deadly force is justifiably used against deadly force.
Paul Hill did not get a fair trial. The judge denied him his only defense. He could not argue the humanity of the pre-born and the justifiable use of force to protect them. He remained mute throughout his trial.
Had Paul Hill been permitted to argue his case, he should have been acquitted.  The jury should have realized Paul Hill was justified in protecting these helpless children. Even if the jury ruled against him Paul Hill was still biblically correct in protecting these children.
Is it not possible for one man to be right while the whole world is wrong? Is it not Possible?
Pro-lifers are stymied by this implication. If Paul Hill is right, are we not duty bound to do what he did? The answer for me is yes and no. Paul Hill had more love for God and his neighbor in his trigger finger than I have in my entire body. I do not love God or my pre-born neighbor as much as I love myself. I do not love the pre-born as much as Paul Hill loved them. I am unwilling to face the consequences of following Paul Hill’s example. I am insensible to the killing of the highest animal life, but my pro-life proclivities prevent me from killing the lowest human life, such is my nature. As a pagan, a soldier in the U.S. Army, I realized I could not kill a man without greatly distressing my own conscience and being.
On an intellectual level I put my personal fears, and feelings aside and agree with God's word. I do not lower God's standard to accommodate my weaknesses. I do not try to convince myself or others that I have more love than I do. There is nobody who lives up to God's standards, nobody but Jesus Christ. Paul Hill did better than most of us in fulfilling God's law. He came closer to loving God with his whole heart, mind, soul, and strength than anyone I know. He loved his pre-born neighbor as himself. He treated the pre-born slated for abortion as a brave father protecting his children.
Recently the Alabama legislature issued an apology, 150 years overdue, for its legalization of slavery. Paul Hill Days is our present day attempt to apologize for the injustice done to Paul Hill and over 50 million children.
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DISCLAIMER: Missionaries to the Pre-born, Iowa, and its associates does not advocate killing abortion doctors, nor do we condemn those who do it.

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