The following epilogue was written in November of 1992. At that time,
Douglas Karpan, a baby killer in Houston had been shot. Two accomplices
in Springfield, Missouri, had also been shot. All three of the above survived,
and no activists were credited for the shootings. David Gunn was the first
"direct hit" attributed to us.


We are living during the rapid decline of western thought and
culture. It is almost impossible for us to think logically and then
act based on that logic. All of our education teaches us non-reason.
All of our experience (in this dying culture) teaches us to sense and
experience what is happening around us, but not to act based
on that experience.

Consider the following scenario: A psychopathic mass murderer
is discovered in your neighborhood. He/she has a long history of
torturing and then slaying people. You organize a group of
sacrificial persons to go down to the known site where the executions
take place, and you sit in front of the doors! How noble, how sacrificial,
how very pathetic when you and everyone else know that the killer has
been only temporarily delayed in his murderous plans. So after a few
years of this sacrificial, sanctifying, passive resistance someone
remembers that in the old days, people just went out and bombed
or burned these places to the ground.

Yeah! That would have worked if hundreds, instead of dozens,
of these places had been destroyed. Wrong again! We continue
to miss the mark. Passive resistance is woefully inadequate
against mass murder. The use of force is also woefully inadequate
against mass murder, unless that force is directed against the
perpetrator of the crime. Imagine an investigator discovering
a killer. He has found out who the killer is. He knows where
the crimes are committed. He knows the building contains
all the instruments of torture that this criminal will be using.

So the investigator goes out in the middle of the night and
destroys the murder weapons, and even the structure where
the killer did his crimes. So the psychopathic mass murderer
packs up, moves down the street, re-invests in more instruments
of torture, and continues killing. One of the obvious reasons we
fail to act is that we have never met the victim. We haven't even
seen him or her. Furthermore, the harsh reality is we don't love
our neighbor's child in any fashion whatsoever, in the way that
we love our own child. Almost no one even has to pause to think
before instinctively protecting their own family from a potential
aggressor (murderer, rapist, whatever).

Protection often means the use of force, even deadly force, against
the criminal. No trial, no jury, no appeal, and no stay of execution.
We hoped never actually to get to that moment in American history
when the following essay would be deemed necessary. However,
because this is, indeed, a life and death struggle, there is no
alternative left open to us.

The Declaration

Beginning officially with the passage of the Freedom of Choice
Act  - we, the remnant of God-fearing men and women of the
United States of Amerika, do officially declare war on the
entire child-killing industry. After praying, fasting, and making
continual supplication to God for your pagan, heathen, infidel
souls, we then peacefully, passively presented our bodies in front
of your death camps, begging you to stop the mass murder of
infants. Yet you hardened your already blackened, jaded
hearts. We quietly accepted the resulting imprisonment and
suffering of our passive-resistance. Yet you mocked God and
continued the holocaust.

No longer! All of the options have expired. Our Most Dread
Sovereign Lord God requires that whosoever sheds man's
blood, by man shall his blood be shed. Not out of hatred for
you, but out of love for the persons you exterminate, we are
forced to take arms against you. Our life for yours - a simple
equation. Dreadful. Sad. Reality, nonetheless. You shall not
be tortured at our hands. Vengeance belongs to God only.
However, execution is rarely gentle.

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Hebrews 12:29 For our God is a consuming fire.

Numbers 35:33 So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are:

for blood it defileth the land: and the land cannot be cleansed of the
blood that is shed therein, but by the blood of him that shed it.

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